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for It's All In The Blood

2/28/2017 c4 5Exiled Soul Nomad
So, he can use his abilities best when his 'flight or fight' response is triggered? Understandable. Even when you can't consciously do something, adrenaline can make many things possible. Makes me wonder what would if it happened a few years down the line after getting better with his control.
2/27/2017 c4 17hellz swordsman
Pretty good filler chapter. Also your shrug emoji is cute i might hafta steal that.
2/24/2017 c3 2ArthurShade
2/22/2017 c3 2GMWW
great chapters!
2/22/2017 c3 1davycrockett100
2/21/2017 c2 davycrockett100
2/21/2017 c2 17hellz swordsman
Good start.
2/20/2017 c2 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
You are very welcome just glad i remembered dmw.
I really want to see harry light his blood on fire when wormtail takes it. That would screw voldemort bad :-D
2/20/2017 c1 6JAIMOL
A very interesting start. I'm waiting to hear how you plan to continue.
2/19/2017 c1 anarion87
nice so far
2/19/2017 c1 Guest
2/19/2017 c1 1davycrockett100
2/19/2017 c1 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
So blood manipulation like in deadman wonderland. Can harry regenerate blood faster or does he have a set amount fixed?
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