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9/19 c5 8KM Donovan
you created something identical to the actual eyes of Horus from the Movie "Gods of Egypt" an underrated yet excellent film starring Gerard Butler as the villain, and the Game of Thrones actor who played Jaimie Lannister as Horus, the co-protagonist of the film. also the Late great Chadwick Boseman as Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom. and the masterful Geoffrey Rush as Ra.

if you haven't already? watch the film. it is epic. it bombed at the box office, but has slowly been building a small but dedicated cult following.

i am personally in love with the Spear of Horus. google it, so much potential there.
9/15 c19 RexeonNightingale
When's the sequel? this is to good to leave like this! please make a sequel for this!
9/7 c19 NoSkill4me
Wait, what? That's how you end this?

That's ... abrupt.
But of course, every story needs an end and you do you I guess.
I was wondering how you would get yourself out of that corner with how op harry is.

That was extremely unexpected and I dont think I like it.
8/20 c19 693Radiant Arabian Nights
Loved it
8/13 c19 lokyyt
more please keep trying and please reply
8/10 c19 19magical fan18
Nice, I enjoyed the rewrite.
8/10 c19 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
8/10 c1 2A10riddick
Great start!
8/1 c19 mumphie
A very interesting story. I had been looking for a Sorcerer Supreme/Harry Potter. Yay. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I will take a gander at the chapter in part 2.
Did they ever find out why the portal at the train station didn't allow the ring?
8/1 c9 mumphie
Yeah, like Neville said...where is his trunk? Does he have a pocket universe to hold his books, uniform, and other possessions?
Also, did the magical power surges get rid of the soul piece? Or did it never stick?
7/29 c3 13thunderofdeath97
eh tbh in a pride of lions, i am sure there is only one male lion, so technically by james logic, harry would have been dead, if they were truly lions, lol
7/29 c2 thunderofdeath97
okay so i dont understand, by the words of the prophecy, it says someone will have to be born, to vanquish/defeat/kill voldemort.

okay, but what about those who are around that could defeat him? for example

1.) the ancient one

2.) stephen strange

3.) mordo

then you have the ones like thor, loki, frigga, hela, odin who could defeat tom, others like captain marvel or scarlet witch may eventually come around, although not sure on that one, and the asgardians may not count.

also, no offense, but by telling people dont like dont read, you do realize you are kind of saying they cant have likes or dislikes, right? kind of offensive, but i do understand in a way, so meh
7/29 c1 thunderofdeath97
dont take offense to what im about to say

1.) what lily did was really wrong, tbh, if she and james broke up it would be one thing, even though i would feel like stephen took advantage of her, but it seems like they just were in a strained relationship, so she cheated

2.) if harry is the son of the sorcerer supreme, his magic would be pretty powerful, right? not to downplay the witches and wizards of the HP universe, but i dont think wards from poppy pomfrey could protect anyone if harrys magic lashed out, tbh

3.) well tom is screwed, lol

again, just some thoughts i had
7/27 c9 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
This story is great, just one thing James loved Harry and Blood/Magic adopted making Stephen and James his Real Fathers so saying otherwise dishonors a man who gave the ultimate sacrifice, just saying.
7/27 c1 ScientistXXXX
James accepting being a simp was not realistic at all
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