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for Like Father, Like Daughter

9/14/2020 c31 Masked Freak
I still can't believe everything that happened in the last chapter...
9/16/2020 c31 7Starco4everr
Great chapter. I wonder who could it be beside Marco
9/13/2020 c31 Guest
I believe in you Seraph. You can stop that ancient evil douchebag. Marco, Hekapoo, wherever you are, your daughter needs you. Good luck. (Love your stories. Love your work. Can't wait to see more.)
9/13/2020 c31 5VainlyInsane
Alright. After a proper read-through, I can safely say your story is equal parts a joy to read, heart breaking, and absolutely infuriating. There's so much happening, the oddly woven in references that make me roll my eyes, the touching moments of a child doting on her family, the painful feelings of heartbreak, and the honestly baffling inclusion of some all-powerful being of darkness who genuinely reminds me of a mega-juiced up Bill Cypher. I genuinely have no idea where you're going with this, and I'm a lot disappointed in the family fluff being constantly interrupted when it's done so goddamn well that I'm up at almost 5am writing some dumb rant about a story that I evenly loved and felt touched by and loathed and groaned out loud to. I'm absolute sure you have a plan for this story, but holy hell man, it's all over the place and I was here for Marco/Hekapoo relationship fluff and drama that you seem to be trying to either work away from or reintroduce in some way later down the line, that being said, fuck you for that wedding bit, you got my hopes up and so happy for Seraph and ripped both mine and her heart.

tl;dr story is so good but so bad, 10/10 OC daughter character.
9/13/2020 c31 VainlyInsane
How dare you make me feel things?
9/12/2020 c31 Issei ODR
Un ser totalmente extraterrestre para su multiverso erebus.

Me agrada que agregadas a dioses del caos y seres demoniacos de diferentes series.
9/12/2020 c30 Issei ODR
Habra viajes en el tiempo?
9/12/2020 c21 Issei ODR
La princesa marco vuelve.
9/12/2020 c16 Issei ODR
Todos amigos y familiares de star esperan el starco (Star x Marco)
9/12/2020 c14 Issei ODR
Ahora me siento muy triste por Star.

Habrá fusión. Marco x star.?
9/12/2020 c12 Issei ODR
Excelente capitulo me gustó mucho la cita de marco y hekapoo
9/12/2020 c10 Issei ODR
Aún hay esperanzas para marco x star?
9/11/2020 c31 cdiago7
nice another chapter.
9/11/2020 c31 17kriitikko
Well, that escalated quickly. XP

This story has certainly taken a huge turn these past couple chapters. Still looking forward to see what it is all leading up to.

Okay, I tried and failed to figure out who the General is. Is he an oc or a character from something?
9/11/2020 c31 The Book of Eli
I loved all the fandom and worlds that got a shout out here and I can say this that Marco and Heka are going to be pissed...
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