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for A Wish on a Comet

1/15 c59 1Foxxysvet
Loved this story so much. I went from reading your previous version of this story to this version and your writing has definitely improved immensely. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
12/31/2021 c59 Guest
This is amazing! This has to be on ao3!
12/31/2021 c59 Guest
This book is amazing! This has to be on Ao3 it's so good!
12/31/2021 c58 Layla violin
That was an amazing chapter . This is a second time i read this story and I still love it . How often do you update ? Actually is this story still be uptading or do you have given up on it ?
12/16/2021 c59 2blackbloodywolf
this is incredible! I can't wait for more~
12/13/2021 c48 Robin Chwan Fatliyansyah
will luffy and rose have children after the 2 year timeskip
12/2/2021 c14 logon702
В жопу влюбленного Луффи и этот рассказ! Очередная романтика... разве девушки не могут писать про девушек и не писать про любовь?!
12/2/2021 c13 logon702
Еще один ублюдок автор который впихивает любовную линию. Вот зачем портить рассказ любовью? Вот зачем приключения друзей менять на любовный отношения?
11/24/2021 c59 2pendora59
Great chapter!
I hope read more soon.
11/20/2021 c59 10zikashigaku
Sengoku! Wooow this is so good! Go Luffy! And oh man I can’t wait till the crew finds her and tell her they love her even if she is from another world! Especially Luffy just telling her he loves her regardless. Dx
11/20/2021 c59 im-so-confused-18
the chapter was amazing, yet again!>o<)ノ I'm super excited for the next one. keep up the wonderful work. <3
11/18/2021 c59 Zekken182
Oh boi a talk with Sengoku
11/18/2021 c59 S3rp3nte
So Rose its going to talk with Sengoku? This its going to be really interesting, besides having the chance to screw Spandam for good by revealing his true plans i have no idea about what she will reveal in this meeting.
11/18/2021 c59 4Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter and can’t wait to see what Rose has planned :)
11/18/2021 c59 Judging. All Day Every Day
aahhhhhhhh i was so freaking excited when i saw you updated and i read this way to fast but it was so freaking good. i am so happy that everyone knows about rose now!. i love luffy and everyone else referring to rose as his queen. this is seriously one of the best and my favorite stories on here! your chapters are so long and good. im so excited for the next chapter. Also rampage luffy is my favorite!
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