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for Like Father, Like Daughter

6/14 c2 superduperdog4
you're a good writer, a lot of people would just come up with a stupid reason why she had to stay with marco like a vacation or something
5/27 c10 A9678
Final Round!
5/21 c38 BAS
The events that are happening really look very sharp, trying to keep track of all the characters. It is difficult to concentrate on what is happening.
5/17 c38 The Book of Eli
That is not a good situation for the kids and i think Hekapoo agrees. Marco better wake up fast...
5/18 c38 8DinoGuy2000
Oof, things are not going well for our heroes. I wonder how they'll get out of this mess.

Good work!
5/17 c38 simm36
Muy buen capitulo
5/17 c38 2Mr. Haziq
When worlds collide...
You can run...
But no can hide!
5/16 c38 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, nice job, and don't worry, work at your own pace.

And yes, Amphibia's finale was pretty cool.

Keep the good writing.
5/16 c38 MatiasND
It's fantastic to read you again.
5/16 c38 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and welcome back :)
5/16 c38 7LockAndKey989
The finale was so bitter sweet.
5/16 c38 8Jebest4781
Boy things are gonna be interesting now
3/21 c1 1dupants
I’ve been reading so far after picking this back up from chapter 20 around 2019. It’s a very nice story you are good at writing emotional distress and fight scenes the haunted house is still one of my favorites. But maybe I am in the minority here but when I pick a story from the non crossover section I am really not looking for any random nod to unconnected series even if the series itself holds potential to multidimensional travel. At this point the series feels very cluttered and what was the main point of me to read it is getting side tracked for many smaller plot threads I don’t really care about

The series has many great moments but it’s losing its focal point because it feels like it’s trying to balance to many things at once

While my overall sentiment towards it is still mainly positive and I thank you for the good moments it provided specially with the actual marcapoo family

As it stands the fic would be the equivalent of a “jack of all trades but master of none”
1/28 c37 3Almevo
i just re read this for the 3rd time and i love it hope next chapter comes soon and hope too see more crossovers like Rick Sánchez and marco knowing each other and marco gos to visit or marco and Luz being old friends
1/2 c37 Some Random Guy
There is one chapter I don't want to see published next: the final one. It'd be way too soon to end such a masterpiece.
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