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for Like Father, Like Daughter

9/15/2021 c36 Guest
If only they'd realize that Star and Marco are cursed by the Blood Moon. At least Seraph did, for a moment at least.
9/13/2021 c36 Guest
oh an update after so long
can't wait to read what happends
9/14/2021 c36 2Mr. Haziq
Poor Glossaryck
9/13/2021 c36 Squaretree
I’m glad to see this story getting an update. Keep up the good work.
9/13/2021 c36 17kriitikko
Ah, so this is where we're on the series timeline. Just after season 2. And yeah Ford messed up, H-Poo is right to call him out on it. Looking forward to see if they can come to an arrangement.
9/12/2021 c36 Gaimcxc
Am your big fan, this is my favourite story of all
Please keep up the good work
9/12/2021 c36 7LockAndKey989
Oh here comes the lizard.

Oh and sun chance your gonna cross with owl house soon. You know, both have magic, it’s hinted Eda’s is stans ex wife?
9/12/2021 c36 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great updating here, specially with both series' characters interacting.

Keep the good writing
9/12/2021 c36 5NightAroma
So... time is on the fritz... well, that's going to be problematic. And it really couldn't have happened at a worse time than The Battle for Mewni...

Poor Star... has a crush on Marco but can't really do anything about it without hurting Seraph... this might not go well when it finally gets out... and Marco's DEFINITELY going to beat himself up over it
9/12/2021 c36 1calebturner2016
Awesome chapter buddy.

Really love the continuation on the vacation on Gravity Falls.
Stan even mention about Marilyn (AKA Eda Clawthorne) from back then.

Marco and Hekapoo spends time with each other.

Dipper reunites with Pacifica.
Mabel makes a deal to help get Dipper and Pacifica together in return to help Seraph get her mother (Hekapoo) and father (Marco) together.

I like it.
I hope that you're doing well.
Keep making this story great.
9/12/2021 c36 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and now trouble is coming on two fronts and also welcome back :)
9/12/2021 c36 8Jebest4781
This was pretty fun here and can't wait for more.
8/4/2021 c9 3Almevo
why do you call cocytos of nazarick, Styx? and can we hop see other Nazarick habitans? like albedo or ainz?
7/2/2021 c2 William Escobar 608
1) La despedida duele mucho.

2) JAJAJA XD JAJAJA... Star está en SHOCK.


4) ¡¡¡UHHHHHH!(TONO PÍCARO)... Marco y Hikapoo estaban MUY cariñosos.

7/2/2021 c1 William Escobar 608
1) JAJAJA XD JAJAJA... ¿que le habrá echó Marco a su padre cuando lo despertaba cuando andaba nervioso?

2) No sabía que su hija tendría su misma edad.

3) JAJAJA XD JAJAJA... Marco se desmayó.
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