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for Like Father, Like Daughter

10/7 c32 Scarve
Agh my head hurt after reading the last two chapters. Gosh they better be able to fix everything
10/4 c31 Not another me
Was the guy in a blue coat the Doctor? was the general Superman? please, please! Could someone list all the crossover character from this chapter? I fell like having a mental breakdown.
10/1 c32 8DinoGuy2000
Hmm. Hopefully they can stop Erebus.

Good work.
10/1 c31 DinoGuy2000
Wow. So many references. Most of them went over my head. The level of destruction is cool.

Good work.
9/26 c9 10Junior VB
Las cosas se están poniendo interesantes.
Things are getting interesting.
9/25 c32 girlscanbealphas
I don't know how to feel. I just wanted some Marcapoo.
That being said, this story is so amazing and amazingly written. You did the time travel in a way that doesn't leave any story altering questions while sticking to the boundaries you already set for the story.
A little sad that Seraph, or Sera I should say, had to go through all the pain and suffering while dealing with the constant destruction and loss around her. I know the time-line got rewritten but I still feel for my baby.
Keep up the good work just try not to hurt ke too much.
9/23 c32 The Book of Eli
Oooh that ending broke my heart...'sobs'...
9/23 c32 2Mr. Haziq
Was the General Simon Petrikov?

Also, this is sort of like Samurai Jack.

I barely know any of these references...

...I completely forgot Marco had a Keyblade.

I'm a believer of multiple timelines, so this was interesting.
9/23 c31 Mr. Haziq
Wow. So many crossovers that I can't recall some of them.

Who was the General?

So our main couple are experiencing a Samurai Jack moment where they're thrown into a dystopian future?
9/22 c32 7Starco4everr
Great chapter. I wonder what happened to Star.
9/22 c32 17kriitikko
Damn, that was a ride and some. Hope they manage to fix this.
9/22 c32 8LockAndKey989
9/22 c32 TheManiacalMadman
Fez? Cool? That was a Doctor Who reference! Awesome!
Commander Pines? That's gotta be a Gravity Falls reference! (I ship Dipcifica, do you?)

Loving it!
9/21 c32 facelespai
wow... just wow...
9/21 c32 4Gamelover41592
this was your most insanely deep chapter ever well done :)
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