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11/3/2017 c1 Guest
I like it. :)
2/28/2017 c1 29joanhello
This is very sweet and tender. Love the constellations of his homeworld reproduced on the ceiling.
2/25/2017 c1 12Psychochiquita
D'aw, this right here is what I feel is missing from the selection of fanfics, showing what it's like behind the scenes of our favorite characters. Little slice o' life stuff really sets the mood for finding opportunities of showing their true nature from what is shown front of the line.

From how she feels towards him having so much trust in her to the fact that it's all unspoken motions for them, they don't have to say a word to know and understand the other. True love.

Beautifully put together, I love it, Thanks for the inside look!

2/25/2017 c1 13Elf Kid2.0
This is beautiful.

I love the descriptions; you give an excellent sense of place and pain a very clear picture of the mood and scenery.

I like how you talked about Megamind's costumes, especially the details about the ones that Did Not Work Out. It was very true to the characters and added flavor to the story.

I loved the talk about Megamind's career as a Superhero. The descriptions of the battles, and of this most recent battle in particular, were truly, truly excellent.

I love the affection in this story. Every line, every sentiment lets us know how much she cares about him, and how much he cares about her. The feelings, the worry, the intimacy... it all feels very real, and very beautiful.

This is a wonderful, excellent, amazing story. It is interesting, well-written, and emotionally compelling. Thank You for writing this. I enjoyed it very much.

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