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for What is a family?

8/10/2017 c11 17DS2010
Like Sharon coming up with the codes.
Now to the smelling situation. From training to real life... wow
8/10/2017 c11 6bouc0101
Sorry, you find it borring, I'm having fun writing it but it will come to an end soon, promise. Next time I publish a new chapter just don't read it.
8/10/2017 c11 Guest
Need to end this now... its dragging and getting boring.
8/2/2017 c10 Guest
Wow. This is a fascinating story. Please finish this story
7/24/2017 c10 17DS2010
Loved Sharon taking on the old man and seeing through his crap.
Interesting connection to Ari 2's daughter.
7/23/2017 c10 Sue Dooley
Intriguing! Great chapter!
Tiva forever.
6/6/2017 c9 DS2010
ah the books are the clues to Ari2 I love it
6/6/2017 c9 Sue Dooley
Fabulous chapter! Great twisted plot. Tiva forever.
5/16/2017 c8 Sue Dooley
Wow! Phenomenal chapter! Cliffhangaer. Tiva forever.
5/16/2017 c8 Guest
Cant follow the story for some reason... imI just dont get it
4/24/2017 c7 Sue Dooley
Wow! 2 Ari's. Scary. They are working as a team. Glad Tony told Sharon''s father off. Tiva forever.
4/24/2017 c7 DS2010
Damn two Ari's
4/23/2017 c7 1Acrwdof1
Very good story. However some factual corrections. There are various types of scopes used for sniper rifles, some are purely optic (they merely magnify the image) and these are the majority of the ones out there, others are infrared (pick up heat signatures), and yet others are NVG (amplify light thousands of times so as to literally see in the dark). However to pick up images in the fluorescent band of light, they would need a black light close to the image. Otherwise the energy output for scope to reveal an ultralight image a distance would easily be picked up at a secure location like Quantico. Also, lasers tend only to be used to determine range. Once range is determined, there is no need for a laser other than as an intimidation factor (nothing quotes tells a bad guy to behave than seeing that little red dot/s dancing on his chest. For covert snipers, they aren't used much, because like any other light source, they work both ways. You can see what you are shooting at but they can see where the shot is coming from. Experienced snipers have other ways of determining range. As far as using a laser for accuracy, that only works at a set distance since the laser is offset from the barrel. For instance, Crimson Trace is a very popular manufacturer of lasers for handguns. The laser is mounted on the right grip just above the hand and in normally activated by a pressure switch mounted on the front of the grip. This generally puts the laser approximately 1/2-3/4 inch to the right and below the barrel. If it is ighted in for strike of bullet at 15 yards, anything less in range will put stoke of bullet high and left of the laser. Anything further will put strike of bullet low and right of laser. Too much error to consider for a true sniper to use for determining the strike of the round, especially with other factors like accounting for crosswind drift.
4/4/2017 c6 Sue Dooley
Wow! Awesome teamwork! Cliffhanger. Tiva forever.
4/4/2017 c6 17DS2010
Got to love the spy game and Ziva and Sharon are right Tim and Tony really aren't spies so it makes sense their reactions.
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