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12/10/2020 c8 jzboyfan
Can you please continue this? There are so many fanfics out there, and this seems to be one of my favorites. The writing is amazing and when I picture the scene it's amazing. Also, I can help with some of the spell cards. If that's ok with you.
8/26/2020 c8 Pogs21
4/23/2020 c8 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
... Has this person ever heard of Comicon in Phoenix, Seattle, NYC, Texas, and many other places? Those are just the general ones I hear about all the time from the USA. And I'm from Canada... Doesn't that say something? Comicon does anime stuff a lot, let alone the dedicated anime conventions. They should move out from under that rock man.
4/23/2020 c6 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I mean the explanation, not Ginny
4/23/2020 c6 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I'm pretty sure it's just the boys that can't get to the girls dorms. You did read the books right? It's been a while since I have, but if you have a copy you might want to check, just in case i have that wrong. Should be in book one.
4/23/2020 c5 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
If it was five digits of bitcoin I might faint for real though. Depends on what year you're talking though. At one point one bitcoin was over a thousand American dollars. Not sure what it is now though.
1/19/2020 c8 James Birdsong
Good chapter
1/19/2020 c8 Suzunaan
Yup, still unnecessary, forced and completely retarded. Nothing new there.
1/16/2020 c8 SapphireAsashi
I mean...I still like the cross I just am having a hard time getting over the cross-dressing deal...
1/12/2020 c8 Nicholas
Did you get the idea for remilia and flandre's talk from the lord of the rings? Cos it reminds me of the talk between elrond and hid daughter.
1/11/2020 c8 AnimeGoji91
That sad and hope Remilia will help both Harry and Rose because they will become Immortal and please continues this story and also is Harry and Rose will live forever or something!?
1/11/2020 c8 1RinRoses
I always get excited when this updates. I wish it was more often, as I do love it so, but I'm content enough with slow but steady.
1/11/2020 c8 22Kingdark
Just wanted to point out that there's a difference between your and you're. There are times where you meant to write the latter (you're) but wrote the former (your)
The same is true for there, their, they're and so on. I just thought that someone should point it out, to help you :)
1/10/2020 c8 3697014
Glad to see you active again Kithrin, So I'm guessing you don't need me as Beta reader/proofreader any more?

Yeah, Remmy is right to Worry about Flan state if Harry and rose grew old and die, as she said they are the best and worst thing to happen to Flan.
1/10/2020 c6 24Lix231
Nope ther never was one to my Knowlege. Oh and Girls are able to go into Boys Dormitori but not the other way around. Ron tried it in i think 4 Year and complained its unfair that Girls can enter ther Dormitory. To wich Hermione replies tat the FOunders apperantley trustet the Girls more
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