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4/25 c10 EmiliaKyuchi
Very interesting to see the villain team in action. I’m curious on how Cade got them all. Did she just hire them?

Also just read the whole story and I love it. Fantastic work and thank you for sharing!
4/25 c9 EmiliaKyuchi
Oof gonna be a bit harder to “get out” now that her status as Luthor’s ward is known (which is probably the intention). Fantastic chapter!
4/25 c8 EmiliaKyuchi
Loving all the character interactions and seeing how Cade tries to juggle things.
4/25 c7 EmiliaKyuchi
Very excited to learn Cade’s origins. Thanks for the chapter!
4/25 c6 EmiliaKyuchi
Awesome chapter. Looking forward to the next.
4/25 c5 EmiliaKyuchi
Oooh super interesting!
4/25 c4 EmiliaKyuchi
Very interesting. Thanks for chapter!
4/25 c3 EmiliaKyuchi
Interesting to see Cade running into more of the young justice/ soon-to-be-heros.
4/25 c2 EmiliaKyuchi
Thanks for the chapter!
4/25 c1 EmiliaKyuchi
Nice start!
4/7 c1 She who shall not be name
Please continue the story! It’s so good
2/27 c10 1Reina36
ew constant monitoring
2/27 c5 Reina36
lol little does he know
2/18 c10 iexistmate
Woah, I just binged this story and it's a great read! Cade is really smart and I like how she was introduced with Luthor in a realistic way. I also wonder what her intentions are. Like when she was talking to Connor, she asked for help, but she wanted him to "take to bait". I'm excited to see what the team will do and why Pysmon (how do u spell his name?) wasn't there. Can't wait to see how this story will go!
11/9/2021 c1 1k
is this alive?
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