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for Harry potter of the town of Halloween

3/8/2017 c13 Numbervania
Oh, this was so mch fun to read after the previous oneshot. Guess Vernon'll be spending some time at the funny farm... *That's another song cue.
Clever cameo by the Monster Hiding Under the Stairs. And Jack in the background, another nice touch. Thanks for posting.
3/8/2017 c12 Numbervania
This was a fun little oneshot.

The TV Tropes page for NBC characters says that the name of the "fat kid" was Howie if that helps.
If you're going to rewrite the ending, perhaps include the fact that the real Santa replaced the pumpkin-in-the-box with a red and white candy cane as his present.
Also, doing the proposed math for Vernon, wouldn't he be five years old in 1959 and six years old in 1960?

Heh, you've given me the brief idea of thinking that the Weezly twins would be perfect monster rascals crafting their own Cryptmas toys for Santa Jack's run.
2/26/2017 c8 2crazy dragon ninja
i love kingdom hearts xD! fun fact, nightmare before christmas was in 3 kingdom hearts games not 2 xD

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