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for Like Father, Like Daughter

2/22 c11 ShotgunDad
Seraph is national treasure
2/20 c40 DioBrando
This is a very good fanfic,although i almost got a heart attact at the wedding ark bc i like Starco
2/20 c40 Gabriel1901
Seraph es única. Tanto su nacimiento como sus condiciones son inigualables. Eso significa que las formas para entrenarla aún son desconocidas. No será fácil para hekapoo poder enseñarle a usar sus poderes. Y el estado de seraph tampoco juega a favor. Esta triste y piensa que es un fracaso. Hekapoo podrá cambiar el estado de animo de su hija?
Glossaryck realmente esta muerto? O el quiere que los demás crean eso?
Que pasó con marco y su familia? Que es esa tecnología que los controla? Parece que gran parte de los habitantes de la ciudad están en la misma situación. Hekapoo, seraph y star podrán detener al ser involucrado detrás de todo esto? Gran capítulo, nos vemos y cuídate mucho.
2/10 c40 8DinoGuy2000
Oof. Problems with magic, and finding out that a bunch of random stuff from Hekapoo's dimension ended up in Echo Creek? Not a great weekend.

Good work!
2/9 c40 Sogg1Dog
I only have two hypotheses when thinking about why Seraph can't do magic properly. The first is that Hekapoo might be to focused on the factual and structured part of magic, while Seraph may be someone who is more intuitive and feels her way through things. The second idea is that Seraph is a specialist and not a generalist. She may shine when doing what she is specifically good at but flop and flounder when she does most other things outside of her specialty; even if they are simple to do.
2/9 c40 1calebturner2016
Wow What a surprise!

I love Hekapoo and Seraph spending time for some Mother-Daughter bonding, while Marco and Janna hang out.

I'd love how Janna say that she'll get to name the next child Marco and Hekapoo's kid since Hekapoo now lives with Marco.

I hope that if Marco and Hekapoo have another child, I'd bet if it's a boy, Seraph would be the eldest/big sister.

I hope that Marco and Hekapoo get together some more, probably like a date.

Hope to see more chapters of Like Father, Like Daughter soon.
2/9 c40 8Jebest4781
Interesting with how this went here.
2/9 c40 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, pretty cool updating.

Keep the good writing.
2/8 c40 4Gamelover41592
Beginning: :(

Middle: :)

End: 0-0

also welcome back
2/8 c40 2Mr. Haziq
Robot overlords?
2/8 c40 14LockAndKey989
12/22/2022 c17 Guest
Honestly, quite glad that it failed. I’m also surprised no one really brought up the massive age difference. Marco is like 14 and Hekapoo is physically in her 20s.
12/21/2022 c1 Guest
This all happened because pony head stole some scissors
10/11/2022 c10 Hilda
Seraph have a sword?
9/30/2022 c1 Guest
I thought this was a one piece crossover so I felt stupid when I looked up
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