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for Like Father, Like Daughter

5/30 c2 Homo sapien
I can't wait to see what happens next.
5/11 c28 markapoo4life
please write more! i searched like, 3 different fanfiction websites to find the most recently updated version of this and now i am hooked.
5/2 c28 The Book of Eli
Child trauma and how some still think Seraph isn't a child is pretty serious. Marco really needs to clear that up. But sorry to hear about your job hope for the best. A fun idea why not have Hpoo and family go to a theme park...
5/1 c28 Masked Freak
Hey man. Sorry about losing your job. Times are tough, and I don't blame you for not updating. If it's any consolation, we've missed you, we're glad your back, and I think you give Brittney better development than the actual show, who stayed a one-dimensional snobby rich girl the entire show. Stay safe!
4/30 c28 DevilDogOFmadness
Take care of yourself first, I don't know what this story is to you but I would guess it is a passion project/hobby.

I personally think this is the best SvtFoE fanfic story out there, but nobody's world will end if you take some personal time. Take care of yourself first.
4/30 c28 18Julayla
I've just started reading this story, but I'm quite enjoying this interesting fanfic.
4/29 c28 FireknightPrince
Been waiting for this for ever but todally worth the is really a good father do anything to protect your daughter i can see that.
4/28 c28 Toma69
I have waited for this chapter forever now Alex. great job I hope you find work soon. I'm in the fields rn working and this chapter really helps pass the time. please update whenever you can no rush. (a loyal fan.)
4/27 c28 2Mr. Haziq
Kudos to Skeeves and bravo to Brittney.

Oh dear. The uncles are getting involved.
4/27 c28 17kriitikko
Sorry to hear about your job but I always love it when you update this story. I think Skeeves and the Gravity Falls agents were my favorite part of this chapter. Looking forward to what will happen next! :-)
4/27 c28 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great updating.

Nice to see Brittney being not just a decent human being but a competent heroine. Great job with her and Seraph.

Keep the good writing.
4/27 c28 7Starco4everr
Great chapter
4/27 c28 19Prinnyramza
God I love all the secondary characters getting development. Good to see the school acting so protective of their magical students.
4/27 c28 8LockAndKey989

Also “your a kid!” Lol. Didn’t Marco explain tho?
4/27 c28 1Killerp12345
Thought this chapter was great. Sorry to hear about the job tho.
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