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for Like Father, Like Daughter

11/12/2018 c21 unknown
This arc's gonna be interesting
11/13/2018 c21 8DinoGuy2000
An interesting interview with an explosive interruption!

Will Marco and Seraph be able to talk their way out, or is fighting inevitable?

Nice chapter! Good work!
11/12/2018 c21 9chaotic9
Great story. An interesting and pretty much unique concept. There are other stories of Marco and Hekapoo but honestly most of them go straight to romance while this one dances around the issue, pretty much like with Star in cannon.

Personally and especially after what we later learned at the trial I find your portrayal of Hekapoo far more likeable and understanding. The several aspects of how she deals with motherhood and the necessary choices of the well being of her kid indeed point that she changed through that. And the fact that you focus on the 16 years of the trial that Marco endured and how it shaped is a nice touch. Frankly the show seems to forget often times about that or minimizes it. Then again in cannon neither Hekapoo and Marco ended up with a child.

Speaking of her Seraph is also so likeable. I presume it takes some balance portrain what is essentially a kid in a teens body, no matter how precocious she is. And the changes that her presence is making are noticable even if admitedly you are making more original stuff than just rewriting episodes. Since so far you seem to stick to season 2 I wonder if you have plans to board season 3, particulary Eclipsa and... well you know who.

As for favorite moments I would say four: the Nexus tournament (TMNT 2003), the treasure hunt at Paris, the wedding induced bugs and frankly this last one so far especially after Met... sorry Heinous made her move. I do wonder how this one turns out next, so until them.
11/12/2018 c21 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very nice one, and cool touch about making Seraph a winner too.

Keep the good writing.
11/12/2018 c21 17kriitikko
So it remains that Marco is the best princess. XD
The stuff with Marco and Seraph is adorable. Really looking forward to see what exactly happens with Miss Heinous and how the revelation of her true identity affects everyone, assuming you'll go there eventually. Especially when Marco and Searph learn of Hekapoo's role in Heinous' past. So good!
11/12/2018 c21 2Mr. Haziq
Grant - 1
Kim - 0

Hope Heinous doesn't get trashed too hard. JK.
11/11/2018 c21 4Gamelover41592
this is going to be EPIC! XD
11/11/2018 c5 10Junior VB
Ese torneo suena peligroso.
That tournament sounds dangerous.
11/6/2018 c20 8DinoGuy2000
Some awesome fight scenes! It certainly seems that this "Erebus" is an incredibly dangerous being. I wonder what exactly he wants if anything more than amusement.

Cool chapter! Good work!
11/6/2018 c1 Dill-0
Best Story I ever read
10/18/2018 c20 Masked Freak
I'd like to see Seraph do stuff as a Halloween special. That girl's too pure for this world :D
10/17/2018 c20 Genos13
that is awesome! I wish I could see a comics of Markapoo and Seraph in their adventure.
10/16/2018 c20 Sephirania
Oui enfin la suite est sortie ! J’adore trop !
10/16/2018 c20 Fanfic Critic
Another fantastic chapter. I have come to enjoy reading your story and while it may seem presumptuous of me to say, you should focus on this story rather than any other that you have. I believe that this fanfic may be your "magnus opus" as it really shows that you are not simply a fanfic writer but an actual writer.

Keep up the good work and I hope that you could upload more frequently since reading this story is what keeps most of us from ending our lives. Just kidding. But still, I look forward to reading future chapters.
10/17/2018 c20 Flawles
OMG i loved it, so cool and so exciting, very well done. Hope to see more of your work,(soon hopefuly), and more MarcoPoo i love those two together.
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