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7/8/2017 c12 Voldemort
7/8/2017 c12 10Cyroclastic
Oo reveal!
7/8/2017 c12 Animefreak368
I'm so freaking happy you finally updated because that chapter was epic please please please update soon
7/7/2017 c12 messedupmoon
7/7/2017 c12 4Serlenia
This chapter was excellent. Loved it :)
You are doing a good job of keeping characters in character. The one thing that can ruin a good plot is having characters act very bizarre and different from how they would normally react to situations.
I can't wait to see how they all take that comment at the end and how much Danny gives away.
7/7/2017 c12 nebrasken girl
darn u cliffhangers! I really like this chapter tho
7/7/2017 c12 3Zamara27
Overall this was a really good chapter! I really like how Danny revealed his ghost powers to Dick and Barbra! You described it perfectly! My one complaint would be that I don't think Batman would've overly criticized Danny in that ghosts don't exist. He's very analytical, realistic, and very much a detective, so for him to immediately discount that Danny could be half ghost was a little odd.

But that's something about Batman that people interpret differently. I love this story so far and I'm very existed for the direction it's going in!
7/7/2017 c12 Sora Rider X
yeah we do like it and i hope you update soon can't wait for more .
7/7/2017 c12 1buterflypuss
good chap
7/7/2017 c12 4Jaggedwing
I KNEW IT. IT WAS VLAD. But now you got me thinking about how Vlad /found/ Danny. All I can really think about it the phone calls Danny had with Tucker and Sam, but it might have been when Danny seemed to have gone out of the house in his ghost form, or it could have just been Vlad simply having a way to track him or just wanted to check out the Batcave? I'm not sure about that last idea though. Because Vlad /did/ say "I'll give him/them a visit," or something along those lines. So that 'him' could be Bruce, or it could have been Danny's friends (since they would most likely know where he was after escaping), but it could someone strange like Clockwork or Dora's brother, someone who would be able to pin-point Danny's location. But if it was another ghost then surely they would have gone with him? Unless Vlad wanted to do the job personally, which seems reasonable considering his tone/mood during the encounter.
I'm actually happy they found out Danny's secret pretty early on. I mean, I enjoy it when there's tension with Danny hiding his secret from those around him, but I think it's just... relieving(?) to have it so the heroes (especially Dick) know about his ghost form. I feel like it'll give Danny and Dick even more things to connect upon (since earlier you mentioned how Wally and Dick became close because of each other being a child hero).
Oh god now I'm wondering about Danny being introduced to Wally and him thinking Wally is Dick's boyfriend or something (from what Barbra said earlier- let me get back on topic.
They sure seemed to except the idea of ghosts easy enough, but I'm sure Batman would want to be shown the ghost zone personally. And maybe some members of the league would want to do (non painful) tests on Danny (drawing blood, DNA work). But that would probably send Danny into a panic attack of some sort, because it would remind him of his time with Vlad.
You didn't leave it on a cliffhanger (thank you so much) but now you have me wondering about how the Justice League will protect Danny/fight Vlad. I'm sure some members would be able to creat ghost-fighting weapons (and the Fentions might have some blueprints somewhere from when they were alive), but who knows how well that would work out. And not to meantion if Vlad did have a way to track Danny, he could easily find his location at the Watchtower before the League would even /think/ about ghostly combat...
Oh gosh sorry for rambling and my crazy theorizing! My phone's about to die so I have to cut this kinda short (and I use the term 'short' very loosely). It was an amazing chapter! I can't wait for the next one to come!
(I apologize if this has any spelling/gramtical mistakes, can't read this over before posting it)
7/7/2017 c12 1NightshadeB13
I'm very happy for the update but I do wish for more still but I understand it takes time to write chapters. Keep up the amazing work!
7/5/2017 c11 Abigaming
I hate you so much right now and I hope you can feel my rage through the screen.
7/3/2017 c11 NightshadeB13
I really hope you update soon! I need to know what is going to happen!
7/1/2017 c11 2Nightwing15
AH MY GOD! I hate cliffhangers... but at the same time I love them... *sigh*... I just want to know what happens next...
6/20/2017 c11 Guest
i hate and love you so much right now!
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