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1/2 c37 Some Random Guy
There is one chapter I don't want to see published next: the final one. It'd be way too soon to end such a masterpiece.
12/3/2021 c37 Aspledon
I get that you probably get this alot but this story is great.
I stumbled on this story a while back and have been hooked since.
in particular I really love how each of the charracters interact with eachother.
star in particular I think is really interesting because she was closest to marco before he disappeared, her own dad is pushing starco, and now that marco has seraph and is literally soul bound with Hekapoo, markapoo is inevitable and she recognizes it but she still has feelings for him and this is complicated by the blood moon. in the show I felt the blood moon was mostly pointless, it did nothing but force starco at all costs. but now that marco is hooked up with hekapoo, at this point its just a matter of fitting a ring that doesn't merge them together, the blood moon has an actual interesting point because star knows that starco doesn't work, she knows this a logical level, but the blood moon and her lingering feelings is dragging her back and trying to make it work. which puts her in a very interesting postition I feel.
Jackie and Janna are alos sort of interesting. its nice seeing them get more attention and their relationship with marco and seraph is actually interesting. the huanted mansion arc where hekapoo and the rest of the girls are stuck and forced to tell the truth was excellently done. it was amazing to read these characters just talking to eachother.
erebus was one the best villians i've ever seen. reading erebus kill every charracter until its just seraph left was genuinly horrifying. whatever beta suggested doing it that was earned their keep. it was a wild seeing this gap in reality nearly wipe out all life.
thats just the ones of the top of my head.
seeing the family take a trip to gravity falls, especially after all the heart wrenching before hand. it was a perfect farewell that turned into an amazing reveal for season 2
thank you for the wild ride and good luck with journey going forward.
12/1/2021 c37 8DinoGuy2000
Yikes. Toffee and some very powerful lackeys. Not good in the slightest. Things are going to get pretty bad, it seems.

Good work!
11/30/2021 c37 MatiasND
I'm really liking this story.
I have just read over 250.000 in just three days, and considering how much free time I have, this is a lot.

So Gravity Falls and SVTFOE are on the same universe, and Toffee and Henchmaniacs are working together.
I really think that Toffee has no idea with what is he dealing.
But Bill isn't there this time, as he still is a statue.

Really interesting
11/18/2021 c37 The Book of Eli
Oh boy this is bad news for the Diaz family. And worse for Butterfly kingdom with those maniacs attacking. I hope Marco and his family can help turn the tide because things are going to get worse fast...
11/17/2021 c36 The Book of Eli
Two fun chapters and i love how you added in the Pines family. Dude this is so fun i can't wait for more...
11/16/2021 c37 BAS
A magnificent chapter. Interestingly, even after so many changes in history, there are events that occur almost without deviations, but at the same time, the differences further emphasize the significance of what happened.
11/14/2021 c37 Guest
aw where not getting Bill are we?
11/14/2021 c37 simm36
buen capitulo
11/14/2021 c37 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great updating, as always.

Keep the good writing.
11/14/2021 c37 1calebturner2016
Awesome work there buddy!
Hope to see more soon.
11/14/2021 c37 6LockAndKey989
Toffee and Bill? That ain’t good.
11/13/2021 c37 2Mr. Haziq
Oh boy. Things are turning on its head again.
11/13/2021 c37 4Gamelover41592
...it's coming 0-0 also welcome back :)
11/10/2021 c1 Some random guy
This story is quite the page turner.
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