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8/31/2017 c8 7Teufel1987
Well, according to Dumbledore, what Fudge did was quite unethical and ignoring the law.

Either way, this is legislation! I am surprised that there wasn't some attempt at filibustering this!

Regardless, the Ancient and Noble Families should have cried foul, seeing how biased this law was. I mean, it's one thing to appear to be biased, but this was blatantly biased!
Anyway, this is a great opportunity for James and Sirius to start building a political alliance against Dumbledore comprising of all Ancient and Noble Families. I am sure that none of them would like the way this was done: Dark, Neutral or Light. This can easily be seen as an attack on their power and standing. None of the families would want that ... so what will that mean if they all banded together and started blocking every piece of legislation till this was repealed?
8/30/2017 c10 Eriza-chan
sounds good so far, looking forward to the next chapters
8/25/2017 c10 DreamSlytherin17710
Please up date this again and soon!
8/24/2017 c10 11old-crow

I like your idea of having Sirius and crew dig up every dark secret that they can find on DD, Malfoy and Fudge.

That said, I hope that the words for the next handful of chapters come easily to you.

8/24/2017 c6 old-crow

I'd offer the same suggestion in this tale as your other, regarding ANs. This chapter clearly has content information that belongs within the body of the story, rather than a side -note.

8/24/2017 c2 old-crow

Based on your attack date of 1918, wouldn't it have been more likely that it was Lily's mother who was orphaned?

8/24/2017 c1 old-crow

Examining "the facts" as you presented them, it would be difficult to come to any conclusion other than your Dumbledore set up the attack.
1) he clearly knew it was likely to occur
2) He sent Hagrid to pick up the boy(s) believing that there were no other survivors.
3) He set Sirius up, probably to get access to the boys.

Also likely;
1) Snape knew the timing/specifics of the attack beforehand. He may or may not have passed that info onto DD.

What I can't figure out is what was Peter's motivation to pick up Riddle's wand? He had no reason to believe Riddle to still be alive and it would be an odd souvenir.

8/23/2017 c10 Adeth Avi Erif
I love all of your stories! You have this writing style that makes it easy to get hooked. I've also told my sister to read all of your stories.

You've been updating Saviour of Magic recently, but when do you plan to come back to this one? Are you planning any similarities with Lightening Lord or Saviour (thunderbird patronus or encounters with Voldemort)?

Besides blackmail, doesn't Sirius have family seniority over Lucius because he is the lord of a Noble and Ancient House so as the "higher" lord, doesn't Lucius owe him his support and loyalty in the public eye? Wouldn't a nice subtle warning to Narcissa bring him to heal.

On another note, an argument that the Grey side could use to repeal the new law is the safety of the Ancient heirs. By demanding they all go to the same school and with recent attacks, it would be easy for enemies to eliminate family legacies without trying. It could be a hit to Dumbledore and Fudge for putting the future generation at risk.
8/10/2017 c10 Guest
Ow, ow, ow... cliffhanger! LOL...

Anxious to see what happens next!
8/2/2017 c3 misteryman526
I don't understand the second interaction with Draco. Is Draco trying to pretend the first meeting on the train didn't happen and start again, or is this an editing error that left part of an earlier draft in the chapter? Either way it's very confusing.
7/11/2017 c10 truBlack
So... finally finished with the 10 chapters. This is the first time I actually read a story like this. Normally I would not even give this type of story a chance because everyone is just obsessed with making Harry and his brother enemies. That is so stupid IMO. He is already without family in canon so why make it so that his family hates him? What would be the point in even including the family?

I was very happy to see you did not go that route. I hope this story has not been abandoned. I actually like it and I am curious to see what happens in the years to come.

It is a nice change to see Harry with family. The difference a family can make is huge.
7/8/2017 c10 wazjoe
Hope you come back to this story soon
7/2/2017 c10 hpalli12
I love this story. I hope you get back to it soon!
6/29/2017 c10 Guest
I see nothing wrong with young siblings sharing a bed at times... When I was a child my two next younger sisters and I shared a bed. I was the oldest, at 8 years old. Harry and Alex are sharing a bed for reassurance, nothing else. At 12 they aren't really old enough for anything else anyway; boys mature sexually later than girls do, after all.
6/26/2017 c2 Guest
Your oc is becoming a stu. Inventing a lordship just to make him look good.

Also Dumble should know Harry is the bwl now, he would enquire to Olivander about the phoenix wand.

Thought this was a good story, but its typical cliche trash
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