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for A Wish on a Comet

11/18/2021 c59 Zekken182
Oh boi a talk with Sengoku
11/18/2021 c59 S3rp3nte
So Rose its going to talk with Sengoku? This its going to be really interesting, besides having the chance to screw Spandam for good by revealing his true plans i have no idea about what she will reveal in this meeting.
11/18/2021 c59 5Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter and can’t wait to see what Rose has planned :)
11/18/2021 c59 Judging. All Day Every Day
aahhhhhhhh i was so freaking excited when i saw you updated and i read this way to fast but it was so freaking good. i am so happy that everyone knows about rose now!. i love luffy and everyone else referring to rose as his queen. this is seriously one of the best and my favorite stories on here! your chapters are so long and good. im so excited for the next chapter. Also rampage luffy is my favorite!
11/10/2021 c5 bobthebuilding
If she's a logia, why does she get hit by people? Logia intangibility dodging doesn't have to be intentional, right?
10/20/2021 c58 bookjunkie2010
I love this story and it's one of my favorites. I love the direction you took woth Rose; it is for sure one of the better written OC centered stories I have read. Rose seems to just fit right in with the Straw hats and like she was always meant to be there. I cannot wait for the next update and to see where it continues to go.
9/28/2021 c58 Branlex22c
¿Would you consider a fanfiction about the characters going into the other world?
9/14/2021 c58 pupstarstar
I love it when Luffy called Rose his Queen.
9/10/2021 c58 Judging. All Day Every Day
I was in the middle of rereading this when I got the update email. I freaking love this story and I'm so excited by all the extra stuff you have put in to make it so unique. Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/8/2021 c58 Immss92
Congrats! Enjoyed it a lot! I’m dying to know how everything goes on from now on. Poor Rose… I hope Luffy gets there soon and beats the pulp out of everyone.
9/8/2021 c58 35Kurasame
This is such a good chapter. I hope they will be able to rescue Rose and Robin before something unexpected happens.
9/7/2021 c58 10zikashigaku
Whooooooh man so now Sanji and Usopp know. And now Rose is in danger but Luffy is coming to the rescue!
9/7/2021 c58 4Wondla Master
For a moment there I thought that Sniper King introduced the bird as Shrek, lolz.

Man this is ramping up quick though! Can't wait to read what happens next! How is it that Luffy knew that though...?
9/7/2021 c58 Sagicknight
now they gone and done it luffy when to 11 on the tick off scale
ty for the read :)
9/7/2021 c58 S3rp3nte
Well shit Rose had be captured, on the other hand if Luffy was angry before with Robin, now he is going full berserk the moment he realize the situation, for sure Enies Lobby its going get even more destroyed by Luffy's rampage.

And dear Spandam and your bad habit of physically harming other people, if he cut even a single hair from Rose he will trully regret to even deal with the Straw Hats, forget Robin its Luffy who would most likely snap his back.
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