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for A Wish on a Comet

2/19 c60 LittleDemon47
i greatly enjoyed the story! It's my favourite one piece fanfic now along with Stallion of the line. Thanks for the chapter, hope you release chapters faster
2/10 c60 1Nymphss
This is what I live for. I need moaaarrrr!

I give you virtual cookies~
2/2 c60 1Foxxysvet
Yay loved the new chapter! It always makes my heart so happy to hear Luffy calling Rose “my queen”. I love you and this story so much <3
1/28 c60 2pendora59
Great chapter!
1/26 c60 Immss92
Great chapter! Though I have to say I’m dying for Rose and Luffy to finally meet! The meeting of this chapter was like a small taste of what is coming. Can’t wait!

Hope u post the next chapter soon.
1/24 c60 AoiAi
I've missed you. Can you believe that a few days ago I started reading the story again and almost when it came to the end a new chapter arrives. You have made me very happy thank you very much for this new chapter I loved it I can't wait for Rose and Luffy to meet again.
1/24 c60 im-so-confused-18
I had a feeling the key she had wasn’t going to fit. LOL XD
1/24 c60 1katsusando
Hey author-san! Welcome back! Looking forward to the adventures ahead!

(Will leave a longer review next time.)
1/23 c60 Layla violin
Very nice chapter . I hope she will be saved and for some reason please kill Rufus , he is annoying .
1/23 c60 10zikashigaku
Ooooh Mikasa! And and Ross! (I think I got her name right I’m gonna cry if I got this wrong!) Luffy go get your QUEEN! Mmm I’m so looking forward to how different the battles are gonna be!
1/23 c60 2blackbloodywolf
things just keep ramping up! can't wait for more~
1/23 c60 Judging. All Day Every Day
ahhhhhh an update, I almost died when I saw the email but I didn't because then I wouldn't be able to read it. I freaking love it when Luffy calls her his queen, im glad she finally was able to hear him call her that. I freaking love this story and how you put your own spin on things. this chapter was so good and jam packed. I love long chapters! I'll be waiting for the next chapter as patiently as I can but super excited for it!
1/23 c60 Hikari302
Its getting so good! Can't wait for the next one!
1/23 c60 3Maxcoolgirl
Yay for the new chapter!

Oooooh this is exciting! And poor Rose took the wrong key. I wonder what's it from?
1/23 c60 4Gamelover41592
EPIC! also welcome back :)
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