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1/17 c16 Kristina Johnson
I think I would choose Grim because of his godfathers animugus form. To honor him.
1/14 c48 18CRose
That was an abrupt ending to the story and now its been over a year since this was posted. I was kind of hoping for an epilogue at least. Ah well. Good story so far.
1/13 c48 B00F21
Is this story still being done or have you discontinued it.
1/7 c48 Guest
Hi how are you? BIG BIG fan of this story please please finish it
1/7 c16 JayTee789
In a world of aliens and magic, the most fantastical thing is somehow a HTC with enough battery life to last 16 months...
1/4 c48 Guest
First of all there are many continuity errors. Secondly this is a copy of wand and shield. Third... THIS IS A STRAIGHT UP COPY OF WAND AND SHIELD WITH A DIFFERENT PAIRING! Anyone who wants to read this should first read “wand and shield,” a fanfiction published 5 years before this one and completed 2 years prior to this fanfiction’s publishing. It’s clear to see that you copied his work, if you were to use plot points to compare the story and the way it’s driven it is VERY similar. Again as a reminder, this cheat was quote unquote “iNspIreD” by wand and shield, aka stole the premise and did it worse. You are a filthy inbred product of incest for what you’ve done, repent by asking permission from the author of the story above to continue posting what is obviously a blatant copy, and delete this copied homework assignment if he asks, because you do a disservice to his work, stolen valor, as it were. Something you should understand, right... sir? Heard you’re entering the navy. Do this community a favor and be honorable, as all who serve should.
12/30/2020 c48 Guest
hello where are you are you ok
12/26/2020 c10 AestasWinter
Making magic kinetic energy has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a fic
12/25/2020 c5 Chris Nothin Here
Ah now i see, its like everyone is copying the theme of one book, like literally, every fcking book has a part in which Nick's phone gets stolen, like wtaf.
12/25/2020 c4 Chris Nothin Here
Though I absolutely fucking despise the ''saving people problem'' bullshit, all the ones that is quite long and worth reading are all based around it. fuck my taste.
12/17/2020 c23 william95
Ok i really tried, the first chapters were really good, characters were fine.

But at some point, it started looking as if someone else had taken control of the keyboard. Harry rambling about the witch hunts, about governments, saying the same things over and over again.

Morgan, don't know what she's doing there, beside being an ass-kissing sidekick for Harry. I guess that counts as moral support...

Other than that, so far the story is the movies, minus those you don't like, with Harry bringing absolutly nothing. And now the magical world is back. Meh... Already seen that, in a harry/skye story that is way better than this one.

And last thing, something's wrong with your english. I rarely comment about that, because I'm not a native english speaker and I make mistakes too. But that many ? I can tell you don't even read your chapters before posting, and don't care at all.

And so do I now.
12/17/2020 c16 william95
Don't know how I feel about this chapter. The history lesson was interesting, but last chapter was all about the team...

Harry : let's be united, trust each other and train to get better.
Morgan : Yeah you're a good leader ! Also let's disapear for a year and a half and leave your team on their own...
12/14/2020 c46 Guest
along the end of the story you kinda dropped the ball there

it woulda been cool to read about harry's fight with the kree and become a legend to the galaxy and not listen to people talk about how legendary he was

"yeah, he's the strongest in the universe" "Thanos is afraid of him"

ya jumped too far dudeee
you skippedd too much thingsss
you just skipped the conflict and went straight to
"ye, he a god now"
12/14/2020 c31 Guest
ya know if harry could get all the chitori tech in all of new york then why didnt harry use it with scepter?
12/14/2020 c27 Guest
i wonder if Hella would bow down to the master of death lol

im at ch27
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