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8/27/2019 c4 Pulsar Liv
Awwn! Jane and Weller are so cute together!

* I really love this story.
4/8/2018 c4 STC
I'd happily wait for more chapters when you can get back to this fic?!
3/16/2017 c4 101MonkeyPajamas
Silly visitor hours. I mean, I know why logically they have to be in place. But, then I think about Kurt waiting and logic means nothing, because DUH, he needs to be by her side.

I love the idea that Kurt's sense as he walked through the hallway, every moment takes an hour as he's trying to get back to her. And then when he gets to the doorway, he just stops. I can see his eyes, his expression as he looks at Jane. Sleeping, injured in a hospital bed, and all the thoughts and emotions surrounding him in that instant, that he can't go closer, just for a moment, as he deals with that.

The need to touch. I love how much touch is essential between the two of them. They both need touch. They both need that tangible proof the other is alright and there. If I ever get a moment to write, that idea is related to one that has been floating around in my head for a while.

Gah. You are killing me with adorableness. How he gently takes her hand between his, her eyes fluttering open, the smile from before. Oh man. I'm in love.

Jane... I hope you always wake up that way. Knowing Kurt is right there with you.

"and the rest didn't matter" - That's it. That's where they are at. They've been through hell and back, but that doesn't matter because they finally found their way back to each other.

The fact that the two of them, in what's essentially been 6-8 months or so, have been shot multiple times, blown up, tortured, man. This FBI thing is a dangerous job.

Jane. He would never leave your side. Okay, technically he left your side, but he was as close as he could be. He wouldn't go home. Not without you.

I'm sorry I'm just loving the heart eyes. I love these two.

"Maybe it helped that she's Jane" - most honest thing Kurt Weller has ever said.

"You're really good with the compliments this morning" - reminds me of the "stupid but brave" thing, which is mostly because I looked at the gif earlier today that said "I think there was a compliment in there somewhere."

It hadn't been awkward. They both suddenly realized they should have been doing this all along. Okay, maybe they didn't think that, but that's what I think.

"WE are going to be okay." that makes me happy.

I love that both of them are in the hospital (well December and TRH) and both are having similiar experiences. Which makes sense because you wrote them relatively close together. But both trying to figure out what it means and how they feel, both being adorable with each other. Both having to be told to REST while discharged, the doctors both know that the other non injured person is responsible for the injured party. It just is cool reading these sort of simultaneously.

"when someone cares."

"YOU? take a day off?" There is very little that can convince Kurt Workaholic Weller to take a day off, but Jane Doe can.

I love how Kurt takes the "what are you ding to me" and turns it around to show all the GOOD Jane has brought into his life.

Kurt's confession, as he breaks down about how scared he was when he thought he was losing her. And twice in one day. Because he was scared of Oliver. Oh this is perfect. So perfect.

Yes, well, it's a good thing love is more than a tally sheet. Although to be fair when he knocked up Allie she was sleeping with Oscar, so it's just birth control and luck that meant the sides weren't switched. But Nas he has no excuse for.

With Kurt, it's more than just that he knows her history. He knows why she's covered in tattoos and why she can't remember. He knows why his name is on her back. But it's so much more than that. It's everything.

"You're not going to lose me"
My heart is so happy!

LOOKY - IT'S ME! Well it was me before, but now everyone knows it's me!

"You were right" "I know" - This is exactly the conversation I like having. I like being right.
(Although man, with the 4yo, whenever I say that to him, it's more like "you were right" and he goes "why was I right" and then we discuss this issue at length for the next hour)

I love being the person who tells Jane everything that we know. Also, I really forgot that the nurse was named Jessica, so of course I love it even more. Jessica clearly knows what is up and makes sure Jane knows also. And you know, has all the power over Jane leaving the hospital. But it's mostly the Jeller thing.

Food is so overrated. Unless it involves Jeller. Which as you know is my main motivation for eating. Except today, well, today I got to eat two meals for free. And I actually am excited to go shopping for food soon (which remind me of this when I dont want to go out over the weekend)

"What am I going to do with you" MY HEART CAN'T TAKE THIS HAPPINESS

Poison ivy reference!

Man I really wish I could do emojis.

Bawhahaha, stay in the car!

I love this story. I don't really have words, but I am sitting here grinning and laughing and happy, so just take my emotional state as a review instead of demanding words.

Also "rouge produce thieves" is hilarious. And now I am trying to imagine a heist in the grocery store and seeing someone running off with a head of lettuce.
Ah I entertain myself sometimes.

"You're too important to me."
And suddenly produce thieves seem much less interesting.

She doesn't need any more identities. She doesn't need Remi or Alice. All she needs is Jane.
I can't tell you how much in the past month I have associated Jane with the phrase "nevertheless she persisted" because as much as it's a resistance rallying cry, it also reminds me of Jane. She's been through hell and back. But she persisted.

Awww! The heart emoji! Because she misses him. And it's the perfect valentine.

"You have always deserved more than what I could give you."

I love this story. I really do. I just can't help how happy it makes me feel.

"it's better when you're here"

I mean, I do feel bad how late this was with reviewing. But i also really think I needed this story after this week. It's really helped me get back in the Jeller mood, especially with reality and made me happy (not that reading December isn't making me happy, but you know, different). So, it worked out. I'm glad I got to read it twice. Even if my review was more random than normal. I'm glad.
And less than a week now.
3/15/2017 c3 MonkeyPajamas
Yes Kurt, as much as it may be nice to have Jane close, a wheelchair is a much better idea. I can think of other ways to stay close to Jane that don't involve putting her in more pain or making her hurt while walking, etc.

Reading about the hospital is great especially after I just watched 201 today.

Kurt of course will do all the worrying for her. It's adorable and it's true. I love that about Kurt. I love that about both of them. They both care for the other more than themselves, and it's adorable. It's so sweet. But they will protect the other at all costs.

I can only just imagine Kurt in the hospital, trying to get a wheelchair. The slight mention of the harried nurse makes me laugh because I can just imagine Kurt storming in, being all Kurt, and just demanding and acting all 'unreasonable' (to the nurses, not that we would think that), and just taking command like it was the NYO. It's such a small little mention, but to me it paints such a scene.
Also I love Kurt Weller.

She couldn't help but smile.
Heart eyes

The small notes - like gentle Kurt voice. My heart melts. I can totally hear it, and it's so sweet.

It's just so sweet, gentle Kurt helping Jane.

Clearly these two need some sort of catalyst to admit their feelings for each other.

Oh come on you two, personal space doesn't matter. In fact you two do better the LESS personal space you have. Any time you allow too much space, you quickly regret it and then you guys start doubting. So always get into each other's personal space.

Sigh. I mean, I know what happens, but man, even I was like "what? You want Kurt to leave Jane's side?" But he's right. He can't just park anywhere. Especially since he isn't on official FBI business. He can go park and then come in to rejoin Jane's side. As much as Jane (and I) don't want him to leave, it is the right decision.

Bawhahaha - Jane - you don't even need to stay? Yeah RIGHT. "The look he shot her... was murderous" That's exactly it. You know he wouldn't leave you for any more than is absolutely necessary. (Just like in December, she's not leaving his side any more than absolutely necessary)

"You're kidding me, right" - said the entire Jeller fandom CONSTANTLY. How are those two not together already!

Jane? How silly you are. You don't think you had done anything too couply? Well, for one thing, you two don't even have to interact or talk to each other for the heart eyes to be apartment. Man, even when Kurt says things like "i don't hate you" its with such heart eyes and love ... okay it's not like top Jeller moments or anything, but seriously, the emotion just pours out of you. You two can't help it.

"Oh honey that man is so clearly in love with you" - This nurse is the Jeller fandom personified. I love this nurse! She's awesome. I just want to quote everything she said and I love the way it all sounds in my head and it makes me so happy.

The nurse is right about it all Jane. Kurt was back there in the blink of an eye, and very right about his feelings for you. And don't even try and deny your feelings for him.

This chapter makes me happy. And I barely halfway.

Even just thinking about her filling out the paperwork, I want to scream at her, Jane, imagine how hard it would be if Kurt wasn't there. I mean, maneuvering the wheelchair to get back to the desk and such. It isn't easy. And it's harder for them to notice you and a more awkward angle. And those wheelchairs are NO fun.

Oh Jane. He doesn't need any plans. In fact, even if he HAD plans, I think it's pretty safe to say this (spending time with you) is better than any plans he could have had.

But I love that Jane is shocked. Because she sees Kurt how we all see Kurt - handsome, sweet, caring, etc. And how could he NOT have plans on Valentine's Day. Because she doesn't see (well doesn't allow herself to see) that he is so totally in love with her, he doesn't want any plans that don't involve her.
Or something like that I can't exactly remember if that makes sense.

"Too choosy"

"When the world had made sense" That was such a simple time. Yes, when the world had made sense. Back when we didn't know how deep everything went. Back when Kurt and Jane were barely restraining themselves with the heart eyes. Before the world imploded on them.
But they are getting back there. That's what matters. That and fanfic.

"Blend their covers with their realities" and that is why that episode is so magical. It's like wish fulfillment.

No you haven't missed your chance. Things may be a mess, but it isn't too late.

Can I steal Jane's words?
"I'm stubborn to the point of stupidity"

Pain can be a dream when it's necessary for survive. This pain, not necessary for survival and to feel so close to pain meds and to know that it's just stubborn stupidity and waiting, that makes it worse.

I love their banter. Yes I am talking about Jane saying that she wants to punch Weller. But that is exactly what Jane would say. So it's perfect.

Jane. Again. If you think Kurt is leaving your side, you're crazy.

Kurt just holding Jane's hand.
Just happy heart eyes. Just. So. Happy.

Kurt's Jane smile.
Oh! So there is this song... I actually always associated it with another show(aka I even wrote a song fic about it for TO) but especially now I've been thinking about it. Secret Smile. "nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile and you use it, only for me" I mean come on, that's totally true for Kurt. He does have a smile that is Jane's smile.

Oh Jane. You know WHAT you are feeling. It's love. Okay love makes you feel crazy and confused and everything, but it's love.

"you were never nothing to each other... it seems likelier that you were...everything"
I love that line. Because it's true. You can't be nothing to each other and cause that pain. You can't be nothing and look that way at each other. And you certainly can't feel those feelings and be nothing. You were everything.

"If it made her smile, that it had been worth it. plain and simple."

Kurt's thoughts. How he can't get the memory of her falling to the ground. How he knows even though she is in the best place possible, it's still doesn't mean he isn't worried. Because things happen. because he's finally admitting to himself what he wants and how close he came to losing it.

Yes Kurt. You want to date her. Well, not exactly. You don't care about the dating.
You want to spend the rest of your life with her.
Dating is just the most convenient way to make that happen.

"when did you ever behave logically when it came to Jane" Never. Okay arresting her was probably the most logical thing (if you go by straight logic) but it certainly wasn't the right thing. So let's keep logic out of this Kurt.

Oh man. I love this story. I love all your stories. But this really was a great way to end my day.
3/8/2017 c2 MonkeyPajamas
Of course things can't go easy. It is Blindspot after all.

I love that idea. Which I know is presented in many ways in the show also, but how Kurt can SEEM so in control, but then also know he isn't. How he is worried and scared and does it because he feels he has to do it to protect his team.

Once again, it is amazing how all their emergencies seem to happen at non peak traffic times. Because yeah even with sirens... traffic not so easy to get through. And at least all their issues seem to happen in Brooklyn though. Brooklyn traffic was easier than Manhattan traffic.

Man, that trip made me so happy. I miss it so much.

Of course you won't be too late! As much as things can't go easy because it's Blindspot, it also means things will be alright.
Although I also say that knowing how much people die on this show, so... maybe I shouldn't say that.

Yes, some sort of nightmare inducing international terror society. That is such a fun (but terrorfying) description

(Also, reviewing this, then reading December, watching 112 means my brain is very confused right now!)

Oh come on Kurt, it was just a graze! (I know I know I know)

Yes Kurt. See. Exactly. She knew what she was doing was wrong. But she needed to protect you. Protect her team, but protect you. I love this realization of his.

I may have just shot daggers at my computer screen.

Kurt, you could speak in that gratingly charming Australian accent also. (I find it so hilarious how many Aussies are on this show!)

Jealous Kurt, Jealous Kurt...

Wait a second? There is no prize for being most stubborn? I've been practicing for all these years and I don't even WIN anything? Man, that sucks. Oh well. I'm still stubborn. That's not going to change. Unless Kurt tells me not to be. I mean, I still ignore him, but I listen to him more than other people.

She needs to be independent because... because things happen. Yes Kurt. Things happen. Even if you devote your life to making sure things don't happen, things still happen.

I honestly can't even review this part because it made me FEEL so much.

"Overwhelmed by a sense of what might have been."

No Jane. You've never been weak. It's why I love you. And especially on International Women's Day.

So many feels

I do love this story. So much.
3/7/2017 c1 MonkeyPajamas
I feel like I need to apologize with how long this review has taken me. Especially since you've written SO much since then, and I'm barely scrapping by with reviews. So, for that I do apologize. But you KNOW I do eventually review, so... even if I finish this review in March, well, I'll still always review.

You know, so part of my issue as I was trying to think of my own Valentine's Day story, which clearly never really happened, was... trying to think of what Kurt would do. Before they were together, I mean, I knew as a character he wasn't going to send her flowers or anything crazy. (And technically I have mixed opinions on what he would do AFTER they were a couple, but that's for another story)...
But, then reading this. And the simple candies in a heart. That almost seems perfectly Kurt. Like, its so small and 'easy' I could totally picture him just randomly picking up the kisses, not really thinking about Jane (well, you know, not admitting he was thinking about her), and then just... thinking about leaving them on her desk, and almost halfway deciding to put them in the shape of a heart. Sort of the sure of what he wants, but not sure about the line and what's appropriate.

And I love that right after this story there was the PostSecret about the candy kiss. Because that made me love the secret and this story even more.

Of course Reade would just roll his eyes. That's what I love about Reade. He wants to stay out of his coworkers business, as long as they stay out of his. He'll be friends, but he isn't crossing the line. Except you know that whole kissing Zapata thing. But I'm choosing to ignore that. Stay out of my business, I'll stay out of yours.

Awww, Jane's little nervous smile!

I love that he's watching her, and of course, ducked his head down when she started looking around. It's such a silly shy Kurt thing to do. But of course, Kurt, we know you spend most of your day watching her. But Jane thinks its because he didn't even know to be watching her. Oh, Jane. Silly Kurt.

Also, I just had an idea for a fic, so I may not review much more tonight to try and write an outline.
Of course, you will never know that as I don't think I will finish this review in one sitting/I hope I didn't just say I had a fic idea and now it never goes anywhere...

Also, when I read ten hershey kisses, I just didn't have ten kisses but I did take 10 stones i had and just tested the arrangement to make a heart. Why? I don't know. I needed to see it?

I love that she needed to move them (practical), but she did sit there smiling for a moment, just touched by the gesture.

Jane. Of course it's Kurt. Okay, Oliver may be delivering you flowers, but that's through a delivery service, not that Oliver is breaking into the FBI to arrange hearts. And yes there are other males in the building, but come on OF COURSE IT IS KURT. HE IS SO IN LOVE WITH YOU

Bawhahaha, Jane. Channeling our frustrations about how EVERYTHING winds up going back to work. Every single moment between the two of them is interrupted. As you said, thats how we know these are fanfics. They are able to TALK. Without work. Without being blown up and shot at and such.

"time for just them... just Jane and Kurt" Yes Jane. We do too. That's why we write fanfic.

Yeah Jane that date with Oliver may have been "nice" but then you learn that he changed his name.
And while I obviously want her with Kurt, and I don't even mind if Oliver changed his name (and he did react a bit extreme but not terrible for her line of questioning)... I really don't want him to have anything bad or shady in his background. I feel like a) that would have been a bit too coincidental of a meeting. Like they could have put him at the gala and even arranged for them to talk and exchange the numbers, but that's putting a lot of hope that she would call him. but b) seriously, can't these people just ever have FRIENDS? Like, just seriously. Friends that aren't gambling buddies or drug addicts or moles and terrorists. Like, seriously. He could have changed his name for any reason. Just, please.

Okay, enough about that dude.

Jane, you deserve more than nice.
Which sounds really odd, but you do. I also feel like it's a quote from some sort of tv show. But you do. You deserve someone who makes you feel ... everything.

And now I continue this review like 10 days later. But what an awesome few days those were. Okay, not all the days were as awesome as others. BUt you know which ones were.

Bawhaha, I love how Kurt's trying to play it cool.

Flowers. Which now makes me think of the episode. Because of course. This story has a much happier ending of the episode. Which really, all it takes is an ending, and not a month long hiatus.
Oh well. But still. Flowers. Kurt's gonna be jealous.

So really, ever since started even floating the idea of Valentine's Day story, I have been thinking a lot about what gestures would Weller really do, and at what stages. And I am still thinking about it. But as I write this paragraph I am remembering the resturant we saw, which CLEARLY will become a date night place for them, and that story will be written.

Jane's a bit nervous about the flowers. I love nervous Jane. It's so adorable. Because she knows who they are from. And she knows who she wants them to be from. And they aren't teh same person.

Bawwhahaha. I love that Tasha is egging Jane on and already thinking how jealous Kurt will be. Because come on, all she wants is for her boss to be happy. But also, it's so the dynamic I love. the team, where they push each other's buttons and want the best, and teasing. Oh I miss the show.

Oh Jane. Don't even try and deny it. Well, you can WANT him to see the flowers because he'll be jealous. But you don't want him to see the flowers because you know in your heart you want HIM not Oliver, and therefore the flowers really mean nothing to you and just... i may be getting ahead of myself.

Gah! I am just loving jealous Kurt. I'm sorry it's awesome! He's so frustrated, he can't look away, he's jealous, he doesn't want to be, but he is, and suddenly he feels his little heart was stupid (but it wasn't), and it's great.

"You two have a bond that, despite everything, hasn't broken"
Have I sent heart eyes recently enough? Because more here.

It's not impossible Kurt. It won't be easy. But who said Jane wanted easy. She just wants possible.

"Damn she's beautiful"
I love this moment. Love it.
He is trying to convince himself he feels nothing, that she's moved on, his feelings are nothing, but just the simple smile, it's all it takes to pull him in again. He can't help but fall in love with that smile.

Jane's nerves as she calls Oliver. So true. It's like you feel you are on display.

"How're you going?" That's awesome.

People know the names of flowers? Those are so overrated. Once, aka last week, we do flowers at Temple, and someone asked me what they were called and I said "pink flowers, and those are white flowers."


Oh, that time in Kurt's apartment, that could have been so much more, but then the whole reality thing had to ruin it.

She saw Kurt watching him, and that face of Kurt's I can so exactly picture it. I love it. Oh man I want more. So... I'll read more.

I think I love this story (hint, I know I love this story)
3/3/2017 c4 MaqiCorbalan
Was so nice good work
2/26/2017 c4 NSFL
It kills me it's so sweet! I love it. Thank you for writing and sharing.
2/25/2017 c4 6MSerrada
Cute and I enjoyed this immensely.
2/24/2017 c4 lipamo
It is really heartwarming to read aabout their great developement and ddynamic. Looovvveeellyy
2/17/2017 c4 6Hazmatt
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
2/15/2017 c4 67LAIsobel
Damn this was beautiful! :-)
Aaaaaaaaah :-)
Just what I needed after crappy day.
2/15/2017 c4 LucindaG
Loved every bit of this one! Happy belated Valentines Day to you and thank you for this adorable "short fic"...love jealous, overprotective, thoughtful Weller, and that they text heart emojis! Throwback to Poison Ivy and S1 Richdotcom undercover mission "too choosy"...left wishing there was more but so happy you had time to get this out!
2/15/2017 c1 Elislin
This is so nice
Love how you have included oliver (he is the nice... Jane needs in order to make a stronger jeller)
And i love jeller so much!
2/15/2017 c4 20Vilian
Actually I like the way this story ends, it's an open ending but highly optimistic one when it comes to such complicated, damaged characters like Kurt and Jane, and their feelings :) And I enjoyed the fic in whole - what a pity I got to read it when it's already Feb15th where I live ;) Thanks for sharing!
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