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for A Modern Tale

10/12/2019 c2 Judy Tarasek
I like the modern "mobile" way of communicating...its been 2 years since you wrote this, but I just found this site. As a big fan of the movie, I sometimes imagine what they would be like in 2019. Let us know if you decide to add more to your story.
3/26/2017 c2 deelove1
I hope it's ok to look forward to reading more chapter's;)
2/26/2017 c2 Lola
Thanks for the quick update. Loved Curt being more at peace with his past, can't wait to see him face to face with Br
2/16/2017 c1 Lola
Really nice, loved the idea of a modern day-adapted fic. I hope you continue it!
2/15/2017 c1 Molly
Brian and Curt are my fave.

"Because I'm always wondering." What a powerful sentence! Kinda sums them both up so well.

I do hope you continue!

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