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for Scion of Sorcery: Phase One: Potter-Strange?

9/1 c20 Moonkat85
I have read this story, all the way through. I loved reading this tale. You are an awesome writers. Thank you.
8/23 c1 Ceps
Another shit op story
5/3 c1 xihute
Hagrid: Harry, I need to tell you something. Your mother, Lily, she was... whore.
4/29 c20 Talonwalker
Great story, very fun read! Thanks!
4/24 c6 Reaper1990
I'm curious will the resurrection stone be the soul stone?
3/25 c12 Drakena
wait Snape already called him Potter so everybody knows he's a Potter now
3/25 c1 Tyfli barda
Tried reading this story again, it is somewhat decently written grammar and story wise but your main character is just so unlikable! Never mind that he doesn't act his age or that he is a Gary Stu character. But he just so insufferable arrogant he acts as part Hermione and Draco a know it all show off with a superiority complex completely oblivious to all his not so charming traits. How he even have any friends when he insults pretty much everyone is baffling to contemplate. When your main character is the worst part of said story it makes it difficult to continue reading what would have been a passable fanfic.
3/11 c1 Guest


3/2 c1 sternaechte
Hello Dz2,
I'm Loan, I'm 20 years old and I translate English Fanfics to give german readers, who can't read english very well, the opportunity to discover english fanfics. I read some of your Fanfics the last weak and I must say that I'm impressed. I wanted to ask for your permission to translate your fanfic to german and to publish it on the German equivalent of this site and wattpad. If not, thats totally no problem, but I didn't want to publish it without your permission. Of course I would give you credits and I would post a link to your account and the original fanfic.

3/1 c20 SuperTulle
This fic was an enjoyable read because of how ridiculous it is, but it has more than a few faults. I'm mostly annoyed at what a Mary Sue Harry is, and how he's not behaving anywhere near like an eleven year old. He's arrogant and sassy one minute, then mature and somber the next, and nothing he does seems to have consequences. Let's see if that changes in the sequel!
2/16 c20 6Mando-Vet
Helkuva good story!
2/15 c3 madstack
Y'know, when it's rated 'M', I expect something written for a mature audience...
2/10 c1 Guest
Timeline makes Jo sense. Hp is 15 years older at least. So cringe author fiat. Premise is terrible. Delete tho is you cring horny 15yo
2/9 c18 nightwing27
I worder who will died in gurdians of the galaxy vol 3 I heard unlike in the comics adam warlock will be 100 % bad guy where he is an anti hero in the comics
2/7 c13 Reaper1990
Massive respect for harry having mystokenisis and you as a writer just wish you would finish a story before posting a new one.
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