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2/27/2019 c7 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update very soon

I wonder what kind of trouble Kaitou Kid will bring to his three favorite detective critics?
7/7/2017 c7 1Disconsolate Mist
This chapter was great, as always! And lengthy, but it's kind of nice to have lengthy chapters. :D Especially when there's so much to cover.

Ran and Aoko's meeting was perfect! I love how they were wearing the same dress, making them look even more identical. Sonoko and Keiko need to convince them to go to the dance wearing the same hairstyle, as well as the same dress... just to mess with everyone's heads. XD It's nice that Sonoko got them to go on a sleepover, as that'll be some great bonding time for them. They'll be the best of friends~~ :P Then there was the bringing up of Shinichi and Kaito... Heh. The blushes on their faces!

Then there was Kaito's introduction, in which he dressed as a girl and messed with Heiji's head... Kaito, that prankster. Those tricks though! He's really athletic, but whoa... he really played the part of a female acrobat well (how Kaito... How?). Then, drawing Heiji into it... I couldn't help but feel a bit bad for him. He totally didn't suspect a thing until Kaito suddenly started whispering in his ear, with a more male voice. Poor guy. Then there's that note he gave to Conan... And he stole his watch. Conan needs that! It has his anesthetic darts! How's he going to solve cases as Kogoro without it?!

Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next, and what information he'll get from Kazuha. :D
5/22/2017 c6 16Hebiaczek
Ohh~ such a treat~ So many interesting things happened here~ Where should I start? Ah - I know!

Jeez - don't give me so much credit when your story is far batter than mine barou! XD Really... but I did love the tiny reference with calling them a fox and hounds xD That made me drop reading for a bit to leave the office and chuckle like a madwoman in the bathroom xD

So, onto the story ;) I simply loved that tiny fragment with Toichi! It was so sweet and nice! It's like a tiny pearl to warm up one's heart~ A very nice touch indeed~

Yyeah... Hattori will be the fall of Kudo if things go on like this xD That being said - I do think that Shinichi enjoyes being called with his own name, despite the danger. Not that I can blame him. And I totally agree with you that Kaito would have a tiny brain freeze upon coming to the realization who his tiny critic really is. I loved the way you played it out here :D

Ah~ I have to admit that I was wondering how and if you would have Heiji attend the ball the moment he joined the story~ So it'll be Kaito's doing? Somehow I'm not surprised at all xD Although I do wonder if Kaito realizes that this means he will have to fend off 3 detectives at once and while in his civil persona as well as the kaitou xD It's just great how crazy you make him here ;)

Too bad this is the last chapter I can marathone now :( Oh well~ Just got to wait for the next one like everybody else~

See you next chapter~
5/22/2017 c5 Hebiaczek
Oh no... how can a chapter be too long? I definatelly request to read that scene xD I simply love the interaction you had there between KID and Sonoko~
And was that there a hint of SaguxAi? Dear me, what a rare treat~ White knight she waited for turning out to be a white horse *snort* Ok that was silly of me xD
All in all that was definatelly another fun chapter :) I really enjoyed all of the characters pictured here and can't wait to read more!
5/22/2017 c4 Hebiaczek
Yay~ My favorite detective has made an apperance :D I start wondering when Kaito will see even more connections between Shinichi and Conan ending with 'nah... it can't be' ;)
This was another great chapter can't wait to swallow another one ;)
5/22/2017 c3 Hebiaczek
Oh dear... Oh dear! All I can say is: KAITO YOU BAKA! XD Has that idiot not realized that Ran is going on the same ball as his school is? Now how does he plan to get this workout? Oh right... we're talking about Kaito here, meaning he acted before thinking... Good job oh great kaitou xD Needless to say I enjoyed that part very much (choking on holding in laughter again - because I'm a silly potatoe and read this on my phone at work xD)
And another character makes their apperance~ I have to admit that I was wondering how would you fair with her - and much as with others you did a great job~ So here Ai doesn't hold much graditude towards KID? Guess it is reasonable. It could go either way really (and I was mulling over this problem quite a bit myself a while ago). I really enjoyed Ai's inner thoughts on Shinichi here... it was a little heartbreaking as her whole situation is really...
So yep - I enjoyed the chapter as a whole - good job and onto the next chapter - yay ;)
5/21/2017 c2 Hebiaczek
Oh I definatelly did enjoy this! Especially Kaito's daring escape from one furious Mouri Ran xD I nearly choked trying to hold back laughter as I already am at my working place and by all means shouldn't be reading fanfiction ;)
Overall this chapter was a great piece of work and I can't wait until after work when I'll be able to read the next one! Take care till then~!
5/21/2017 c1 Hebiaczek
Oho~ This does seem like a very promising story! I really loved the way you portrait the characters - the 'fight' between Kaito and Aoko especially since it felt just so natural and real! Sadly, as I'm reading this on a train, I wasn't able to listen to the music to see how that works together... Oh well~ This still was a rare and very satistfing experience - onto the next chapter! :D
3/13/2017 c6 27The Symbol of Faith
So...new chapter. And yes, I'm finally reviewing coz my exams are over! :)

I quite liked the Toichi part - his advice was very like what they show in the anime -well done! And everyone was in character, so I've nothing to say about that.
I do feel that this was a bit rushed though - Kaito barely having decided to find Shinichi and he gets who Conan is in a sec...Also, the sudden leap in logic before any prior thought - hmm, the mystery and deductions are lacking, but alright. This is a short fic, so perhaps you're restrained by time and chapters...

One last thing that irritated me - The Authors Notes. This is *your* story. Advertising or thanking another author can be done after the chapter. Adding notes in the middle of a paragraph is really irritating for a reader. Just saying - coz it breaks the connection and that's not really enjoyable.
It's a pet peeve of mine, I strongly dislike it when author's do it. I'd suggest adding an astrik mark and expalining it later...at the end of the chapter.

Besides all that, I liked how you referenced different anime episodes here and linked them - kirin's horn and Bell tree express.
Good job!

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!

3/12/2017 c6 1Disconsolate Mist
I really do enjoy the premise that Kaito has multiple hideouts as you put in here... Hmm, I should read "The Fox and Hounds"... I've tried to before, but my time management sucks. Alright then, jotting that one down onto the lists of stories I need to read...

Well, you used the hideout thing very nicely, and it fits well into this story! This chapter definitely wouldn't be the same without it. It just adds a much-needed touch, and it gives a place for Kaito to stalk Conan and Heiji from a distance. :P

That flashback with Bai and Toichi was so sweet! I love the disappearing act that Toichi did for Kaito to help him understand the little lesson he was trying to teach his son. And remember it, as well. Kaito was so relieved when he found Bai, and it was a very nice touch that his father wasn't angry at all! It was a perfect flashback. Young Kaito, though... Gah, the Detective Conan and Magic Kaito characters when they were all young really do get to me. They were just so innocent, and it is so much fun to see little tidbits of their personality developing.

Heiji blows the secret! Yep, that's always how I imagine it. That guy just can not hold a secret. Unless that secret is his love for Kazuha. Jeez. *Shakes head* I love him all the same, as he really does have such a funny and unique character that definitely adds some flavor to DC. I can't wait to see him meet up with Kaito... That is going to be so much fun! Their personalities are either going to strongly clash, or they're going to start getting along like best buds right away. In most fan fictions, I see the former, but it might be fun to play with the latter... They would make a dynamic duo, those two would.

And so, due to Heiji's inability to hold his tongue, Kaito has been able to figure out everything. Well, almost everything anyway. And the dance draws closer! It's going to be so much fun to have almost all the DC/MK characters in one room... A lot of them barely ever meet each other (i.e. Heiji and Kaito. I can now completely see those two having fun pulling pranks on various people and ganging up on poor Conan... XD).

Well, very nice lengthy chapter. Keep up the amazing work!

P.S. Still tired... My apologies if any of this review doesn't make complete sense or sounds weird...
3/12/2017 c6 5Shana-Fujioka
Haha, nice chapter! I wonder if Conan noticed the bug or not... the reveal was great! I still think someday Hattori will be the reason why Conan will be found out, if he doesn't stop calling him Kudo all the time.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
3/3/2017 c5 great
best chapter yet! i love the hakuba-ai scene!
it's really awesome, must be because it's so unexpected. it had me feeling like i was there myself!
3/3/2017 c5 Shana-Fujioka
Haha, at first I thought Haibara would run into Kaito, but Hakuba was quite fun too. I've only read it once so far, but HakuHai is a nice pair imo. Although I usually picture him with Aoko.
And I'm proud of Sonoko... being able to stay calm, when she's right in front of KID. It must be hard for her not to fangirl! xD
That Ran didn't really think much about Sonoko and 'Kudo' agreeing on something is surprising, but I guess it's better for the story.
I wonder how Kaito's going to find Shinichi and bring him to the dance. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3

I really would like to read the conversation between Sonoko and KID.
Btw. after the 'Overture' you wrote Kazuya once instead of Kazuha. :)
3/3/2017 c5 1Disconsolate Mist
This chapter was awesome! You did a really wonderful job with it! The whole thing where Hakuba pretty much became Haibara's horse was executed wonderfully. His thoughts on Haibara are just plain in character, and his whole attitude was perfect!
That little flashback with Akemi... Actually kind of has me all teary-eyed. Her and Haibara had such a sweet relationship, and Akemi was just an amazing character (you end up loving and understanding her much more than some other characters that appear *cough* Eisuke *cough* even though they showed up more for a longer period of time...) and her death just was so sad... It's really nice to see that you're bringing her into this fanfic a good deal, and mentioning her wonderful relationship with Akai. The best romance couples in DC: Akai and Akemi, Takagi and Sato, Yukiko and Yuusaku. :)
Sonoko and Kid... Haha. Absolutely loved that part. Especially after Ran came over and started complaining about Heiji. Poor Kazuha... Anyways, I just loved how Sonoko and Kid interacted, and also how they talked with Ran! Sonoko was all trying to back Kid up... XD She called him 'not the most trustworthy guy in the world'. I just couldn't help but find that funnily ironic... Shinichi is the most self-contradictory character of all time. It's good that Kaito is going to drag him to the dance... though I do wonder how, exactly, he's going to find Shinichi... if he does. Guess he'll end up running into Heiji and Conan... Heiji's a blabbermouth. Kaito'll probably figure it out in no time!
You made good use of the sneezing and the people getting hints that they were being talked about from all the way across town in this chapter though. With Conan's shivering and Kid's sneezing... :P This chapter was really just so beautifully written! It had a good amount of seriousness combined with laughs and quite a bit of irony. And Haibara and Hakuba's interactions... Is it bad that I kind of ship them now...? I'm not sure whether I should or shouldn't really...
You're bringing in the fact that the Cupid's Crown is said to have magical powers! I can't help but cheer! That is going to be so much fun for you to mess with and for us readers to read about! I can't wait to see what you do with it.
Anyhow, great chapter! Please do keep up the great work. But, make sure you take care of life as well. :P
P.S. If you put the dot between my username, the username wont show up for some reason. Something to do with links and the such. I wonder if you put the dot like this: Disconsolate . Mist
Did that work? If not, I have no idea... maybe just skip the dot...
2/26/2017 c4 TeenageLoverAi6185
Please update soon! Love it!
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