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for Like Father, Like Daughter

16h c4 Lerans
Man, this chapter was fun, the interactions between Seraph and Jackie in the end was a nice touch, a battle nexus, for some reason I got a vibe of the TNMT nexus tournament.
5/6 c3 Lerans
Nice slice of life chapter, Star acting like a babysitter with Seraph, hope to see her reaction whae she learn that Princess Marco and her dad are the same person.
5/5 c19 CallMeCayde
5/5 c35 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very cool crossover here. And yeah, Ford is in trouble; while he did help at stopping Bill, he was also partially responsible for invading Earth on the first place, and Hekapoo will have trouble justifying so many crimes in several different dimensions.

Keep the good writing.
5/5 c35 simm36
me encanta esta historia y este fue un gran capitulo
continua por favor.
me gusta el cambio donde ahora pueden ser familia Marco y Hekapoo ya que nadie es inmortal, pensaba que sedería Marco a alguna pretendiente por su inmortalidad.
5/5 c35 17kriitikko
Nice crossover. :-)
5/5 c2 Lerans
This keep getting interesting, but man, sures Março mentally is an adult, but it sures kept a cold reaction to not been able to be with his firstborn.
5/5 c1 Lerans
Good fic, nice start, let see what shenanigans the daughter of Hekapoo and Marco bring to Echo Creek.
5/5 c35 gonzo22
Sorry but I can't say I like the idea of a crossover at all here. I think the story is fine for what it is and I like it being self-contained. I think it's unneccessary for to bring in Gravity Falls characters like that. So I can't say I look forward to what's coming next if this crossover continues.
5/5 c35 8LockAndKey989
I love the gravity falls crossover! Wendy’s funny, doesn’t seem that complicated.
5/5 c35 1eecobeo
Is Bill cipher already gone cause I was expecting to see heckapoos reaction to who Ford was trying to kill
5/5 c35 4Gamelover41592
awesome work did not expect this crossover and looking forward to seeing more but I do have to ask...why didn't they just say it was Bill Cipher he was trying to stop?
5/5 c35 6Jebest4781
love the fact you decided to bring in gravity falls into this to make things interesting
5/4 c1 dextermed16
5/4 c35 1calebturner2016
Awesome buddy.
Like Father, Like Daughter is back and we got ourselves a crossover with Gravity Falls.
So Cool!
Hope to see more of the story again soon.
Keep up the good work buddy.
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