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for Donatio Mortis Causa

9/25/2018 c1 bunn
I was tempted by the first and last lines, and they did not disappoint!
3/6/2017 c1 1Zelda-Galadriel
I like it. I'm pretty fond of the fics that show some of Sauron's vulnerability too, but he's in full manipulation mode here. There's a lot of different elements at play here. Sauron is clearly trying to manipulate Celebrimbor into giving him the Ring through Tyelpe's clearly conflicted emotions. Sauron urging him to take the Ring seem designed to make Tyelpe feel guilty, and he already knows how he has some hope that Sauron can change. Even the way he talks to Celebrimbor familiarly adds to it. This cunning surrender and offering of power seems similar to what happened when Ar-Pharazon captured Sauron. I like that he's using the same strategy here. Even so, there is some genuineness to the offer. While Sauron doesn't really want anyone else to have the Ring, if he had to choose someone else, it probably would be Tyelpe as you've described him. They have a sense of kinship between them, both desiring order as represented by crafting, machines and mathematics. Celebrimbor converted to the darkness would be very similar to Sauron and would accomplish some of his goals.

But even as distraught and conflicted as Tyelpe is with the care and hope he has for Sauron, he can see some of what's going on. You put this brilliantly in the last part of the story when you emphasize his heritage as a member of the House of Feanor. Like Feanor, he does not yield for better or for worse. Like Miriel for that matter, but that's a whole different topic. It's very close to the situation where Melkor came to Formenos and Feanor perceived his lust. "Get thee gone from my gate, thou Jail-crow of Mandos!" Acting like his forefather in one of his best moments, Celebrimbor too is slamming the gates of Formenos in the Dark Lord's face.
2/27/2017 c1 112AzureSkye23
This is lovely, Crackers! And it’s sparked a number of interesting ideas, that may start gnawing at my ankles. :)

This may be a weird thing to say, but I love the perspective in this piece. Telling it from Celebrimbor’s point of view makes Sauron such an enigma, despite all the clues. It’s hard to nail down what he really wants and plans, and it’s just perfect. Also, I love Celebrimbor’s particular temptation. Knowledge, Rule, Order…He really would make a good heir apparent for Sauron’s particular desires. Of course, the way you set up this piece, you really can’t be sure if that’s what Sauron really wants, but he does seem at least alright with that potential.

Also, the taxidermy analogy is brilliant. And Celebrimbor’s rejection of doing that to Sauron is equally so.

I have no idea if this is what you were going for, but the fact that to Celebrimbor the Ring is cold, while to Isildur, it was burning hot puts me in mind of the Silmarillion when it describes Morgoth’s domains as being the extremes of temperature. Again, no idea if that was deliberate, but I still like it. :)

Thank you for this wonderful birthday gift, Crackers!
2/26/2017 c1 33fantasychica37
That's it? He didn't destroy Sauron's power himself so Sauron would be less powerful but still exist and not need to be killed, or mercy kill him, or do anything?
2/25/2017 c1 Guest
Wonderful work! Loved it.
2/25/2017 c1 2Amateur Bacon Cook
This piece is emblazoned with the stamp of your distinctive writing style.

The relationship between Sauron and Celebrimbor is presented very ambiguously. It has elements of the twisted and the toxic, as well as a sense of responsibility which, strangely, Celebrimbor seems to have for Sauron. I cannot tell whether Celebrimbor loves Sauron, sees him as a rival, or just plain sees the Ring — it seems as the two are grappling for power, and Sauron is emotionally manipulating the last scion of Fëanor into giving in. Some very convoluted, but plausible, dynamics here.

Your exploration into Celebrimbor's thoughts and emotions, casting everything in metaphor, no doubt reflects the finely honed mind of a Noldo with important ancestry: Celebrimbor the craftsman is present at all times in this one-shot. Moreover, the description of Sauron as embodied music seems reflect the Music of the Ainur and its fulfilment.

This takes place in the Halls of Mandos, I assume. Hm. I'm sure others will interpret this story differently, but you've produced some quality stuff nevertheless. Angst and introspection is definitely your strong point.

2/25/2017 c1 Guest
Oh I love these series that you guys are writing.

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