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1/28 c64 Guest
Are you okay? It's been a while since you updated.
1/24 c64 xavierroy232
Hey, just want to say that I love your fanfiction and I wish everything goes well for you. Also whenever you update this story again I will come back to continue to read this awesome fic have a nice day.
1/17 c1 santiagohanzel641
This is the best fanfic story i ever read please update soon.
1/12 c1 Yek
So, you are still gonna upload?
12/26/2023 c64 CodeTransformers
This is easily the best fanfic I’ve ever read about someone from the real world coming to an anime world and I hope you keep it going. Also, now that the straw hats know about rose and her knowledge, I think it would make sense if she told them about haki and it’s three forms before the separation.
12/21/2023 c64 2blackbloodywolf
I was so excited when I saw this update! I always cry when Merry leaves. Can't wait for more~
12/15/2023 c1 tiabaldwinDBZ
Hey, i literally just finished reading the original version and absolutely loved it, so im excited to read this one,, thank you very much for creating this Amazing story.
12/11/2023 c64 Banks212
This story is so good, thanks for the chapter.
11/28/2023 c64 santiagohanzel641
When will they see there bounty and the sunny?
10/20/2023 c64 MsPatricia
I so happy i revisit this story i love your work so much
10/5/2023 c34 demedichi
Not aure whats been revealed yet in the future but im going to bet that the doppleganger is not a doubleganger but her sister. I’m 90% certain that the 5 hear old girl who appeared in the alleys of NYC was Rose but she suppressed the memories and shes trigonally from the one piece world.
9/27/2023 c1 Hoseoko
Dear evan hanson? Oh god, i havent thought about that…. thing in forever
9/25/2023 c64 patitoazulitoooo
this is soo good
9/8/2023 c64 lloviendoNoshi
Quite a nice story I came across today, keep it up. Have you maybe seen and read these manga/anime titles?. Please let me know your answer thank you.:

0- dororo 2019 version
1- mai HiME/my HiME
2- mai otome sifr
3- devils line
4- sailor moon
5- kamigami no asobi
6- tokyo ghoul
7- tokyo ravens
8- blood
9- blood-c
10- vampire knight
11- in-spector
12- tenchi muyo
13- full moon o sagashite
14- fate/stay night [a different paring route]
15- fate/zero [prequel to fate/stay night]
16- fate/apocrypha
17- Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works [ its a movie and a series, it a different paring route]
18- Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Film trilogy [it a different paring route]
19- date a live
20- claymore
21- black butler
22- blue exorcist
23- yu yu hakusho
24- nura rise of the yokai clan
25- ushio and tora
26- a3!
27- kekkaishi
28- the case study of vaniitas
29- twin star exorcists
30- yu-gi-oh [duel monsters, gx, 5ds, etc]
31- the ancient magnus bride
32- mobile suit gundam SEED
33- mobile suit gundam SEED destiny [sequel to mobile suit gundam SEED]
34- mobile suit gundam wing
35- monster
36- shounen no onmyouji
37- hikaru no go
38- wedding peach [it's similar to sailor moon]
39- shinzo
40- dragon ball franchise [ z, gt, super, etc]
41- dothack/sign
42- one piece
43- darling in the franx
44- 86
47- pokemon franchise
48- AKB0048
49- magic knight rayearth
50- fushigi yugi
51- idolish7
52- cardcaptor sakura
53- beyblade franchise
54- hamtaro
55- fullmetal alchemist
56- phantom thief jeanne
57- project scared
58- made in abyss
59- chrono crusade
60- musaigen no phantom world
61- bungo to alchemist
62- code realize
63- king's raid: successors of the will
64- hortensia saga
65- boys over flowers
66- chobits
68- utawarerumono
69- kabaneri of the iron fortress
70- the promised neverland
71- sword art online franchise
72- air
73- shakugan no shana
74- rozen maiden
75- evangelion
76- gakuen alice
77- fairy tail
78- rin-ne
79- beyond the boundry
80- d. gray-man
81- hakuoki franchise
82- witch hunter robin
83- oh/ah my goddess
84- magi
85- taisho otome fairy tale
86- ascendance of a bookworm
87- hunter x hunter 2011 version
88- get backers
89- wolf's rain
90- zoids choatic century
91- death note
92- gilgamesh
93- tsubasa reservoir chronicle
94- xxxholic
95- naruto franchise
96- digimon digitial monsters
97- attack on titan
98- rurouni kenshin
99- samurai x
100- shugo chara
101- shaman king
102- free iwatobi swim club
103- tokyo mew mew
104- escaflowne
105- saiyuki
106- ronin warriors
107- princess tutu
108- jyu-oh-sei
109- golden time
110- emma: a victorian romance
111- rumbling hearts
112- nadia - secret of blue water
113- berserk
114- captain earth
115- hypnosis mic: division rap battle: rhyme anima
116- B***! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy [this anime uses a bad word as the first word tittle so here is it's japanese name which is: Basutādo! Ankoku no Hakaishin. this anime reminds of beserk, mix in with game of thrones. certain stuff in this anime i was not into but still is interesting some what.]
117- skate-leading stars
118- vampire hunter d
119- rave master
120- monster rancher
121- shinzo
122- darker than black
123- outlaw star
124- saint seiya
125- the promised neverland
126- inuyasha
127- bungo stray dogs
8/18/2023 c64 Me-B-Wee-G
You know what, Merry could've at least been allowed, to go back to water-7,
and remain land-locked there, at it's highest point.

Serving as a visual reminder, to those that see her, as the ship carried the pirate king,
Monkey , and his queen...The lady of the skies, simply calling herself Rose.

I've read another story simply titled, This Bites! (by Xomniac, now moved to A.O.3)

Well anyway, The Merry, of their story, at least in the spirit form,
swallowed a artificial Devil-Fruit, before she passed which turned merry, into a human-looking child,
but with her ship trait's technically intact...(she ate literal rope, but it's merry so what?)

Anyway, so Merry lives, pretty much as the helmsman for sunny, which was fantastic.

I've lost track of the story at Thriller Bark though...

Leftover dialogue:

So as long as this story can keep going, the waiting time is,
mostly negligible, so please, come on back WHENEVER you can, you got that?

We'll be waiting!


Have you seen the Gear-5 clip's yet, their insane, in the good way!
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