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4/28/2020 c11 Unknown
Hello its been 3 yers, are you planning to continue? Cheerio!
4/25/2020 c4 Guest
It's almost impressive how you can be this bad at characterization after so many stories.
4/25/2020 c1 Guest
It's like all of your characters have read the Harry Potter series and is trying to replicate certain things of it.
4/25/2020 c1 Guest
The problem is, when you build your foundation on such a flawed beginning chapter such as this, the entire thing is going to be rocky no matter what you do. That whole sequence with Voldemort entering their home was just completely nonsense.
4/2/2020 c11 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
Such an awesome story! There are so few well written HP stories where LilyJames are alive! And yours is great! Please continue!
2/7/2020 c11 2wsbenge
The story had promise. The boys team up to take it to Voldemort.
2/7/2020 c6 wsbenge
Snape is now a loose canon. Be curious if Lily would be the one to kill him , especially in sight of Dumbledore.
1/29/2020 c11 arcticfox42
Really interesting fic. I actually love how Lily James and Sirius completely step away from Dumbledore. The kids are all great as well. Thanks.
1/21/2020 c11 1Ravenclaw.Alessandra
Hope you will continue this story now you have finished your others love your writing
1/1/2020 c11 N. A. Wennerholm
Dumbledore isn't wise he is a fool. And The Parents will never allow it. My family would destroy that old goat. And what he just did is the most immoral and unethical action he could take and with the supermajority doing what he wanted. was a rest everyone who voted for that bill need to lose their Lordships. And the lands and money tied to it. And I would if I had my way I would walk into the chamber with my Cousins guard and special forces along with a Royal writ. And in that writ, everyone who voted for that bill will be stripped and All laws that Violate English common law which includes their right to chose the type and place of schooling.

Plus Dumbledore as the mastermind behind the latest bill for Families to send their children to a death trap in order to take their rightful seats so as to claim them. And as a result of what you all have done, you are in trouble. Now as for you Dumbledore because of what you have done By Order of the Queen you are no longer the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamont, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW and lastly Headmaster of Hogwarts. and Finally by Order of the Queen You Albus Dumbledore are to be Whipped. A Whipped severely in front of the entire Wizengamont. Then I would ask how do you understand how much you have screwed up by your manipulations and control-freak tendencies. And let me make something clear because of what has been found on at Hogwarts By order of the Queen Hogwarts School is to be shut down indefinitely until the necessary reforms are made before the school is ever allowed to open again. And the Magicals should be forced to learn everything about non-magicals and the world as a whole. And the excuse that Lily gave Just doesn't fly. Because both communities live in the Same country no matter what they think. And considering what has been going on Cousin Elizabeth would no longer tolerate the separation. In fact, she would most likely call them traitors. And bring most of the Wizarding Community up on treason charges. Even though Elizabeth hasn't read the books herself but the grandchildren and Great Grandchildren have. with one being a big fan and telling her everything she has read. And let's just say if she ever got around to reading the books for herself along with any of the fanfictions on top of watching all the Movies. And remembering the Play she had watched back some years ago let's just say if the Wizarding world was real she wouldn't put up with all this bullshit for much longer. I have never met Elizabeth myself self but another member of my family has to represent the American Branch of the Family to discuss the matter without the British British Branch of the Family for which the royal family is distant cousins of ours. And from what I was told of her and her personality and knowledge about how most of the women in the family are which includes myself. Let's just say that we would put up with and tolerate what has been going on for so long. To put things in simple terms we wouldn't give a shit about the Statute of Secrecy or that of those in control of the Government any longer. Plus with Dumbledore holding three different Jobs/Positions that is too much power Dumbledore is Corrupted by it even though he wouldn't agree or see it in himself or those blindly loyal to him. He should only have one job and no more. But with his age, he is quite out of touch with the world as a whole. Plus The Potters and the Blacks with their Allies need to get outside help from the Quern and the Prime Minister. They need to see they can't do this on their own their are just too few but the Blackmail information would be of use so the Queen knows who to Strip of their Titles. Dumbledore claims he cares about the bots and the Children but what he just did proves otherwise. Because he kept The Potters from doing what is best for the safety of their children.
12/31/2019 c5 N. A. Wennerholm
Plus that old goat is deserving of a severe spanking to get the point across. And he is so full of himself and a control freak that he leaves that he is the only one who has the wisdom to make decisions and everyone else doesn't. He believes he has the right to decide everything for everyone and that they are to simply follow his orders without question. Plus the old goat also seems to still believe that Lily and Petunia ate related by blood thinking those stupid blood ward would work to protect the boys but they wouldn't. By Albus's sheer stupidity they would have been abused and possibly murdered. Plus they would lie about the boys slandering them and most of Surry believing the lies.
12/31/2019 c11 Harry Malfoy9397
And the crowd screem: MORE! MORE! UPDATE! UPDATE!
12/13/2019 c11 IM A PROUD MLOOD
10/25/2019 c11 Khatix
Since this is abandoned im going to leave my own fan ending to this fic.

Easter holiday they get the law revoked using the current crisis at the school (two more attacks), along with what happened last year as well as how the law is biased based on ancient/noble, the twins get pulled out of school and get transfered to Ilivermory. But MemoryMort possessed Ginny attacks them as they pack. They get dragged to the chamber but when Riddle calls the Basalisk to kill them it stops listening to him and to Alex instead as its true master, Riddle throws spells at them but they end up hitting him with an Expelearmus and Accio wand at the same time getting Ginnys wand away. They have the Basalisk bite the diary because they figure out it was a Horrocrux from how it made the scar hurt and DiaryMort they get the snake to bite it and hes gone. They talk with the basalisk and she goes back to sleep, they find a few rooms in the chamber with a small libary and bed chambers. They call one of their house elves to take the books to their home and following the snakes request they go back out changing the password to enter the chamber then have the elve pop them back to the bathroom and they change the password on that one too. They take Ginny to hospital wing, James/Lilly show up before Dumbledore can interfere, Dumbledore tries his spiel but gets rebuffed. They leave the school and finish their year education at home. On their 13th bday Lilly/James finish the ritual and do it to remove the soul fragment from the scar. Malfoy gets into trouble over the Diary and ends up in Azkaban as well as a massive fine paid to Hogwarts.

3rd year: They go to Ilvermory along with Daphne and Susan and rest of family, their parents convinced them that Hogwarts isn't safe both with Dumbledore and Voldermort and the school isn't teaching up to snuff and Illvermory has a LOT better DADA program. They discover their animagus forms both are eagles. Harry/Daphne and Alex/Susan share first kiss and start dating.

4th year: Tri-Wiz happens and Harry's name comes out of the Goblet, James goes straight to the ICW along with USA backing that this is a British plan to force their sons back to Hogwarts pointing out how Dumbledore pushed the ex-law to keep them there and now this. ICW forces them to change the tasks to 3 rounds of gobstones to complete the contract then they take the GoF with them to add fool proof protections, twins go back to USA and Tri-Wiz goes on. Krum gets his golden egg destroyed during the Dragon rampage, Fleur saves her sister and 1st place of 2nd task, Cedric wins the tournament because fake moody/Barty Jr was told to ensure him instead of the other two. Voldermort gets resurrected.

5th year: all but the snake Horrorcrux are gone now they got the 2nd to last the Diadem over summer break with help from Dobby. Same canon crap with Fudge burrying his head in the sand, Umbitch doesn't get sent to Hogwarts instead Amelia has Tonks take the job as DADA professor. Dumbledore still guarding the prophecy not knowing the Potter's switched it out for a fake one with help of croaker as a trap, at Yule Author kills the snake before to bites him. Voldermort sneaks in at end of Y5 to grab the orb himself, as soon as he taps it with his wand to activate it the hidden portkey activates taking him to a null-magic room with no exit and gets bound and put to sleep with potion gas. Croaker pops in via portket and slaps 7 magic suppressor cuffs all over his body before he puts him in a runic cage of a box. Voldermort is taken in front of the Veil of Death and the Twins along with their parents all fire banishing charms at the same time launching him thru the VoD. All marked DE die because Voldermort is the type to make the mark kill switches if he dies, Draco was marked as well. Dumbledore tries to kill Harry because of the soul fragment, twins along with Lilly take down Dumbledore and he gets life in Azkeban and no headmaster portrait at Hogwarts. Lilly ends up as master of the Elder Wand she takes to the DoM and tosses it thru the VoD. Lilly wakes up the next morning to find a magical portrait and a note attached, it says the portrait is of her birth parrents and has a thank you for giving the wand back. Later they toss the stone thru the VoD before saying they are returning it for no reward.

Harry/Daphne end up married Harry becomes dualing champion. Alex/Susan end up married and Alex becomes a potion master at 18 replacing Snape as youngest in history.

One of the Potter daughters ends up dating and married to a witch, Alex via potions help them have children together that is genetically of both witches (sister takes polyjuice to get semen sample to match her then artificial insemination)
10/25/2019 c3 Khatix
Send a memory of that potion class to the Daily Prophet and point out how Snape is a Death Eater who was only saved because Dumbledore vouched for him but was never questioned under Veritaserium and show how he is attacking the boys who destroyed his master and verbal insult a Lord of ancient and noble house. Dumbledore can't save him from public opinion and the Potters can publicly say they will remove their children from Hogwarts unless the DE is gone. Public opinion is their key weapon.
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