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1/4 c199 2Jack Inqu
I'm glad Taylor was able to help Lizzie and her mom; hopefully things work out.

That is an interesting point about Taylor and her group, one I hadn't thought of. I wonder if it's the drive for conflict at work, or just human nature to feel superior when you have powers?

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/2 c199 1orion0905
Dang, look at that Taylor is not the only one with issues with those on high. Even the grunts have problems and see similar things with those on top.
1/2 c199 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter great
12/26/2020 c198 ArkhCthuul

Chance this is what's left of malfeas after thenyozi won and went away?

Or just a imple past Dyson sphere techno barbarian dimension?

In any ways, unexpected.

Also, don't worry, real life always. Comes first.

Good luck and good health!
12/26/2020 c197 ArkhCthuul
But but
... T

12/26/2020 c196 ArkhCthuul
It's not poaching to turn the coal others throw away into diamonds.
12/26/2020 c193 ArkhCthuul
Weeel, just call her calamity, queen of death and destruction, Judge of Evil, and be done with it.

It's kind of therapeutic to be treated. Like this and have some. Totally different responsibilities...
12/26/2020 c192 ArkhCthuul
Seems legit and makes. Sense.
12/26/2020 c191 ArkhCthuul
Well, that wasn't as unexpected. As. Say collecting fingers or ears...

Well done them?
12/26/2020 c189 ArkhCthuul
What, no des riotion/Detail on their templates?

12/26/2020 c188 ArkhCthuul
Ouch, theo with a more self centered golem power

Who would have thought...
12/25/2020 c179 ArkhCthuul
OK that authors note must be the dumbest and most contrived explanation for a story development.

Good dms don't give into. Their anger... Even if the dark side has cookies :p
12/25/2020 c178 ArkhCthuul
Check Ian's video on the korth.
After that I wanted one.

Also, it took you long enough taylor
.. L
12/25/2020 c177 ArkhCthuul
Now let's hope she turns into a chihuahua... Hahahaha.
12/25/2020 c173 ArkhCthuul
Except jotun is a more or less honorable old school gangster, not a megalomaniac AL nazi imitator.
And actually loves his daughter. L
So yeah...
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