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7/8/2021 c7 5Maria Winchester
Good work! If you update in the future I will be there
11/12/2017 c2 hoekl
I love fanfic of the awesome timeskip Saku-Chan. And this is certainly better than most.. Please update soon
8/4/2017 c7 melissaalvarez145
I love where this is going pls update
3/10/2017 c7 4Mei fa-chan
Loved it - great chapter!
3/10/2017 c7 2Uchiha Misaki
Interesting read can't wait to see how her team realizes she left them behind
3/10/2017 c7 3Snowrose65
Your chapters are well written and the story is interesting. I would prefer longer chapters, but know that university life is challenging! Good luck on your studies and I look forward to the next chapters!
3/7/2017 c7 delany22
long chapters please
3/7/2017 c7 whereisfred
i love itasaku but sakura is not stronger than the uchihas or even close to their power shes strong but lets not overpower her to be the strongest thats hitting the mary sue status its already feeling like that and is this sakumulti if it is maybe a warning next time just saying anyway nice story update when you have time
3/6/2017 c6 Teyona
Hope to see another update soon!
3/2/2017 c6 1Sleepynels
Great story! Wait summer? Lol it's winter here almost spring. U live in the southern hemisphere?
3/1/2017 c5 Guest
it's good but it's so short
2/28/2017 c5 1Sunny ver 2.0
I love it. Thank you so much for making Sakura's character so elaborate.
2/27/2017 c4 3BrokenButtercup
Can't wait to read more. Great work! :)
2/26/2017 c4 1Sleepynels
Can't wait for more
2/25/2017 c4 1Sunny ver 2.0
I'm so in love with this Sakura. I really hope you'll find time and update soon
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