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6/5/2018 c1 Melanie
ich habe die ganze Geschichte mitverfolgt und finde sie wirklich sehr gut geschrieben und auch inhaltlich sehr interessant. Gerade die ersten Kapitel fand ich sehr gut recheriert und man kann sich in gut in das Geschehen hineinversetzen. Ich freue mich über weitere Geschichten oder eine Fortsetzung.
Liebe Grüße
5/24/2018 c81 NovemberRainbow
This was one hell of an epic journey, Alina! Thank you so much for the reality of this story, your great research, the lovely PM's for explaining and asking and for the fact that I got to practise my German ;)
I found your LMM-characters so relatable because of their flaws and insecurities and how they handled being in their positions, in that era, in the most terrible situations. And the romance as the thread in it all for me was ofcourse the icing on the cake.
In this chapter I loved that Ken was able to show his inner turmoils to Rilla via his drawings. Even though they've known each other since childhood, as adults in love they are still in a phase that they are getting to know each other on a deeper level.
I'm so happy that you're not finished with this particular AU yet and yes, I think the idea what you wrote in your latest PM would be very nice to weave in a story ;) Looking forward to what's to come from your pen (or computer?) be it in German or English and a massive applause for these 81 chapters! x
5/23/2018 c81 Lilly
Hey du,
erstmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Abschluss deiner Story :) Ich hab sie jetzt schon etwas länger verfolgt und nie einen Review geschrieben... dafür erstmal eine dicke Entschuldigung! Also ich würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn du weiterhin auf Deutsch schreiben würdest, kann den Punkt mit der Doppelbelastung aber auch total nachvollziehen. Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall auf deine nächste Story!
5/19/2018 c81 4Anne O' the Island
And it's over...of course I'm sad.
Wait - you're going to continue the DC universe? I knew you wouldn't abandon it, but if there's another full-length story in,,,erm,,,*store* for us, I'm excited!
Well, you know I'm going to read whatever you put out there, regardless of the language. I'm uniquely lucky in that respect. Provided it's not in Swahili, I'll gladly read it :)
So, for my farewell review, just let me say that it's been delightful (and granted, heart-wrenching in places) to come along on this ride. I've unfortunately formed emotional attachments to the characters, meaning that I'll be sad to bid them farewell, even if only for a little while. They're very realistic (more on that later) and you've given them a real story, and they're very relatable.
Now, about this chapter: I breathed a sigh of relief when Ken pulled out his drawings. He can't talk about it, but art seems to be a form of therapy for him. It's his way of talking, or at least getting it out in some form. I think that, for me, this was the major loose end - and now that it's been wrapped up, I feel that the story can really be deemed "complete".
And Rilla's plans are beginning to crystalise (bless you, Dr. MacIver). It's going to be interesting to see what happens to her, as she enters the 1920s with her ideas.
Here's to an excellent story completed, and to any future ones. - and to Rilla and Ken...and Bazillus :)
5/19/2018 c81 AnneFans
Complete! When I saw that tag as I was waiting for the website to load, my jaw pretty much dropped. I have been reading this story for only about 20 chapters, not even since the beginning of the English version, but I feel as if it's been there for me to enjoy for longer than that. The Rilla you give here is unique, well-written, and described in the small details that reduce the need for the large ones. Ken, you only entered the story 17 chapters through, was also exceedingly well-written. Even with the mangling of Google Translate, I could see the details you put into all your characters- Walter, a major character until..., Shirley and Jem, also important, Persis and Colette, Dr MacIver, all the nurses, and everyone else who, however minor, were given a part of the story that made them important, if only for a paragraph, a sentence, or even a word.
5/19/2018 c81 Andrea1984
schade dass die ff zu ende ist. ich freue mich sehr darueber. und bin auch auf eine fortsetzung gespannt. danke fuer alles gruesse. andrea
5/19/2018 c81 7DianaStorm09
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Ende dieser tollen Geschichte! Mein Studium hat zuletzt so viel meiner Zeit in Anspruch genommen, aber ich freute mich auf die wöchentlichen Updates von Dark Clouds immer sehr, und freue mich schon auf Deine nächste Geschichte, die Du gerne in Englisch schreiben darfst, da Du in der Sprache ebenso toll schreibst wie in Deutsch.
5/19/2018 c81 14elizasky
Congratulations on finishing! It's a major achievement and you should be proud of yourself! Can't wait to follow along in English.
5/17/2018 c80 NovemberRainbow
Aaahh, Ken's so supportive, he's kind of a feminist, isn't he? I'm glad he understands what Rilla is all about, that she wants (and needs) to be of help to others, not just being a housewife and mother. Wars are terrible, but after the great wars there was at least some improvement for the position of (working) women, like suffrage etc. I can imagine Rilla's wish in change of work after all the sickness and death she experienced. Ooh, only one more chapter...:(
5/12/2018 c80 4Anne O' the Island
You can tell Rilla that talcum powder immediately applied to an oil stain will soak up most of the oil. Follow that with a quick scrub with an oil-based (yes, really) soap, and you've gotten most of it out. The best, however, is bentonite clay - it will soak up even an old oil stain.
Well, having gotten that out of the way, I have to say that I'm sad this story is going to have to end (two chapters to go, isn't it?) But Rilla and Ken have their little bug, Colette is getting married, Maurice will have his garage (being unfortunately right in that cars are the transportation of the future). The story is winding up, and the characters have grown...all is as it should be.
5/12/2018 c80 Andrea1984
Ein tolles Kapitel u.a dank Colette, Rilla und Ken
Dazu hat Ken eine Meinung.
Wie schön, dass Rilla das Baby schon spüren kann.

Herzliche Grüße

5/6/2018 c1 NovemberRainbow
Review of ch 78 and 79: Aah Persis, the happy go lucky found her passion. She would be an avid Instagramer for sure in the 21st century.
You know, I did wonder why she didn’t meet an officer or doctor, being the great beauty that she is. But good to know that she’ll be with Tim and Ken being okay with homosexuality.
With big bro Jem it’s another story but I guess he hasn’t touched base for so many years that you’ve got to get reaquainted again and the siblings probably wouldn’t want to reveal their nature in writing but in person, when they’re ready to come out and feel safe enough, living in beginning 20th century.
It was a brilliant touch from Jem to let Rilla listen to the stomach bug’s heart. As a doctor he must’ve a good clinical eye, so Rilla couldn’t fool him about her condition or feelings. And what a great decision to keep Rainbow Valley in the Blerediths family. You know, of all the siblings Jem was always the adventurous one, but he learned that adventure may all be very well, he’s to most content and happy in his home turf. Funny how people can change, that what you think one’ll do they don’t and what you think they won’t they do!
5/5/2018 c79 Andrea1984
Jem ist lustig, wie er das Baby als Souvenier bezeichnet. Naja, in einem gewissen Sinn stimmt das ja auch.
Seltsam, dass Jem nichts von Di und Mildred weiß. Gut, die beiden sind weit weg und Jem und Di haben einander nie sonderlich nahe gestanden. Hmm. Früher oder später wird er es wohl erfahren. Was er zu der Liebe von Di/Mildred und Shirley/Carl sagt ?
Heutzutage ist das ja egal, wer nun mit wem und wer nicht, doch damals, besonders in einem kleinen Dorf wie Glen, wo jeder jeden kennt, ist der gute Ruf schnell ruiniert.

Herzliche Grüße

4/28/2018 c78 Anne O' the Island
So, I think this may have been my favorite chapter yet...and I can't wait to beta-read it! Everyone's so lovable here, and there's only minimal tragedy...success on all counts.
Ken's turning into a bit of a mother-hen, isn't he? My God, he *cannot* read anything about pregnancies going wrong (especially not in an antiquated medical book) - he's going to have a panic attack (entertaining though that might be).
4/28/2018 c78 Andrea1984
Das Kapitel ist einfach super. Rilla und Ken weihen Persis über die gute Hoffnung ein und Persis freut sich auf das Baby.

Rilla ist immer noch skeptisch, wie das Leben mit dem Baby sein wird, womit sie ja nicht unrecht hat.
Abwarten und Tee trinken, würde ich da sagen.

Klar, dass Rilla es nicht einfach hat u.a. mit Faith, Nan und Anne als Vorbildern, doch, mit Kens Hilfe, wird sie das Kind schon schaukeln - wobei man diese Redensart durchaus wörtlich nehmen kann.

Herzliche Grüße

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