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for Curiosity Killed The Cook

12/6/2019 c2 Ratitanaya
Ussop caught them red handed and then confused is so funny!
12/6/2019 c3 Ratitanaya
Waiting for the next chapter! Waiting for the next chapter!
Dear author Sanji need to sleep also; please be kind to him!
I liked the way you put forth frustration and shame growing inside Sanji (indeed he must be in some one piece parallel universe). He behaving like a fool behind girls and girls avoiding him is just frustrating for reader also. Over that he cooks, he cleans and all.
I read lot of ZoSan fictions but one based on original plot of One piece are the best. I really prefer these over the one where they are altogether in different backgrounds. This way I can imagine that yes one piece is continuing as per the command of auther but characters have their little private story untold by manga.
"Three... as if to offset balance from the chaos his swords created" simply beautiful!
Awesome work, keep it up.
7/5/2018 c2 Jeannie
ok you really need to update this one fast because I love it! Great job keepng them IC. It seems like a cute plot setup too! Love their interactions and other 'action' too, ifyouknowwhatimean muahahahaha! :D i'm evil yes!

i've got some ideas for this one but can't say much more since i don't have an account i guess. i'm sure you won't disapoint since your stories never do! Can't wait for updates!
7/22/2017 c1 2Allmightywriter
It's so gooood! I want the chapter 3 so bad, I wanna see what's happening at midnightĘ–
4/18/2017 c2 VeeVeena
You better continue this because god that's a shitty way to end a chapter xD
3/12/2017 c2 7Kpuffs
Waaa loved it! That's kind of hilarious usopp caught them lol!
That was sweet that Sanji made him dessert to try to get a little closer!
I also kinda want to see Zoro drag Sanji out if bed lmao!

Thanks for the dedication lol! Your sweet!
3/11/2017 c2 1Micuni
yeeeees! thank you for the new chapter, i love it! keep going
2/24/2017 c1 7Kpuffs
Nice! I love it! Can't wait to see if this scene escalates next chapter! I think you're writing them very well!
2/23/2017 c1 vinsmokesanji

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