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4h c9 10Junior VB
Las cosas se están poniendo interesantes.
Things are getting interesting.
9/25 c32 girlscanbealphas
I don't know how to feel. I just wanted some Marcapoo.
That being said, this story is so amazing and amazingly written. You did the time travel in a way that doesn't leave any story altering questions while sticking to the boundaries you already set for the story.
A little sad that Seraph, or Sera I should say, had to go through all the pain and suffering while dealing with the constant destruction and loss around her. I know the time-line got rewritten but I still feel for my baby.
Keep up the good work just try not to hurt ke too much.
9/23 c32 The Book of Eli
Oooh that ending broke my heart...'sobs'...
9/23 c32 2Mr. Haziq
Was the General Simon Petrikov?

Also, this is sort of like Samurai Jack.

I barely know any of these references...

...I completely forgot Marco had a Keyblade.

I'm a believer of multiple timelines, so this was interesting.
9/23 c31 Mr. Haziq
Wow. So many crossovers that I can't recall some of them.

Who was the General?

So our main couple are experiencing a Samurai Jack moment where they're thrown into a dystopian future?
9/22 c32 7Starco4everr
Great chapter. I wonder what happened to Star.
9/22 c32 17kriitikko
Damn, that was a ride and some. Hope they manage to fix this.
9/22 c32 8LockAndKey989
9/22 c32 TheManiacalMadman
Fez? Cool? That was a Doctor Who reference! Awesome!
Commander Pines? That's gotta be a Gravity Falls reference! (I ship Dipcifica, do you?)

Loving it!
9/21 c32 facelespai
wow... just wow...
9/21 c32 4Gamelover41592
this was your most insanely deep chapter ever well done :)
9/21 c32 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, great updating, and good to have Marco and Hekapoo back.

Keep the good writing.
9/14 c31 Masked Freak
I still can't believe everything that happened in the last chapter...
9/16 c31 7Starco4everr
Great chapter. I wonder who could it be beside Marco
9/13 c31 Guest
I believe in you Seraph. You can stop that ancient evil douchebag. Marco, Hekapoo, wherever you are, your daughter needs you. Good luck. (Love your stories. Love your work. Can't wait to see more.)
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