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9/13 c1 Pteaset
With the rumored remastered coming out I’m going back and reading some of my favorite stories to get hyped up for what I hope is coming out in a month
8/18 c18 Braggsy
Hey mate, u still continuing with this story?
6/26 c4 danhyland
ive seen a few au to me but this is the fist iv e red it s a very good choice
6/17 c18 Tom712
nice. Also... i think you left the whole chapter in bold text. or its just a problem on my side
6/15 c13 Tom712
did you really sneak a Damn Daniel meme into this chapter
5/27 c15 ivanacco1
Daniel you absolute baboon, loving the story
11/19/2019 c3 Guest
Pacing is too fast, characters lack any depth, plot is non-existent. This is a BAMF OC insert, also known as boring; Hence I’m not reading further.
4/19/2019 c3 Pedro52
3/31/2019 c1 Guest
Oh Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling
3/29/2019 c4 AnonymousZGirl
this chapter was great, though Garrus saying that Daniel will "love him"
made the whole "shipping" came to my mind...Garrus you goof, you need to make sure never to say that if any female species walk by...

yeah the BL Ship will happen if any human girls heard him say that XD

I don't think any of the other species knows what BL is...

the helmet that Daniel came up with sounded awesome :)
3/29/2019 c3 AnonymousZGirl
finally got around to finishing reading chapter 3, the day that I had to take that nap and had plan to read the rest later...I kind of was having that whole off day feeling...

I like the other Turian Councilor Quentius that replaces Sparatus,

if it was possible to glomp Quentius I would do that XD

and I think Valern might be Angel compared to his female replacement Esheel...
I don't care much for her.

I'm going to read chapter 4 now.
3/30/2019 c5 67AnonymousZGirl
this is why I like the cuter and nicer turian councilor better

too bad he can't just replace that jerk without the whole council dying thing.

I got a scar, I got it when I was two.

it is the type of scar that isn't very noticeable I think.

I wonder if they will end up waking up Grunt early, he is just SO adorable I just want to glomp him

and I guess we know who Daniel is gonna be ship with, Jane Shepard.
3/27/2019 c3 AnonymousZGirl
okay sorry I didn't read the A/N in chapter 1, I had went back after this chapter's A/N and I went back to chapter 1 to check if there was a A/N I missed and well I guess I do know for sure they are male now but I was still confused...because of the pronouns going from "her" to "him" before...sorry, and it's nice that it's Jane Shepard in this instead of John Shepard...and I can only hope that Ashley doesn't act like a total shisno all the time but I guess if she and Tali do I will still read this, yeah I don't much care of Tali's view about the geth because the geth are the real victims in my view...
anyway once again sorry that I was confused before...
I didn't mean anything bad by it by the way...
I'm still reading this chapter, but I need to rest a little before I continue reading it as well as reading a some other stories too, but I will make sure to read the rest of chapter 3 after I get up from a nice nap...and again sorry, it was easy mistake on my part because of the pronouns and me not checking the A/N in first chapter.
3/27/2019 c2 AnonymousZGirl
this is interesting so far, but now I am confused about Daniel's gender cause I know I read "her" when it was doing that one two three clear thing and then it change to "him"...and I guess if they were female the name would be
Daniela "Daniel" Ironwill, and they be like androgynous...I think until I know for sure if they are male or not I'm going to refer to them as them and they...
again this is interesting, and hope you can understand why I was confused...I was going to just leave a comment just not signed in...but I decided to sign in to comment and to fave this story, I still have some other stories I wish to read and catch up on when I can and anyway keep up the awesome job.
3/23/2019 c16 1Arctech
Good shit sir, enjoyed reading this story, cant wait for more.
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