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7/14 c26 Guest
Thank you so much for updating this!
Poor Kay... NOT! Fox treated her like a queen, and she forgot all of that as soon as Miguel's worthless behind returned to Harmony.
I still want Ivy to get her comeuppance. Gwen and Rebecca were raked over the coals, it's Ivy's turn.
I know I'm in the minority, but I do not care if Ethan loses custody of Jonathan. He wouldn't give two figs about that little boy if he couldn't use him to get revenge against Gwen on behalf of Theresa.
6/10 c25 Fan of SHUIS
Please post more. I keep reading this over and over hoping new chapters will come.
4/21 c25 Guest
Please please please update. Love this fanfiction so much.
2/8 c25 Guest
Please update. I love this fanfiction xx
7/6/2019 c1 Guest
Thank you for the update!

The Kayguel coupling was idiotic on the show. I was never a Charguel fan, but I'm glad you are fixing this.
I hope Gwen can distance herself from her mother, and be happy. I'm hoping that she is willing to share custody with Ethan.
I simply cannot wait for Ivy's downfall.
You are one of the few fanfic writers that has managed to make me like Ethan...a little. I agree with him wanting to keep his kids away from Ivy.
7/5/2019 c25 Guest
That chapter was epic. Miguel and Charity are back together. Awesome!
7/5/2019 c25 Guest
Yay, you're back! :D

I'm kind of frustrated that my favorite people keep inadvertently encouraging one of the characters I hate the most (Ivy) but I know it's because Therox tend to be their most magnanimous when they're happy so I'm trusting your judgement with them since (A) aside from Theresa's odd passivity, you've captured all the characters beautifully IMO, and (B) I can already see the walls closing in around Ivy and Kay! [insert evil grin]

As for Rebecca, I've never known one of her plans to not backfire spectacularly so I'm content to sit back and wait on that front. Bonus points if Gwen takes part in Rebecca's long overdue smackdown-I don't have to like the character to recognize that she's as much a victim of shoddy parenting as anyone; IF this Travis situation is the real deal, her HEA can't really begin until she finally slashes through those toxic apron strings.

Also, (and it's a testimony to your writing that I am saying this): Yay Charity&Miguel! While I wholeheartedly agree with Pilar re: the Lopez-Fitzergerald siblings and soulmates (although I personally couldn't care less about Gwen, Antonio, Fancy, and Kay being "casualties", RME), Charity&Miguel were always the endgame couple that left me lukewarm. Until Miguel's beside confession in Chapter 22. Yes, 10 years after the finale, the tides have turned. You've made me a believer, LadySerenity. Kudos! ;) And because I'm not an easy sell, when I'm in, I'm ALL in...
5/14/2019 c24 Guest
Please update as soon as you can! I need to know what happens next...
3/31/2019 c23 Guest
Please please please update!
3/19/2019 c23 Guest
I simply adore this story... please please please continue. Charity and Miguel are my favourite couple
2/20/2019 c23 Guest
This is a great chapter!

Is Ivy still going to carry out her threat to Sheridan?

Another triangle involving Theresa and Fox? (I know you and most reading this story are ET fans, but I adored Theresa with Fox.)

Gwen, Travis seems great. But take your time.
2/4/2019 c22 Guest
Thank you for updating!

What I really dislike about Harmonites is their inability to mind their own business. I know this is a soap opera, but they are absolutely ridiculous. Noah and Paloma, for instance. Kay is Noah's sister, and blood is thicker than water. Miguel is ketchup. Of course Noah is going to take Kay's side. Do not get me wrong, Kay is getting exactly what she deserves.

It would serve Ivy right if all of her children turned on her.
2/3/2019 c22 Guest
As the first reviewer to comment on Gwen and Sheridan's one-sided friendship AND a staunch Gwen hater, I want to be clear that I was in no way sympathetic to Gwen because of it. Yeah, it's a little pathetic that Gwen has no real friends but, with her attitude, it's not like I couldn't see why. Plus, no good a friendship could rectify Gwen's inability to recognize her own culpability nor her related tendency to shift all the blame, real or imagined, on everyone else. And that's one of the many traits she has in common with Kay and Ivy. Hell, Ivy benefited from being on the other side of a one-sided friendship (with Pilar) and she's still evil incarnate. All this is to say that I hope like hell that Ethan doesn't soften towards Ivy just because she's got yet another B.S. deflection lined up to defend/detract from her actions. UGH. Nine freakin' years of it from Sam and Ethan OVER nine freakin' years ago and that moronically toxic cycle still raises my blood pressure! I swear, if Ivy isn't raked over the coals after everything is said and done... UGH!

Also, I was never a huge fan of Miguel and Charity during the show's run (too sacchrine for my tastes) even though I definitely believed they should've been endgame but I think your story is slowly but surely winning me over, shipper-wise. Finally getting Miguel's POV after all this time, especially... my guy's really tugging my heartstrings with that well-deserved meltdown :(
1/6/2019 c21 boothbonesrule
I love passions and I love your story please continue it I've needed a passions fix so badd that I've been watching reruns on YouTube they actually have the full episodes of every episode on YouTube
1/3/2019 c21 Guest
I'm wondering if Luis will find evidence that Kay was in Charity's home? That will cause an even bigger rift.

I agree with the previous poster, although I adore Gwen . Sheridan has always been a lousy friend to Gwen. I hope she can be more in her corner this time.

Jessica, go home! Your sister made this mess herself! Although Miguel deserves everything he has coming to him. He is behaving like Martin, a chip off the old block.

As for Ivy, I hope she gets her patties slapped HARD.
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