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2/15 c1 Kuzan-Cro Akagami
Ví este fic en las imágenes de "propaganda" de la app y dije "¿por qué no? Hay que buscarlo a ver si existe", y cállate los ojos, que sí estaba XD
12/17/2022 c41 athenaxylin
omg the rude tree... this is so stupid i love it XD
10/18/2022 c57 1Pinkypi
Sasuke and Naruto - "girls and their over fuckerdy powered bull shit we're done."
10/18/2022 c53 Pinkypi
being an actual uzumaki it would make sense that he'd develop it and even faster than Madara did since madara only had implanted cells from the Senju who were related to the uzumaki. there's a lot of people going left in this fanfiction. Like Akatsuki taking out Hanzo before they could be set up. Zabuza finding Kimimaro and therefore Jugo never being found. To Orochimaru getting to his Boruto self faster without the obsession to be able to obtain an uchiha body for himself. Makes even more sense when you realize that Naruto technically has Asura's chakra running through him to a degree.
10/18/2022 c43 Pinkypi
He could also be pansexual or demisexual.
10/18/2022 c35 Pinkypi
Now that I think about it. Kimimaro's bone recovery shouldn't be that bad. He can just intake all the nutrients specifically needed for bones and use his ability to heal up from the loss or prepare ahead of time by taking in far more than he'd usually normally take. I'm thinking if he could learn to store everything in his body he'd need like the Akamichi do except only for the materials needed for bone instead of all the rest he could probably make swords and such with far less blow back to his temporary health.
10/18/2022 c34 Pinkypi
I would make Sakura's flak jacket non standard. No uzu swirl on the back and probably slightly different design so that she's not wearing something only Chunin and Jonin are supposed to have.
6/2/2022 c53 masterofshittyreplies
6/1/2022 c50 masterofshittyreplies
Neji saying "springtime of youth" was what i needed the most in my life without knowing it beforehand
6/1/2022 c49 masterofshittyreplies
The best characterisation of kurama on
6/1/2022 c48 masterofshittyreplies
This story has the best relationship between naruto and kurama in all of fanfiction
6/1/2022 c47 masterofshittyreplies
6/1/2022 c46 masterofshittyreplies
Short but cute
6/1/2022 c45 masterofshittyreplies
That end was soooooooo cathartic
6/1/2022 c43 masterofshittyreplies
Sooooooo fucking funny
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