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for Blond Jokes 9: The Final Act

2/21/2018 c1 11The First Sight
I remember reading the first "Blond Jokes" many years ago, and I'm so happy you kept it going! It's so silly. Fun and cute. :) This was a nice way to wrap up, too. I am endlessly appreciative of Kosuke's kindness and stability, even in a goofy, high-energy fic.

I also love dark chocolate, raspberries, and pears. (tbh who doesn't?)

Ugh, dying fandom is right. It's so sad. I have some scanlations of vol. 14 laying around somewhere - talk about a cliff hanger.

I mostly wanted to drop by and say thanks so much for your chapter by chapter reviews on some of my own stories, way-back-when. It still means a great deal. I was surprised and delighted that you were still posting within the last year. Awesome.
10/20/2017 c1 2Katherine Daystar
Bravo! *clapclapclap*, I would read the lemon (_)( _)

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