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for Like Father, Like Daughter

11/25/2018 c22 The Book of Eli
Oh so much emotion and love i just want more please...
11/25/2018 c20 The Book of Eli
Wonder how this night will shape things for their family now...
11/24/2018 c18 The Book of Eli
Marco trying to rework the mess those bugs put his family in. And now the mysterious player has come to cause problems just great.
11/26/2018 c22 8DinoGuy2000
Some sweet action and heartwarming results! A family trip sounds fun. Saint Olga's is looking to be a new center for princess education. Only good this time.

Nice chapter! Good work!
11/22/2018 c16 The Book of Eli
Oh the pain of the one you care for being in the arms of another. It truly shows more when time plays a factor...
11/22/2018 c14 The Book of Eli
Star is lucky cause Hpoo won't stand for certain things Star would have to say...
11/21/2018 c12 The Book of Eli
Oh so much shipping i love it...
11/20/2018 c10 The Book of Eli
Marco won technically i guess still that ending has me worried and happy...
11/19/2018 c8 The Book of Eli
Marcos makes it to the second stage and his first fight. I hope he taps into his older selfs skills and show how he earned his scissors...
11/19/2018 c6 The Book of Eli
The battle Nexus oh loved this called back to the turtles...
11/17/2018 c4 The Book of Eli
Look likes things are cutting deeper for some...
11/17/2018 c22 Masked Freak
Princess Arc has come to a close. I think. Just wanted to tell you you're doing great and, uh, have a good day!
11/16/2018 c2 The Book of Eli
Oh so touching i love it...
11/15/2018 c1 The Book of Eli
A shock yes and one i want to see more of...
11/15/2018 c22 Guest
Given how Seraph is around regular sugar what will happen if she ate Smile Dip?
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