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1/7 c42 24PLC The CD
Sorry if you weren't in a festive mood during New Year and Christmas, but then again, with the pandemic going on, I don't blame you at all. Hopefully you and your family are safe. I'll be posting a copy and paste of this in your DeviantArt page.

First off, Lori screwed up pretty bad alright and her outburst brought along Lincoln's fear towards her and her sisters and possible resentment back again. That being said, even though Lincoln understands why Lori's like that, her actions still doesn't justify her at all. Even if she was teased and deal with the stress of taking care of 10 siblings and school. Lori's fear is confirmed from not only Lincoln resenting her but the resentment from her sisters as well.

Although, the part where Lincoln telling Ronnie-Anne that she doesn't hate Lori but in fact, feels sympathy for her. I'm not saying that Lincoln's an idiot for feeling sympathy for his sister or that he should've hold a grudge, I just feel that I was kinda hoping for a future session with Dr. Lopez with one of the sisters asking Lincoln if he hate them all. You can argue that Lincoln texted them but that's mostly out of fear. Despite your claims that you're not planning for Lincoln to forgive any of his sisters, but it feels like it's going for the What Is A Person Worth route again. As I said before, I'm not saying Lincoln gets revenge on his sisters, but in story stand point where it's a repeat they;re forgiven and they're a happy family again. Now, I'm hoping I'm wrong on this. Let's say even if some of the Loud Sisters' are forgiven, for example Leni. How about even if Leni earned her forgiveness from Lincoln thus earning forgiveness from Becky and Mandee. Their relationship isn't the same as before and Leni must earn their trust again just like she did with Lincoln's.

I really like the idea of Mrs. Johnson's lessons about volcanoes, perhaps it's foreshadowing something? Maybe, Lincoln can suggest or ask Dr. Lopez about why his sisters' aren't in anger management. There's also a mention of pressure, even if the sisters (Specifically Lori, Leni, and Luna in the previous chapter) are denying their tormentors/bullies/hecklers satisfaction, and only caring about Lincoln. What's not to say they're bottling it in?

Speaking of which, I can imagine either the one goading Luna to lose her temper or Whitney, perhaps someone unexpected like Meli (Who only appeared in the later seasons of the show) or Polly Pain, or Paula (The girls in cast) is revealed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

In the previous chapters, it could take years for family problems to be solved. I did mentioned in my previous comments that I suggested of a time-skip. Another Lincoln's nightmare I can think of is that his sisters are DEMANDING for Lincoln's forgiveness, just like how Lola is.

I do agree with Saccharine Melody, that it's no longer the sisters losing their tempers on Lincoln but to each other. Which proves not just Lincoln but their bullies that the girls have anger problems. I believe I told you in DeviantArt that I have the sisters' sin to be Wrath in my Far Cry 5 idea. The talk of disowning Lori was talked about among the other sisters and there's a brief consideration from Lynn Sr. back in chapter 2. THat being said, I thought the subject could be addressed during a session. That Lynn Sr. could've thrown his daughters out, but he didn't. I'm not asking for a whole chapter for it but it's one of the subjects that could be discussed and addressed in-universe like the whole Juvie thing. Lincoln could fear that his sisters would hate him even further and wanting revenge once they got out.

Back when I was vindictive as all hell, you mentioned that I'm not obligated to forgive any of the sisters, and perhaps Lincoln isn't obligated to forgive the sisters simply because they're family. After all, divorces, disownment, and estrangement still occurs and not even therapy fixes everything. That being said...Lincoln doesn't always have to hold grudges or fears.
1/4 c42 dogspirit1
Great chapter. keep doing what you're doing.
1/4 c42 2Loud House Fan-Fictoner
Really enjoyed this fanfic, don't have any suggestions since I'm assuming you know how to keep going and finish it. Great detail and the way the writing affects the reader's emotions. Just wanted to appreciate this comic, take care and continue on, can't wait for the next chapter.
1/4 c1 grecefar
Lori should know that all classes are hard for leni, she is getting paranoid.

Thanks for the update!
1/3 c42 Gloyd R. Orangeboar
when Lincoln dose talk to his other sisters can you make Ronnie Anne be there with him for moral support?
1/2 c40 wollyworld
Still how Lola and the others trick Lincoln because he was using the ear buds. He wanted some peace and quiet. I hate that episode.
1/2 c42 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and welcome back also Happy new year :)
1/2 c42 1Saccharine Melody
Just as I thought. Lincoln doesn't hate his sisters and is increasingly understanding the issues presented in this poorly managed house. I'm also starting to wonder about just what you were saying about not all the sisters being forgiven. All this time, readers presumed you were talking about Lincoln being too hateful and fearful of them to even consider forgiving them. However I noted that he was shockingly tolerant of Lori's outburst and must have realized that she meant no harm. (As we both know now some people read this story for the sole purpose of sister!torment and nothing more so naturally they will see only what they want to see)

Yet in this chapter we see something I myself have been playing with - readers were vindictive towards the sisters. Lincoln was vindictive towards the sisters. But these attitudes are changing the further along into the story we go and the more things soften between the two parties. What few were expecting was the sisters to be vindictive *towards each other*. Everyone was expecting them to turn on Lincoln again when the real danger all along might've been another sister fight except this one could be to the death (or at least nearly so). After all it's blatantly obvious that the Loud girls happen like a war happens - if they seriously wanted to do damage they could take down Mike Tyson in his prime. If the sisters turned on one of their own this would certain bust the hivemind but in the worst possible way and possibly show to Lincoln that at least some can't be trusted. However I doubt this is likely to happen (my personal theory is that he forgives the older sisters and lets the younger sisters grow older before making this choice).

I presume Lola's going to be the sister to follow him into another shared therapy session? If so good, because as you said she left a lot to be desired and I feel she is needlessly harassed and misunderstood. I would have gone with either Luan to address the feelings of unpredictability, Lucy to address the anxiety of being creeped out or Lisa to address the sense she was sociopathic but Lola's a good start.
1/2 c42 LincolnRonnie94
Time for Lori to suffer
1/2 c42 10Yellowpikmin88
Nice update and it looks like Lori’s struggle is only just beginning. Nice metaphor with the volcano lecture too.
1/2 c42 CSC3
Great update.
1/2 c42 8DreadedCandiru2
Oh. So instead of being totally afraid, he's just taking another step towards the end-game: understanding them but still resenting them somewhat.
1/2 c42 wollyworld
A great way to start the year! Didn't think we get another chapter so soon especially after the start of the new year. I enjoy the chapter. A great read. Thanks!
1/2 c42 25Boris Yeltsin
Another great chapter. Happy New Year.
12/29/2020 c41 Sharkkesha
So in a nutshell, Carol approached Lori to ask how her day was then Lori said it wasn't great , Lori asked Carol why she did come to her house & it was for "family picture" Carol said. Then Carol had a flashback about Lori crying in the bathroom about she & her sisters beat up Lincoln. Then Lori came home, ate dinner & wanted to talk to Lincoln or confront him, the confrontation didn't go like it was supposed to. Lori got triggered from what Lincoln ranted, grabbed him from his collar, made him terrified from her & now Lori can never be forgiven by Lincoln anymore. She screwed up
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