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5/27 c27 MSPain
Another absolutely fantastic chapter development occurs on both the warfront and the lovefront I just cant get enough
5/27 c27 Plague120
the romance just seems so complicated for a bunch of teenagers. Look at kataras romance with jet. She completely fell for him on the first day and started to doubt her own brother because she was so lost in love. all because he was handsome. i think that is a perfect representation of a teen romance.

Then we have the mc and the three girls. they've been together for months, and theres no progress. It took way to long for them to figure out their own feelings, which is not normal for girls who figure out if they like someone 30 seconds after meeting them.
5/27 c27 Lunar-Knight-316
At first I was a little disappointed by the quick resolution of the battle but after a while I eventually remembered that the Wall General immediately screamed "we're doomed!" after a single battle between the Terra Team vs Ty Lee and Mai. Hell, on his wiki he's outright called incompetent, so the complete retreat of the defenders isn't too crazy, assuming he's even alive anymore and didn't go down with the wall. So it makes sense, if nothing else.

Gohan is again proving himself to be a leader with decent foresight as he seeks to undermine any propaganda to galvanize his enemies against his force while at the same time ensuring that any captured territory inside the wall won't be in immediate and dedicated resistance against him while he waits for reinforcements. Question is, will these reinforcements be under his command still as the Fire Nation likely dedicates a number of its highest ranking generals to the breach? If Azula has her way, yes, but if not that might cause some complications as he leads his own forces.

I can only imagine what's going on with Sneers. Or with the Gaang or Zuko now that I think about it. There are so many things that could have changed due to the consequences of Gohan's inclusion in Azula's group. Will the group even be in Ba Sing Se, having spent time trying to heal Sokka? If they were there to see the drill go down as easily as it did, will they be slightly less intense in their need to gain an audience with the Earth King as quickly as possible? Actually, maybe the Gaang made it to Ba Sing Se early because of Sokka's wounds. And thinking on that, would they have stopped at Wan Shi Tong's library at all because of said injury? If no, that would mean that Appa was never taken and, worse, they never find out about the Solar eclipse. And since Appa was never taken, they might not even cross with the Dai Lee, which means Jet might be alive and Sneers might reunite with him. More, if the Dai Lee don't have Appa, Zuko doesn't have his little "who are you and what do you want?!" moment from Iroh, which is it's own situation since we don't know if Iroh and Zuko even got back together since Azula didn't track Aang all the way to that abandoned village and Azula had plant no small seeds of doubt in Zuko's trust of Iroh. So much could have/have not happened from any number of innocuous decisions through the journey.

And now we get to the Crossroads of (D̶e̶s̶t̶i̶n̶y̶) the Heart! Will we finally see a full blown confession from all three girls, desperate to make their feelings know before it's too late? Will Ty Lee sit back and fall back on her self destructive altruism now that Azula has made her intent clear or will she make her final stand to claim Gohan's heart? Will Mai clam up or go on the offense now that it's clear she can't let her chances pass by apathetically? Will Azula stumble on the homestretch or will she claim his heart? Will any of them actually have the gumption to actually tell him or will they butt heads in (not so) secret and leave Gohan scratching his head in bewilderment? Who will Gohan choose, if anyone at all? How will everyone deal with the fallout of so unexpected a problem on the front lines of war?

Or will we get the secret Golden Ending where they spend 20-40k words openly communicating, compromising, and understanding each other to get the one true harem route. For a story that spends 80% of it's time going in depth into each characters thoughts, motivations, and dialogue between each other, they might just be able to pull it off. There's really no other way it can be handled for an enjoyable and satisfying resolution; any conflict of the heart can only be happily dealt with by open and complete communication and we have 4 of them to add to the equation.
5/27 c27 RandoFox
YES, Azula finally left the realm of denial and admitted that she likes Xisheng, can't wait to see more progress on that front.
5/27 c27 Sledovatel
Cat is out of the bag. Hell yeah. Azula number 1, of course. I would love to see those sides stories. Always wondered if gaang took Sokka with them or if they left him in trusted hands for recovery
5/26 c27 Ominous Olethros
Give it about a week and half and virtually everyone outside of Ba Sing Se to have heard of this truly legendary battle. Easily national hero/holiday stuff. Once word of this overwhelming victory gets out, it may end most of the fighting. Morale in the enemies of the Fire Nation will likely be virtually nonexistent; while the Fire Nation's has never been stronger. Ba Sing Se had an almost mythical quality as being nearly invincible.
I can easily imagine the Earth Kingdom's forces in that area being too dysfunctional right now to counter attack, no morale/too disorganized. The real question is how will the Earth Kingdom responding the long run to the incursion.
5/24 c27 Guest
Im already excited for the gaang showing the king the drill but finding a giant army
5/24 c27 Guest
This chapter was brilliant

Yeah keep in mind we saw in the series how quickly the Earth army and the city itself loses its will to fight when those walls of there’s go down

The fact Xisheng has made such a big breach yeah everyone in the city and army is having one of two reactions panicking and losing their shit or given up already

Anyway feel bad for Kori and not shocked by Sneers fleeing

Loved what we got with the girls this chapter

Interested to see what happens when Azula realises Ty Lee and Mai feel for Xisheng in the exact same way she does

That ending was good by the way
5/25 c27 KALEKA
Спасибо! Это прекрасно)
5/25 c27 Max1212
Eh, the most interesting thing in this chapter was only at the end, to be honest, it's worth focusing more on the dynamics of our main character and the main three, just two chapters about the siege of the last resisting city were of course epic, but they were devoid of the main feature of this story, namely the interaction between all the main characters.

In any case, I really hope that the next chapter will be faster and I look forward to continuing the story of our heroes.
And yes, I'm for the harem, but Ty Lee is my favorite, she should be the first)
5/25 c27 WeirdBlockPoints
I wonder how Ty Lee and Mai feel about their chances with "Gohan" now that Azula so boldly proclaimed she'd marry him...

Also, are you going to post the auxiliary chapters here in this site, as another fic. Maybe a "War for Peace - Extra Chapters"?
5/24 c27 HelloEver22
He literally could not haved walked in at a better time! Next chapter will be very interesting
5/24 c27 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
5/24 c27 1UzuShiro
jajajaja que gracioso ese final, por cierto exelente capitulo como siempre. espero con ansias el siguiente. si puedo ser un poco exigente te pediria alguna escena de desde el punto de vista del equipo avatar sobre lo que esta sucediendo.
5/24 c27 Rexus Draconoid
Yay! Thanks for the chapter
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