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for It's All In The Blood

6/5/2017 c5 3doraemax
Harry's blood-base ability are similar to Mirai Kuriyama in Kyoukai no Kanata.. but her's is more impressive... heehee
6/5/2017 c2 doraemax
so dumbledore knows that the soul fragment is no longer in the scar. i hope the stupid matyr plan is being reworked.
5/17/2017 c8 CurtFirefly
Nice jab at many different hp fanfics XD
5/17/2017 c8 Gime'SS
thanks for the update
5/17/2017 c8 5Exiled Soul Nomad
Hm... Harry's encountered his first Boss level demon. That's going to be one hell of a struggle but at least he'll have something to aim for. Or maybe, he'll train like a madman possessed simply to shake off that fear. If that one was anywhere near as strong as most Bosses, it'll be an uphill struggle for him.

More of a feasible challenge if it actually is just mid-boss level. Jk... or am I?
5/17/2017 c8 1davycrockett100
5/17/2017 c8 2ArthurShade
5/17/2017 c8 frankieu
nice chapter wonder if harry wil use the spider kills to buy other stuff aswel
5/14/2017 c5 Hot Tamale
In canon Hermione was taking 12 classes and given a time turner. She was rude to everyone and truly couldn't handle it. She dropped Divination, leaving 11. Yet one of those was muggle studies, so in essence she had 10 classes, yet she kept the time turner for another half a year. Total advantage over the rest of her year. Seems like a really unfair academic advantage. On top of that she was a shrew.

You've written her well, I think. What Harry does is no business of hers, but just like in canon she doesn't seem to understand that. She's demanding and controlling, neither of which are good character traits in a supposedly good friend.
5/14/2017 c3 Hot Tamale
Periodically there are words missing, enough so it's hard at times to figure out what you're trying to say.
4/5/2017 c7 tayleah
K really love the story but, for the love of little green apples, don't make Ginny a love interest. She appeared to be so condescending and Malfoy-like that I almost stopped reading. Luna would be such a better bet, but anyone would be better than Ginny.
3/25/2017 c7 5AzureSkyTower
:( please don't let ginny become a love interest, I hate her with a passion and wish she would burn in hell.
3/24/2017 c7 17EmeraldGuardian7
Just found this story and I have to say I'm really liking it. It's good time see fics that explore different branches of magic in more detail. Keep up the good work and please update again soon.
3/24/2017 c7 2ArthurShade
3/24/2017 c7 frankieu
nice chapter yay for the ginny glare :D looking forward to more and seeing what harry can buy from all the dead spiders
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