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9/22 c6 FalconAGaming
With Snape, I agree with you that he can never be redeemed in the books, but he is different in the movies, purely based on Alan Rickman's performance. Because of this, I have decided that this fic is based purely on the books, and not the movies. I really hope I don't end up reading scenes from the movies in here, because then, it would ruin continuity.
9/2 c11 Envy220
8/26 c11 4thinker0
I like your take on the Potters live :) I agree good parents are hard to find in fanfic
7/28 c11 Vampireking40
Please continue this story as it will be real interesting to see what that vial Toad will do to both Alex and Harry. James and Sirius can easily handle that woman as she is totally evil.
7/21 c3 1Nathow
Fantastic writing well done keep up the marvellous work and please update very soon with a another chapter your chapters are magnificent
7/21 c11 Nathow
Marvellous writing well done keep up the magnificent work and please update very soon with more chapters
7/6 c9 Nathow
Fantastic writing well done keep up the good work and please update very soon with a new chapter or sequel story your writing is magnificent
6/8 c1 4AlphaFlash
will this be continued?
5/24 c11 theflash300
Please update soon, this story is amazing.
3/19 c11 1inuyasha16451
Omg. This story is bloody amazing. Please please update this soon
3/5 c1 kartikdogra2
3/3 c11 lalala
1/27 c11 Moonydale
I hope you can still count on the continuation of fan fiction
1/2 c11 4TheActualRealOne
Sucks that this fic is probably abandoned
1/1 c11 Guest
I hope u will update and continue the story forward
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