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5/10/2017 c16 5ninjachief547
Ookay... So I was wondering what was going on with Claire. I guess this chapter answered all of my questions. Except for one: Is Lev a ghost now? And who's that purple-haired girl? And here's something I have to point out: Telekinesis is the power to move things with your mind, not to read others thoughts or control other people's minds. That's telepathy. Besides that, this chapter was great! Cya next time! :)
4/21/2017 c1 NinjaChief547
Morro's here! Yay! This is so much better than your first chapter! Your writing has improved greatly! Great work, Rosa! :D But I still have a nagging question: Are you going to rewrite any more chapters? Anyway, have to go now! I'm stuck with writer's block on the Overlords Origins right now, so don't expect a chapter for at least a few days. Maybe a week. For now, I guess I'll cya later! Bye! Great work!
4/17/2017 c15 ninjachief547
Sorry I didn't review sooner! I read it but didn't get a chance to review. I was falling asleep while reading this because it was somewhere between 1 and 2 AM, but that still doesn't mean I'm not reading your chapters! I've been really busy lately. And about this chapter: What IS happening with Mimeek? Is Lev related to him somehow? And I'm really curious about the power of Communikai. Interesting... As with Cole: HOW THE HECK DID HE SURVIVE? And dangit ninja; get Wysteria! Don't sit around! End this madness!
With that put aside, I'm sorry you feel the way you do. :/ I felt that way for awhile with TOO, and sometimes I still do. And thanks for your reviews. They always brighten my day. :) But I have to go finish homework now, so I guess I'll see ya later. And if I don't review, it probably means I'm busy. Keep in mind that we all have lives apart from fanfiction, because sometimes when I feel similar to how you feel, I forget that too. Also, happy late Easter! In truth, your friend;
4/16/2017 c15 Guest
Meh, I'm not into Undertale, but you play Minecraft? My username is Lone Traveler.:p
Again, randomness.
4/8/2017 c14 ninjachief547
Oh crap! What's Wysteria up to? Lev or the ninja or some NEEDS to stop her! Get Lloyd in there! No, I revoke that statement: GET KAI IN THERE! HE'LL STOP EM'! And Mimeek... What's happened to him? Yellow to gray... He's possessed, isn't he? Geez. A lot of stuff is going on here, but remember, don't focus on OCs to heavily. I want to see ma boys reactions to this mess. ;) But this is still an excellent chapter! Gotta go! Bye!
4/1/2017 c4 3BedazzleDewdrops
"Roasted like chicken from the grocery store" Yas! XD Cool story; keep it up!
3/31/2017 c14 Guest
It's ok, I understand. :) -LolCat101
3/30/2017 c13 Kairocksrainbow
Amazing update!
3/30/2017 c14 Kairocksrainbow
3/30/2017 c13 Guest
Still the sentence was a typo it was meant to say " Jay's actual fist kiss. Kai's old crush. Currently single ". From now on I will post random jokes ...etc. -LolCat101
3/29/2017 c13 5ninjachief547
Ooo! Who's the mysterious person and who's she working for? (I think I have a guess, but I'm going to save it.) Anyways, great chapter! Your writing is definitely improving! :D Can't wait to see what happens next! Until next time...
3/21/2017 c12 Guest
Btw Lloyd's powers are only Energy, Earth, Lightning, Ice and Fire. You said to correct ,so I did.
-LolCat 101
3/21/2017 c12 Guest
I'm the guest that sent in Sapphire Garmadon, if you accepted my application for her please say so in the next chapter. I think there was some kind of bad... nice story. Sorry I took so long I lost the tab. I really hope there is no typo in this. Thank you for reading my review. Call me LolCat 101 so I know it's
3/20/2017 c12 ninjachief547
Wat? Of course it was Cole. He's most people's least favorite ninja, which I think is unfair. :/ That's why I sometimes let him play more primary roles in my stories (keyword being sometimes). *goes and writes chapter about Cole* Anyways, what was with the memory loss? Hmm... Interesting, the way I respond to almost each of your chapters. :P Btw, I might not be gone for 2 weeks. You never know... *laughs evilly* For now, I'll cya later... ;}
3/20/2017 c12 Kairocksrainbow
COLE!(But of course I fangirl scream when Kai runs up to Cole and saw what happened. X3) I apologize but I love Kai and Cole bromance. :3 They're my BROTP(Bromance OTP) and OTP. :3 Oh joy. Now everyone has memory loss. This can't be good. Awesome update!
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