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3/4/2017 c2 Corey
I feel really bad for Laxus. I mean i think he should already be an S Class Mage already. I don't know much about the timeline but considering the time when we see Erza joining Fairy Tail I feel like Laxus have already done his S Class exam. Also Itachi doing Susanoo? Did you forget that he's in his pre teens and his reserves aren't as big as his prime self? Using something like that would completely drain him.

Anyway if you ever have Itachi train with Erza and the others like how Beyond my Mask did, would be cool to see him do taijutsu in their training and also learn power control with Magic like chakra control.
3/4/2017 c2 The Cosmic Actor
Great second chapter,story is going in right direction,introducing s class exams early in my opinion is good thinking, it will be really frustrating if someone like itachi isn't an s-class ,fight seen b/w itachi and laxus is written with great expertise ,and for next round ,do what do you want and don't tell what next chapter wiil be about ,it kills suspense , and your grammar is again very good,and your plans to lead this story in future are very satisfying,to sum it up in one sentence, author knows what he is doing,again great chapter.

Well,I've no problem in itachi not being op and putting him on par with gilldart is understandable ,it will give him some challenge and for pairing, like I've stated before ,itachi x Mira is best choice, and it's not like their are other options better than this, but still if you can't decide,then I think you should do a poll to decide,and one last advice,try to not follow canon and othee
3/3/2017 c2 Saru
It's fine to see Itachi strong and all but let the Fairy Tail characters shine as well. Sure Itachi in this story will have a lot of development but make sure to give some development to the other characters as well now that Itachi's here and will show certain effects to them. It'll be awesome to see how Itachi would talk about the Will of Fire and Curse of Hatred.

Also for the ethernano, aside from allowing him to perform elemental attacks he never managed to use like lightning or earth. How will it affect his eyes? If I recall the mages here absorbs the ethernano from the atmosphere kind of like Naruto and senjutsu. So if Itachi absorbs the ethernano and concentrate it to his eyes, what kind of effect would it do to him?
3/3/2017 c2 nickclause
Nice chapter, as for pairings Itachi x Mirajane is good
3/3/2017 c2 digreg
Great capter itachi power itaxmira
3/3/2017 c2 altajir95
Nice chapter. I highly suggest ItachixKagura. Since there are very few stories and love stories for Kagura, while everyone chooses Erza, Mira and/or Lucy.
3/3/2017 c2 Blight846
Good job cant wait until the next chapter
3/3/2017 c2 Dxhologram
Ehh... I'm not so sure about the whole S Class exam here. Sure I could see him passing but seems rather unfair to Laxus. I mean Itachi hasn't been in Fairy Tail for too long to just suddenly participate when he hasn't been in the Guild For months or a year. Also Itachi telling Gray about Ninjutsu? You know seems too early for that, you could have just said that he's capable of using Fire, Wind, and Water. It said so on the Naruto Wikipedia. Seems wrong for him to just use Sasuke's lightining technique. Itachi never learnt how to use Chidori before. Sure he knows about it but he never uses it in life before. Also, he's 13 again, don't you think it'll be more Itachi like to try an adapt to the world of magic and learn more about what he's capable of using it?

Would have been nice to see more of Makarov's thoughts on Itachi. I mean he just witness a young man's childhood who lived in a world of conflict and witnessed war itself at a young age. Makarov would be saddened to see how someone so young was forced to makes so many sacrifices and died as villain. He would be shocked to know that Sasuke didn't do what Itachi wanted him to do. I'm sure Makarov would be moved to witness Itachi's last goodbye to Sasuke.

I know I sound like I'm being ... well not sure what word would be so I'd go with nit picky. But this my concerns with how you work on this story.

For pairings, I like to go with Mirajane. Well the Mirajane that become nice when Lisanna was presumed to be dead. I don't really think her development would go anywhere if she was still had that delinquet side of her all time. And besides I think that they could connect together really well since they're both older siblings in their respective family.
3/2/2017 c1 Dxhologram
Okay, it's nice to see another Itachi story in this particular crossover. However try to have more detail in the story. Though its a nice touch that you have ethernano merge with his chakra but it'll be nice to see what kind of effect it would do to his body. Now the part where you say he'' be stronger than the FT characters. That's a bit too much don't you think. I mean sure Narutoverse has started to show feats like destroying Continent, Meteors, Moon levels etc. But only Naruto, Sasuke Kaguya, Madara, Tailed Beasts, Toneri, Momoshiki and Kinshiki have done this. Itachi has not shown any of these feats or even capable of showing that kind of strength.

Sure you can have him train himself to be stronger but don't let characters like Gildarts and Makarov get overshadowed by him. They too are strong by their own right, it's just that Hiro never show them go all out and they get beaten because of dragons and never fight a human mage that can be their equal. Although now Gildarts may now finally go all out now in the manga. Also the part with Zeref and Acnolgia? No one has ever seen them fight all out before so its really hard to judge how powerful they are. I mean the part where Natsu at first beat the crap out of Zeref with that technique of his, Zeref did not fight back at all and merely stated how that power may be able to kill him. But he didn't fight back or show any of his techniques in the fight. So don't go around making Itachi overpower characters who have yet shown their full capacity. Its what makes it hard to enjoy the story.

Now that Itachi is living in this world, what kind of goal should he have now? I mean he has done everything he wanted and now entrusted Naruto to take care of Sasuke and finally gets closure with Sasuke. Since he here in the FT world what's he going to do now? Are you going to have him support Fairy Tail to maintain peacein the shadow like he did with Konoha or is he going to walk together with them in that path through the light? Sounds a bit cheesy but that's an idea you can use. Also, if possible can you have him eventually meet with Mavis? I think those two would make an interesting conversation when comes to philosophy an ideals. Mavis would so love to hear about the Will of Fire. It'll be awesome see Itachi have his own battle of ideals.

Hope to see you update!
2/25/2017 c1 The Cosmic Actor
itachi is my favorite character in anime's ,so I'm glad you decided to continue the one who Wii inherit my will,it was an very good fic. first chapter is good ,changes you made are understandable. I'm pleased that you let itachi revealed his past to makarova,he was an great shinobi ,far better tha n sasuke. as for suggestion, don't introduce anymore character from naruto, and also give him ems one more is let itachi save lissana .for pairing ,my personal request is Mira,
2/21/2017 c1 madeyemoody95
This is an interesting story for sure, but you do need to work on a bit of dialogue and grammar, in the case where they spoke about Rob, the true sorrow was not felt through their words and it looked like Makarov just brushed off that topic, but otherwise I like the story, I feel like it will be a lot of fun to read! Can't wait to read more! :)
2/17/2017 c1 Terra
Try to make it a bit more detailed and take the time to give more development to the changes that Itachi would make now that he is here.
2/17/2017 c1 Harambe
Great start! I already love it!
Btw when will you update from ninja to sayian?
2/17/2017 c1 Derek
Don't let Itachi be overpowered right off the bat in the timeskip. Rather get him to train not just in his abilities as a ninja but also his newly gained Mage powers as well. While I can tell that he can beat FT villains like oracion Seis, Edolas and Grimoire Heart etc. it's because most of the villains from those arc just shows how strong they are in raw power, Itachi can beat certain the antagonist of those groups due to the fact that he's intelligent and has arsenal that can back him up like his illusions and he's exploits their weaknesses rather than just overpower them. He thinks ahead and always has a plan in mind.

But against Zeref and Acnologia? Seems too far fetched don't you think? I mean Zeref is an immortal who lived for so long he already planned for the days that Natsu would come and kill him and also has the power to kill people from that Death Magic he was cursed to have. Acnologia is the guy who kills so many dragons that he becomes one himself. This is the guy who can destroy Islands with the breath attack and so far the only character that managed to match him in was Irene. Although I still believe that he is the strongest character when it's raw power, Mashima hasn't really shown what his unique abilities as Dragon Slayer really is. Although it was really stupid how he made Irene lost to Erza and Wendy when she like Acnologia, is capable turning into a dragon and managed to fight him on as an equal, although I doubt that both of them were going all out.

Now for Itachi to go against the Immortal and the Black Dragon? He would die before he could attack them. Sure he has The Amaterasu, Susanoo, Yata Mirror and Totsuka Blade but don't forget he has limits and weaknesses as well. Itachi's chakra reserve was pretty damn low when he was alive which was why he never never makes the fight drag out to long and does what he can to end it. Not to forget he had an illness during his fight against Sasuke and couldn't keep his Susanoo for too long in its armoured form. And he's not a straightforward fighter like Naruto. He always plans before trying to attack. Besides I'm sure he'll have no idea what kind of immortality Zeref has and he can't hope to fight against Acnologia in all out battle.

So if you're planning to make Itachi strong, try to show the kind of training he'd go through to overcome his weaknesses and at least increase his reserves so he could last a fight that drags on for too long. Also don't rush in to the timeskip right away. Try to have him connect with the Fairy Tail members and also have him go on the S Class exams. And if you're going to have him meet Mavis which is something I like too see, have them discuss the difference in the ideologies of their world. I'm sure Mavis would love to hear about the Will Of Fire that Itachi follows along with Konoha.
2/17/2017 c1 Guest
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