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1/14/2022 c1 Guest
I... thought that last bit was still part of the story. apparently, they were the author's notes.

good story! mama Sakura surely has a sweet tooth and probably needs more nutrients haha
9/17/2020 c1 18AirashiSakura
Sakura being childish is too cute. u The plot is very well set up.
1/5/2020 c1 24TheRedConverseGirl
This story was really adorable, showing us those great slice of life that we all crave when thinking of the SasuSaku family. I was smiling the whole time. Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s definitely a favorite now :)
10/23/2019 c1 13Tropicallight
Haha great work
11/6/2018 c1 23TheAcupuncturist
Sasuke thinking twice about breaking his promisecause if he doesn't, she will break his ribs), smart boy.

Did he have both arms? Keeping Sakura away from them cookies must be hard with two hands as it is, can't imagine with only one, haha.
It's nice to see some happy times with these two (not something I could write though), it helps to ease the angst so rooted into them.
Thanks for the smol fluff.
8/24/2018 c1 2VerityTales
The characters are a little bit OOC in this one but it is still good nonetheless. Playful SasuSaku time are always fun!
5/29/2018 c1 16Kaze and Kiba
Ah! At first I thought Sasuke was out to catch a cheating wife! Well, I spose she was cheating...on her diet. lol Cute story and adorable family moments made me smile so much!
Thank you for the story.
2/22/2018 c1 4MLLu
this was sincerely really cute and funny! Really like the plot you have here! Also you stayed true to the character which I really like. I enjoyed this one-shot very much! KUDOS!
2/11/2018 c1 MagnumSaberX
Oh man im glad im not the only one wh. Cant resist cookies haha. Anyway amazing Valentine story. It was fun to see this side of relarioship between those two. I like the way you wrote
1/18/2018 c1 asdfjalsdfjalkdsfj
So I decided to go through some of your fics and I was awesomely surprised that you write SasuSaku. I think out of all of them, this one is my favorite.

You write Sasuke and Sakura's banter /hilariously/, I tell you. It's great to see a more fun side to their relationship. People don't really explore that one as often, since Sasuke's usually a ball of angst and Sakura is a tumultuous mess of magnificent fluff and neither of those exactly scream "playful". Their kiss was spectacular and I loved it to pieces.

And oh wow, can I relate to that cookie issue.

Haha, anyway, I adored this and just wanted to let you know. _
12/8/2017 c1 36iBloo
Stories about Sasuke and Sakura's private and intimate moments always tug at my heartstrings. I was smiling the whole time while reading this! You write very well, and the story, like a cookie, is short but sweet. Good job!
10/3/2017 c1 187YenGirl
You have a knack of drawing in the reader from the get go... I really thought Sasuke was onto something way more serious than what actually transpired (sucker me LOL)

He is an exemplary husband and father though. Yes, he is. It's not easy to say no to Sakura, not even when she's unfazed by all those traps he'd set.

Now I don't know whose determination I admire more...!

(I'm not really a cookies sorta gal. Coffee? Oh yes, a cup a day :))
9/19/2017 c1 3Romitri.Fax.Clace
So cute! Love it!
9/18/2017 c1 53Mako-clb
Real cookies are better than virtual cookies, calories or not. But, good stories are better than cookies. I'm not used to a playful Sasuke, so this was different for me. Different, but fun.
7/19/2017 c1 55Wintry Leen
Just like those choco-dipped cookies, I must say that this fic is just as delectable! That is especiialy true for that sensuous moment between our dear couple. I just knew it'd happen with all the teasing and the cookie description -all thanks to your foreshadowing!

At first, I was grappling for the context of the whole story, but I love what you did when you only started to explain everything towards the end. The last part was also packed with lovely surprises and that bit about Sarada's onesie is beyond adorable!

You know I haven't reviewed in a long time, C, and I'm so glad this fic became a refresher.
(Now if only I can get back to reading 'Regret'!)
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