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for Chasing the shadow

11/21 c16 Boop
Dude didn’t you say Haku was a boy but now you’re using female pronouns. Get your story straight. Asswipe.
10/8 c37 Guest
That altered transformation Jutsu of Sakura’s make no sense. They’re illusions, not physical transformations that can increase your density/hardness.

A real physical transformation would have extreme chakra requirements. For that matter, she shouldn’t have been able to pop off that many shadow clones either.
7/12 c68 kamui5
I hope you will update the story sometime soon.
3/13 c7 Scrollmaster
If Kakashi performs badly on the wave mission, then I can soundly come to two conclusions: you are only focusing on team seven's growth, as people ,with no, real or significant ,plot change to the entire story-line and that Kakashi is irrelevant compared to the rest of team seven.
3/13 c6 Scrollmaster
Wait, there's something that i don't understand. If Kakashi got over his emotional issues ( as evidenced by the way he introduced himself) then why is he still at roughly the same skill level. Kakashi has more reason than the sannin to be stronger but was held back by his ghosts. You make him recover in this yet still have the same power level. That's unfair. You must be a kakashi-hater.
7/21/2019 c68 lauren.abrishami
I love your workI think it could be beneficial if you included more vocab and more details overall.
12/20/2018 c22 Gargander Gilly
Looks like the original ship has been sent to Davy Jones Locker.
12/20/2018 c20 Meng Hao
Old men are the personification of YOUTH!
12/19/2018 c17 Guest
God damn did that take a sharp turn straight into left field
12/19/2018 c15 God Usopp
Usually i'd be a bit iffy about this ship but Haku's a Hideyoshi so its all good in my book
12/19/2018 c10 God usopp
I'm loving this new development
12/19/2018 c8 God Usopp
Let the shipping wars begin!
12/19/2018 c7 Love this chap
Thank god for rectifying Sakura
9/21/2018 c4 23Bubblekins1010
Woah, holy cow! Sasuke being nice to Sakura, Sakura being nice to Naruto? WHAT IS THIS?! (Not that I mind, it's just different...)
8/12/2018 c68 TigrezzTail
Woah, that's a big demand. Wonder how that'll all turn out? And that was a nice conversation Naruto and Haku had.
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