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10/12/2020 c12 Quessara
I'd have a hard time trying to not look excited and be neutral if ACE IS RIGHT THERE infront of me. At least Rose didn't give it away with her bad lying, but Rose honey, noone can blame you if you really jump in joy about this. It's ACE so it's totally understandable. He also used her shirt as a napkin and that's actually a little gross, but I'd still keep it as a fan item though :)))
10/12/2020 c12 Degalitarian
Of course Luffy will grab Rose right before running from a chase! I don't know if it's sweet or crazy XD At least she gets in on the chase with Smoker. He's technically after Luffy but I'm sure it will remind her of police friend. Rose is an expert on police chases anyway so it's okay!
10/12/2020 c12 Hokeye
Ahh the way to Luffy's heart, just offer him plates of food and he'll absolutely fall for you. Also send his brother out the roof and you got him hook, line, and sinker! Love my adorable ship so much.
10/12/2020 c12 XxmineisgodXx
"The greedy loan shark" Yep, that's absolutely accurate :)) I love Nami though, she's so sneaky and smart and she's honestly the most pirate-like in the crew. Unlucky for Rose that she's the new victim this time LOL.
10/12/2020 c12 Smiling Seashell
Right, wind and smoke totally collide with another! Like Ace's fire with Smoker's smoke too! Honestly, Logia's are generally freaaaks. Cool, but freaks lol.
10/12/2020 c12 daisytekunoreijiro
I love Alabasta arc precisely because Ace and Luffy meet here. I'm so sad that it was such a short meet that it didn't even last the whole arc. I wonder what Rose has planned for this. I'm sure she wouldn't want to leave Ace to his fate, but I wonder if she can think up a good plan to at least try?
10/12/2020 c12 Babyuknowme14
Chase and all is already going on and our baby Rosie is still blushing on her spot on Luffy's shoulder. How is she still affected by that in the adrenaline of the fight? Ahhh young Love ️
10/12/2020 c12 0817hawlro
I wonder why Ace really doesn't want to move in his chair. Rose is really just looking out for him (which is adorable of her) but Ace is really fighting on her for that chair. Is it a pride thing? I always thought that Ace has always been very prideful. Maybe it extends to where he sits? Silly Ace. So now, since you refuse to move from the chair, our Rose totally threw you out the building instead. Oooof.
10/12/2020 c12 Jedi Nemesis
Rose is right, she gotta be a civilian if she really wants to be a normal citizen in Alabasta. Alabasta is affiliated with the World Government so it's regularly visited by Marines. She can't stay there if she's a wanted girl. Hilarious how she's trying to look frightened, but she's probably all blushing from being on Luffy's shoulder again
10/12/2020 c12 Jjuno-eightynine
Oh wow Rose is actually a good deterrent to Smoker? She can blow away his smoke! Man Logias are seriously awesome
10/12/2020 c12 yoursoshi
Oh no, I really find it hilarious that her first meeting with Ace is so funny like this. Lifting all the way to the roof has gotta be a record for him. If nothing else, at least she's memorable!
10/12/2020 c12 deathingeonius
Nami going in for the kill and loaning with a heavy interest! She'll lure you in with what feels like kindness then suddenly raises the stakes! Poor Rosie here absolutely broke coz she probably only has that coin in her pocket. I bet she would have brought more stuff if she knew she was already leaving our world? She'll still be broke though no matter what coz dollars are just different from bellies.
10/12/2020 c12 Tsubasa-KaminariXY
Luffy and Ace attracts the same kind of trouble though I think so it's sweet of Rose to try and save Ace from some of it, but I'm sure he'll find trouble no matter what. just like the idiot captain. So you know, let him stay in the chair and laugh at him when he gets hit? Although I like her idea more of just throw him out the roof. That's always an option. LOOOLZ
10/12/2020 c12 Lechi-GloveFoxes
Honestly, Crocodile is a pretty cool villain for me. His plan was really well thought out and it's just his bad luck that the Straw hat crew got involved in it just at the peak of his plans lol. Rose is on point that it's really useful for a guy like him to have Bon bon in his team. He must know that too since he even made him Number 2 in his Baroque Works.
10/12/2020 c12 DreamOfWriters
It's adorable how Rose tries to get Ace to move just so he won't get caught in the chaos that is Luffy. A true fan right there. But really, he'll be fine. Just sit back and watch the carnival of a show that your crush is about to pull. Or totally join in the chaos and lift your crush's brother and crash him out the roof? Oh baby adorable Rose!
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