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for The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail

9/23 c54 Elite-Ninja2510
Thank you for your forgiveness
9/22 c2 Comic Manga
useless Itachi couldn't save anyone except erza

And useless couldn't change anything because after that, Itachi doesn't have the ability to write
9/5 c4 1Helltz
Legit, did you just copy the original script and added a few lines of "Itachi"? This is... ultra lazy "Writing" If it can be called that, as its basically a copy paste and no divergence from canon, all in all I wasted my time reading these chapters.
8/31 c2 StellarJade
Jesus Christ another author who responds to comments in their story.
8/31 c1 StellarJade
Where did he get the Bag of Holding from?
8/27 c1 3Arnab15
why Itachi didn't save others?
8/20 c2 acowles02
Grammer need a bit of work, expecially with trial. Youve been spelling it as trail the entire time
8/20 c2 acowles02
Your grammar could use work. Powerfullest is definitely not right
8/20 c1 acowles02
Honestly i woulda put itachis on his forearm or something. The back of the hand seems like a lucy thing
8/18 c54 Chase W53
Thank you for the update great story keep up the great work!
8/16 c54 Guest
Its up to you so if you wounldt ecepted my idea its okay this is your story after all and i want to be your loyalest fan ill wait for the next chapter and stay well take care from your loyalest fan ATHALLAH
8/16 c54 Guest
Please make it a happy ending for this arc and dont kill the akusuki ifeal they can have a good life after they win the battle oh and for the battle agianst zeref is it itachi or stiel natsu and dont kill urtear and if you can make madara back to realuty by itachi and make madara like obito he secrerfice for his douther or itachi and give urtear his sharinggan and please make jelal maaride erza and dont let the hero die and sorry for making so mutch sugestion i just think about this for awhile and i think this would be great and sorry if thre some words whorng ilike i said i,m from indonesia
8/13 c54 3Stealth9604
My favorite part of this entire chapter was Kakuzu's battle. What a beast. Had some thoughts on wondering where his development are going to lead to
8/13 c54 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, really liked the Demon Slayer and Black Clover references. Keep up the good work!
8/13 c54 2Mr. Haziq
The power of Love ~!
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