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8/3/2018 c1 5fanotheboyz
I so love Mama Colton and I love that you had her give our boy a warm hug and even a kiss on his head. That was sweet and just what he's needed. Great job.
3/12/2017 c1 51Tamuril2
Eeeee. I kinda hope the show does this. The Coltons were such a neat epsiode to watch. Such grey areas covered. :D

Sooo,.,...feel like doing a sequel to this? I've even got a prompt for you. *dangles said prompt*

Prompt: Mac is in trouble. He's been captured by some mysterious bad guys. Why? Because they saw how smart he was when fighting them and thought "if we could get THAT on our side, we'd be unbeatable". Ergo, they waited until Jack was out of the picture (make him go to the bathroom or something, I dunno) and got the jump of Mac. Jack, of course, is trying to find him, but in the mean time...said baddies are trying to use force to get Mac to work for them. (if you could use that gas they used in Can Opener I'd love you forever). Anyhow, Mama and her family come to deliver a tough bounty to said baddies (hence why Mama is there). They see Mac. Rescue and H/C ensues.
2/20/2017 c1 10302pilot
I love how Mama just "knew". He does need a mother very badly. I hope we get to see her again soon. Thanks for sharing!
2/19/2017 c1 4Dlwells51
Really loved meeting the Colton's in this episode and this was a wonderful epilogue! Can't wait to see and hear more about them, so feel free to share more inspirations!
2/19/2017 c1 2Elise Deschat
All in the family...best one of the Coltens was mama Colton...

Good coda...
2/19/2017 c1 121only-some-loser
This warms my heart so much. I love the Coltons, and I wish they would be around more for this exact reason
2/19/2017 c1 Lhaven
I really like this angle of Mama and Mac - I love that she wants to know more, is sympathetic and kind, and makes him feel good. GREAT!
2/19/2017 c1 3WynonaRose
Absolutely loved your story. And loved that Mama could see into Mac's soul. Excellent insight!

You got the characters just perfect. Thank you for writing!
2/19/2017 c1 56Deliwiel
Why don't you bite me XD DEAD

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