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for It Lies In Our Genes

6/1/2017 c10 23Synaps
Really nice story, I love your writing... But that's an EVIL way to end a chapter.
5/28/2017 c10 4BooksAreMyVideogames
SERIOUSLY? What kind of moster leaves a cliffhanger like this? My soul is wounded!
5/26/2017 c10 PeterPan0429
You post 3 chapters yet choose to leave us on a cliff hanger. WTF dude not cool.
5/26/2017 c10 thatsmartchick
Aaaaaaaah! What is with that cliffhanger!? YOU HAVE TO UPDATE! (I love the story, by the way.)
5/26/2017 c10 4Jaggedwing
Ahh this is shaping into one of my favorite fan fictions! The boyfriend thing make me break out laughing while on the bus. Let's just say a few people were very confused about that. That cliffhanger man! Now you got me speculating on who it is. I did trying to helplessly go to the next chapter a few times before I realized there wasn't one. I cannot wait until you update again! Take you time on it as well! Don't rush, I love your writing so I'd want it to be at maximum quality. See you next time!
(Oh gosh I'm getting back into the habit if writing super long reviews)
5/25/2017 c10 ordinaryghostgirl
I like your work. It has great imagination and flows nicely. I would suggest getting a beta reader though. There are a few choppy sentences and misspelled words. Looking at a keyboard, most of them are just slips of the hand (ex: pytting instead of putting). A beta helps see things from a fresh perspective that a writer can't necessarily see. And yes, I do like the cliffhanger.
5/25/2017 c10 messedupmoon
how could you leave us like this...
5/25/2017 c10 1Mary D. Black2000
Thank you so much for the 3 chapters in a row, I can't wait for the next chapter! :3
5/25/2017 c1 messedupmoon
5/25/2017 c8 Mary D. Black2000
You are awesome! I love you!
Danny and Dick are kind of awkward but cute ;)
5/25/2017 c10 That one girl
Is it really that hard for writers to not end on cliff hangers! Oml now I have to WAIT! Ugh.
Keep it up i need more!
5/25/2017 c10 That one girl
5/25/2017 c10 3Bananarock509
It's probably Wally. I think you're messing with us readers!
5/25/2017 c10 1buterflypuss
5/25/2017 c10 Sora Rider X
Wow that was a great chapter i liked Barbra and i can't wait for Wally to show up and i really want to know what happens next please update soon cant wait for more ;)
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