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10/4/2018 c1 I-Nex-I
I like the idea of this fic, but you just have a very boring way of writing and describing things. It makes it hard to get invested at all, even with prior attachments to the characters
6/7/2018 c5 1Beta117
Okay No. This is just Ffxv with some sprinkles of verses 13 in it. It’s not even close to what Versus was about. Versus was going to be dark as fucking hell. Darker that VI and a lot of people died in that one. It was reveled that Noctis was going to the villain who believed himself to be right. But this doesn’t even come to any of that and I’m kinda just disappointed.
6/7/2018 c3 Beta117
I suppose that’s the end of any originality in this story, isn’t it?
1/7/2018 c13 29Kitani
This story coming to an end is both bittersweet and giving a sense of satisfaction-of things coming full circle. Noctis and Stella deserved a happy ending, after everything they were forced to endure and sacrifice. I loved reading this from the beginning to the end. It gave me something to look forward to when I hit the connect button for my wifi and I would see a notif pop up that this lovely story updated!
You had something you wanted to write and you completed it. That is something an author should be very proud of. You reached the end. The characters went on their journey and the story was told the way it could have been.
This is one of those stories that could end here-or be followed by a sequel. No matter what, I enjoyed it. Thank you so much and good luck on the rest of those plot bunnies you crave to write!
1/3/2018 c1 Anon
It's been an honor to have read your wonderful story and to have been a reviewer all the way up to the end. :)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. That's all that I got to say ehehe...
12/31/2017 c13 3AcexDeuce
OMG my 2018 begin with so much happiness and your fic is one of those happiness! I thank you so so much for keeping this fic updated until now. I'm bad at critics so i'm sorry i can only talk about how i'm thankful n enjoying your fic! The ending with Stella and Noctis live happily is something i've dreamed. Thank You!
12/27/2017 c12 Anon
(Sees wayyy too many Noctella Fluff moments in this chapter)

/ This is too good to be true for a Versus fanfic... /

(Anddd... I get to the part where Stell dies)

/ Oh. There it is. XD /

Well done, friend. You’ve got people requesting for the Phoenix Downs already. XD

And it is okay you were not able to include Bhunivelze. That was only a crack theory on my part anyway XD but thank you most of all for the rollercoaster ride that was this story on how you saw Versus. Now the final page awaits. And may you have a Merry Christmas and a swell New Year... for a new Dawn awaits. :)
12/26/2017 c12 Guest
Totes amazeballs. Needs a little more defenestration though. Keep it up kid!
12/25/2017 c12 19AveryScarlet
I had to giggle a little at Noct's comment on how the world looked like it suffered for ten years instead of two. Oh the irony in that one line. Anyway, the ending was... well it was just enough to get me to stop for a minute to stop mentally picturing her death. It was expected since in the game Luna and Noct reunite in the afterlife (which I still lack any tears whenever I see it) so I had this gut feeling the same fate will still fall upon Stella and Noctis. As sad as I am now that they never truly got to spend time together outside of the world of sleep, I feel satisfied knowing that they at least expressed their feelings for one another as much as possible before facing of Ardyn. Though my friend contradicts me while reading the fanfic beside me that they should have had their *ahem* moment. So if you see a review mentioning that in the next minute... please forgive her. She believes every final moment should be THAT enjoyable. As I have said again, you have out done yourself in improving the character's, mainly Ravus. To Luna he never properly apologized to her. In this I could feel the amount of suffering he felt for not truly being there for Stella as he is the only family she has left. I haven't gotten the chance to play Ignis' DLC (still trying to get through Gladio's without shaking my head from the amount of confusion I feel from it) but I know enough just from the trailers how much he was willing to sacrifice not because Noct was the future king, but a dear friend. Seeing as how the next chapter in the final, I just want to say congrats on doing a fantastic job in this story and have a merry christmas.
12/25/2017 c12 thientrang161
... couldn't he throw a phoenix down to stella? Will there be a happy ending with a magical revival?
12/25/2017 c12 3AcexDeuce
12/17/2017 c11 29Kitani
One, I love the song Somnus . One of my favorite tracks of the entire game with how mournful and longing it is. I think you wrote the characters beautifully and what I would imagine how they would have acted. I hope to see more moments with Noct and his best friends. I'm sure whatever ending you write will be fitting because this entire story you weaved needed to be told. Looking forward to the rest!
12/15/2017 c11 Anon
This chapter... This bloody freaking chapter.


Where do I even start?!


I don’t really know what to say. I mean, it was so GOOD... SO... SO... GOOD...

Whew... Fucking Noctella is my OTP m8... MY OTP! (gross sobbing intensifies)

I can’t really say a lot right now other than give to you a slow and warm round of virtual applause. Very beautiful chapter...

As for the closure requests... There’s a lot going on in my head but the most prominent right now would be perhaps another moment with Noct and his mother Aulea. And maybe perhaps some information reveal on Prompto’s past considering you have foreshadowed his “secret” in Chapter 8. And Bhunivelze! Since people in Eos have absolutely no information on him. :D

Good luck and may Etro guide you all the way to the end.

P.S: Now that I think about it. It seems only Episode Gladio was the only one canon in this story. XD
12/15/2017 c11 Guest
Maybe Ravus’ thoughts would be nice. He’s been so mysterious for so long in this story that it would be nice to hear his views on this entire ordeal and maybe his view on Noct and his friends and even his sister.

I mean, seeing how they have finally done justice to his character in XV with Episode Ignis and the additional cutscenes in Chapter 13. Yes, it would be nice to see from his PoV even if only for a bit.

Wonderful story though! I loved it! And the climax is sure gonna be a rollercoaster!

“Let the games begin...”

“No, now they end...”
12/15/2017 c2 15Tafferling
[Only certain creatures disappear after they die. It is the result of a human failing their focus as l'Cie. They become Cie'th, or their ancient name of daemons.] Ooh, intriguing.

Though back to Gladio's reaction to his father's (I understood that right?) death. That's some loyalty right there, and I hope he gets time to grief later.

["Dad watch out!" I shouted a second too late. Dad threw his sword immediately at me, a baffling move on his part. He needed that sword to defend himself and yet he threw it away. His eyes closed, almost as if he was expecting what was coming. "No!" I screamed.] D:

Well. That poor guy's life is getting worse and worse, isn't it?
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