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for Like Father, Like Daughter

3/21/2017 c2 1thewookie1
There's so many angles that this story could delve into.

Marco is presently dating Jackie, and technically cheated on her.
Star is unknowingly in love with Marco, yet does like Seraph
Marco is suddenly a father, and may be emotionally jumbled since his time in Hekapoo's dimension aren't exactly vivid. Was it a one night stand or something more?
Then there's Hekapoo who definitely gets the short end of the stick in all of this. As an immortal, or at very least able to live thousands of years, her daughter's problem, and Marco being a mortal; will she pursue romance, or will she effectively end their romantic relationship for any number of reasons

I certainly would imagine Magic High Commission meetings will be awkward when Moon finds out, and even more so when Star take her Mom's position
3/21/2017 c2 17duskrider
Nice I rather like the reason why Hekapoo keeps Seraph around and later gives her up due to her own dimension speeding up her physical development.
3/21/2017 c2 DarkKing26
Awesome chapter please write next chapter soon
3/21/2017 c2 10Rogue Deity Master
The funny thing is if they wanted Seraph to become her actual age then all she has to do is drink from the river of time and have a dash of nectar from a pixienal rose. One is found in father times dimension while the other is found in the pixie dimension in the most dangerous area and it only blooms once every 700 years thus they would need a large amount of luck to find it and get the nectar.
3/21/2017 c2 blunt.raps69
Very deep and emotional. Does this officially make marco and hekapoo a couple?
3/21/2017 c2 Ranpoo4ever
Valio la pena tanta espera me dejo satisfecho y con ganas de mas
3/21/2017 c2 Guest
good chapter. i actually forgot the angle of stars crush on marco at first when this story started. that will add a good dimension as the story goes on.
3/21/2017 c2 5Kokorozec
Not gonna lie, this is some entertaining shit. I do find it kinda odd how well Marco's parents seem to take the whole "interdimensional demon child" thingy, but then again considering what they've witnessed with Star, this kind of thing must be par for the course.
3/21/2017 c2 5Blanket of Rain
I love it. So much struggling emotions and thoughts. So much potential for this story! Please keep on writing!
3/21/2017 c2 Isolated Polar Bear
For such a new story, I can see its potential as becoming a great piece among others. The concept was quite interesting since there were sixteen years of Marco's life in another dimension that was not explicitly described in the series. The way it was created definitely has enough flow to stand out as a piece entitling the troubles of raising a child at such a young age.

I can see that while Marco may still have grown a lot mentally and emotionally during the time he spent chasing after Heckapoo, he will experience some difficulty trying to raise Seraph to the best of his abilities. As this story goes on, some of the other characters could start to notice how much he has matured with this newfound responsibility.

Poor Heckapoo is going to be in for a tidal wave of emotions. While she is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, she is starting to see the frailty of life. The fact that she cannot bring her daughter back to her home dimension is going to eat away at her emotions. Although she is very aware that Marco can raise their daughter to the best of his abilities, she is going to be a mess without the thing that brought her happiness by her side.

With Seraph we can see that her character will be flushed out a bit more thanks to her being introduced into Echo Creek. She might display some similar experiences to the new world much like Star when she first came to live with the Diaz's. With the new home comes other problems that may occur later in the story, one of them being either Star or Jackie.

Marco's parents will without a doubt be the greatest help Marco can get right now. They may not like some of the things that he did while he was gone like him and Heckapoo doing the deed, which will be a really awkward and hilarious discussion to have later on, but they will witness their son accept his role as a father. They will start to see how Marco takes care of Seraph and might reflect on how they first started off as a parent.

At the present moment, Star is still troubled by the fact that Marco is a father. She may not realize that have these feelings towards him but she is quite uncertain about the addition of a new family member. While Seraph may be Marco's and Heckapoo's daughter, she can certainly look up to Star as a role model in the near future. Hopefully Star can see the good in her and help out Marco in the raising process when he needs it.

While Jackie is a great character, there will be some hardships between her and Marco soon. The fact that he changed so much over the span of eight minutes Earth time, coupled with the fact that he now has his daughter living with him, spells trouble for their relationship. She may feel a bit betrayed at the fact that in the short amount of time that he was gone he managed to jeopardize their relationship by having a child with a girl that she hardly knew. Unfortunately, any bitter or upset feeling for his "unfaithfulness" can be directed at Seraph, and pushing the relationship between her and Marco to the utmost limit.

Needless to say this story is going to be one to remember.
3/21/2017 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
Dang, this has really gotten intense now. Though this does raise the bar on the 'what-if' potential of dimensional time displacement. Perhaps Marco met Star's parents as his older self? Just never knew and they owe him? The fight in the castle against possesed Ludo, maybe older Marco steps in?

Though I hope Star doesn't go dark cause of this. I mean, canon has high possibility for Starco right now in a good way. Perhaps she tries to be an aunt and her and Marco bond there while Hekapoo joins in? Could be interesting.

Though the story of the age problem is truly tragic.
3/21/2017 c2 12Gold Testament
Liked how when Star found our she was broken and stuck in buffering. Wonder if Moon knows? I think River would be torn between smashing Marco for Star, and congratulating him for being so close to Heckapoo. Glossaryck would be shocked. I WANT THAT ANNOYING LITTLE BLUE TRAITOR TO LEARN THAT MARCO AND HECKAPOO HAD A KID!
3/21/2017 c2 1TheFinicalPogo
Such a great chapter, can't wait for another one! I'm practically stalking this story, I love it so much!
3/21/2017 c2 9evolvelove
owwww, that was heartming... (why dont heckapoo kiss marco damnit :v)
keep writing and evolve more!
they had a daughter... i would like too see a wedding :v
3/20/2017 c1 4bleachdreamer0
I like this.
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