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for The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail

5/15 c2 GojoVoid
Basically so far the story is good, Itachi is not too overpowered and im really hyped up over this story
5/12 c3 Tata
Yes Itachi by design is OP. Yes he is kind and good person. But this story turned him to Gary Stu. Made his personality paper thin and everyone amazed by his power and praises him like second coming of Christ.
4/20 c24 mattma326
yep you could say madara like the version of sephiroth and kenpachi
4/20 c2 stylo1
your grasp of english is minimal and your sense for subtlety is non exsistant, most of the plot happens because you want it, itachi becoming a big brother him joining fairy tail, no proper reason given
4/20 c1 stylo1
element of nations... elemental nations
4/20 c1 stylo1
erza calling itachi big brother the very first time she sees him is more then a little strange
4/19 c1 Zerak
I know this chapter is a few years old so the writing might have improved. But what Itachi did in this chapter makes no sense at all. He was Anbu. He doesn’t just break shit and brut force his way through things. He would have tested genjustu on the guards, and if it worked he would have methodically killed his way through them without alerting anyone.

Plus Itachi is all about efficiency.

Also you mentioned he made more clones then expected. Which makes zero sense since you need to split you chakra to make them. So he has more chakra, and thus can make more clones or it’s cheaper for some reason so he can make more. But the end result is he has to consciously make the number of close he wants, he can’t try and make 5 and end up with ten. Unless he used the mass shadow clone jutsu, which he didn’t.

If he has more chakra then why did he later say that he feels like he ran out too fast. He either has more or has less. Maybe affinity is a thing, but had not used any jutsu apart from shadow clone and fireball at that point.

Killing old man bob seemed like your way of kicking him out of the story for convince. Honestly it would have been better if they split up afterwards, or if they camped for a few weeks on the road away from the tower and he died then. He is old after all.
4/17 c46 MorriganAensland
Hmmm, interesting.
Although Have to say Dimari seems unsympathetic & that her having Linda as a pet & thinking to control her life. Sickening especially for Kagura. Not going to feel the lest bit bad for her when she bites it.

Also it seems Kisame has something going on. Which is to be expected, he is curiously attractive for a fishman.
4/15 c1 nater0730
4/14 c1 Asumodeus
this does not feel like Itachi at all, just some guy that looks like him and has the same name. Immediately going on full offence right after he wakes up; no recon, finding out where he is, how many enemies there are, nothing? Using all his chakra on clones? nah man. Then you finish it off with him telling some guy he just met his life story? like some newbie D&D player... just disappointing.
4/12 c47 DarkReaderSeiin
Uff pero que capitulo fue este hubo de todo un poco, empecemos con lo primero, ya se revelo que Natsu es END y sucedió la pelea entre hermanos en la cual Natsu estuvo tan cerca de matar a Zeref eso fue muy descriptivo xD me pregunto ¿volveremos a ver los poderes de END(las llamas negras) o ya no volverán?, uff siguiendo con este tramo de acontecimientos Layla bro eso si que sera un gran golpe a Lucy si que va a estar potente cuando la vea solo pienso que va a pasar algo así como una despedida entre ellas y Layla se ira liberándose ella misma aun que también esta que si vayan a pelear pero creo que pasara lo primero pero si estará bueno ese reencuentro, uff volvieron los de Edolas eres el primero que veo que lo hace y uff te quedo genial ahora teniéndolos a ellos la balanza se equilibra más diría que están muy rotos pero seria mentir 8 años entrenando con Itachi es obvio que estarían a este nivel y Mystogan uff que tenga el Sharingan de Obito es un puntazo ya quiero verlo pelear con todo su nivel, el reencuentro entre Itachi y Obito me pregunto como se desarrollara, Obito se liberara o pelearan en esto no estoy seguro pero de cualquier manera sera muy bueno, revivir a los otros miembros fundadores de Fary tail luchando contra Warrond sera algo muy genial ver el como desarrollarás esta pelea es algo que quiero ver, solo me queda decir que fue un gran capitulo y veo que solo quedan un poco más de 10 capítulos ya tengo muchas ganas de ver el final de esta historia, gracias por leer mi comentario suerte bro.
4/11 c1 ExcaliberShooter
I like this story so far.
4/11 c47 Guest
I can't wait to to see Itachi's reaction on Mira's Pregnancy. I wonder if the baby should be a boy or a girl. Mirachi? i can't come up with good,, XD
4/11 c47 OMG fanfic
Love the chapter. Waiting to see how Itachi will react to reuniting with his family for the time being.
4/10 c47 Kelmoria
So the modified historia spell does not allow the target to regenerate damage taken or did I misread something or somewhere? Nice twist on Edolas character I thought that was creative and allowing readers to glimpse on the aftermath of magic disappearance which was unexpected but welcomed. Looking forward towards future chapters.
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