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for The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail

3/11 c46 2Shunshin no Keiji
Nice job I am excited for the next update.
2/18 c46 KingOfThunder989
Great chapter. I’m all fired up over the potential of Ur and Madara’s reunion. Can’t wait to see reunion between Itachi and his parents/fellow Uchiha clansmen. I hope that when the man who resurrected them is defeated that they don’t go away either.

Mikoto would probably love Mirajane and be ecstatic at the news that her son has just married to such a beautiful and kind woman. She’d be even more ecstatic to hear that she’ll be a grandmother.
2/14 c32 Guest
A fudgcicles
Hopefully Itachi can break free from the Uchiha hatred again.
2/5 c25 Guest
Should Itachi help Ultear learn how to use the sharingan better?
Yes, alepways felt like Ultear got a bum wrap in cannon tbh.

Also the bell test was great, a little heavy handed on the hints to the first group tho.
1/30 c21 Guest
Did not see that one coming!
1/25 c11 Artorias78
great story so Far but i have to ask, why hasnt itachi used Amaterasu yet? because thats a really cool and powerful ability that he's just seemingly forgotten about
1/15 c46 Guest
Itachi sitri, por favor
1/9 c46 avengersguy10
bruh. that blonde lesbo better die because she is starting to get on my nerves. i hate those cocky villains especially that edo tensei guy. MAKE THEM SUFFER. btw good shit bro. and please continue itachi prison school
1/9 c1 avengersguy10
you said ajeel was as strong as deidara right? when kisame is a little bit stronger plus with his new powers and he still barely won? anyways bruh you better upload at least 1 chapter a month or im really gonna beat your ass. good shit though
1/7 c46 DarkReaderSeiin
Vaya y pensar que hace un capitulo celebraban una victoria ahora perdieron a dos maestros de gremio y hargeon, madre santa los 12 están más chetados de lo que esperaba pero esto lo hace más emocionante, ya quiero ver la reacción de itachi al ver a su familia a ver a izumi :( se vienen capítulos muy buenos, una pregunta aparte como cuantos capítulos crees que faltan para acabar la historia?
1/6 c46 benjamin13.pro
I love that now if there are deaths, will there be any main characters?
1/4 c46 DanNuggetMan
YESSIR! What a fast update.. excited for the reunion between Ur and Madara, Itachi and his family. Will people like obito get reanimated?
1/4 c46 akihisakaito332
1/4 c46 andresskorskiruiz
Thanks for the update! It was fantastic! Will itachi fight against Izumi and his parents?
1/4 c46 1keybladelight
Fugaku, mikoto and Izumi Uchiha has join the war and kaguya Brother man i can wait to see Ur appear and I hope ultear, gray and leon be in shock but also Madera be in shock to see her dead wife.

Hope more fairy tail death characters and from the Naruto world death characters appear you know I think danzo can be appear so that maybe itachi can avenge his clan.

If Hashirama appear and reason madara make sure they fight like in the ultimate ninja storm 4 story mode I want the world of earthland has tremors on the ground and the 3 death Uchiha, itachi the ex akatsuki and the kingdom of fiore and councils and guilds see the legendary battle of two shinobie and those that heard the battle of hashirama and madara they see that they are only having warm up until they really fight in their ultimate form the wood golem and susanoo for the real battle begin that the story they have heard in legend were real if madara gain reason by her wife Ur and his old friend hashirama hope that you can make them use the ultimate combination jutsu from the Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja strom 4 that they still have their old rivalry.

If hashirama meet itachi make him said that he has met his little brother Sasuke and also Fugaku, Mikoto and Izumi and Erza and Mirajane and Makarov hear hashirama what he said about Sasuke and maybe in some little moments the Sage of the six path can appear in the fairy tail world but temporarily to show them the final battle of Naruto and Sasuke and Sasuke answer If they go to the after life make the first hokage give him the hokage hat with the symbol of fire that even though he his a guild master that his like a hokage rank he want to gift him that hat that he his also worthy to itachi to be call Hokage.
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