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7/18/2022 c3 2Exodia3215
Awesome story so far! Hope u can update soon!
12/3/2019 c1 Kingkong101
3/2/2019 c3 meh31324
great chpater i hope you will continue this story and not abandoned it
1/11/2018 c3 32Tellemicus Sundance
I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Yes, it was mostly just a training montage, but those can be quite fun regardless. The only thing I really don't agree with is how much power the boys have apparently gained.

I'm not disputing that the mental training would imbibe them with ludicrous amounts of experience, but to also boost their physical abilities? That's just too much. Now, if you'd made it that they'd spent several MONTHS working purely on their physical abilities after all that mental training, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Or even just having them abandon the mental training for several months in order for them to work their bodies over to an equal level.

All that being said, I am quite happy with this chapter and am eager for the next one to come around. Just be careful that you don't fall into the trap that so many other people do on this site: keeping Naruto and Sasuke practically fused to the hips of one another, spending all day everyday together for years to come. Ask yourself honestly: could YOU stand to live like that with someone? Most likely not. Everyone needs some private time, and don't be afraid to have them join up with different teams, groups, or even guilds, and do their own thing. This creates a sense of unpredictability, which keeps the story interesting.

I just hope that the next chapter will involve them starting to get out and explore the world now. Let them see the different system of government, how the guilds work, and how/if they decide to join a guild themselves (which I think they could easily see as being a type of ninja village or clan). Regardless, I'm officially hooked on this story and want more...RIGHT NOW!
1/11/2018 c2 Tellemicus Sundance
Huh, I was unsure about the inclusion of a 'new world' to go along with the Fairy Tail/Naruto story. But if you intend to keep the 'interactions' with Hell as simple as Naruto and Sasuke fighting/killing demons out for the blood, demons that can be easily mistaken for bizarre new monsters in the FT-verse, then I think I can read this story with quite a bit less trepidation. Although, that being said, it's still pretty early in the storyline to know for sure just yet.
12/21/2017 c1 Anonymous
Finnaly a Naruto and Sasuke story that focuses on both characters, has(and still have) a nice plot in to it. It will be very appreciated I lf you updat more on the story, it really does have a rather nice following. Please update, take your time but pls do
11/23/2017 c3 whyisn'tmyotpcanon
This is my favorite Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover ever! You said you have the most of it planned out so that should mean that there's a another chapter soon right? BTW in the future is there a possibility for Sasunaru cause I need it in my life.
8/9/2017 c3 26The Jingo
Kek, Drill Sergeant Kurama.
6/29/2017 c3 BlueTurtles
5/27/2017 c1 Annoying Fangirl
Is this a yaoi? A SasuNaru one? Or not?
3/29/2017 c3 Demon-Slasher
Read this in a night, looking forward to the next
3/13/2017 c3 10Nightangel52
I really love this story and hope you complete it, also, great personality shift for the Kyuubi it is really hilarious! Finally, when (or will) Naruto and Sasuke meet Natsu and the others?
3/11/2017 c1 1FuzzGoat
There was only one thing that left my mouth after reading this, and that was, AWESOME!
3/10/2017 c1 Guest
In chapter one sasuke was very cteristic in the portal because n he is in their he wouldn't care less about himself or naruto so I say not a good first chapter
3/10/2017 c3 DarkStarHarry
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one :)
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